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14.44% Sex Stories / Chapter 25: Come back if you ever injure yourself again, I'll take good care of you

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Chapter 25: Come back if you ever injure yourself again, I'll take good care of you

What started off as a chance to tease the handsome boy more and see when he would cave in, started turning on Kyoko before she even realized it.

As the short was slowly pulled down, both of them were breathing harder by the second. And by the time the short was completely down until his knees, Kyoko realized that she had come too far to stop.

Noticing the huge bump in his boxers, Kyoko felt that his dick was bigger than she expected someone his age to have.

What made it worse for her to stop, was how he looked at her. Those cute puppy eyes on his handsome face, just made it impossible to say no to anything.

"You sure you want to do this?"


"Even though if anyone finds out about this, you will get suspended?"


Thinking for a few seconds about if it was worth risking her job, and the possibility of jail, Kyoko decided that having sex one time wouldn't hurt anyone.

"Fine. You just lie there, I'll take care of everything."

Since Kazuma was injured, Kyoko pulled down his shorts and boxers until his knees and began stripping herself.

Hesitating for a single second she decided to go completely naked and removed every piece of clothing on her, until both her pussy and breasts were completely out in the open. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";ll-take-good-care-of-you_40322342244633152">;ll-take-good-care-of-you_40322342244633152</a> for visiting.

"You look really beautiful."

"Yeah yeah. You've already got me to have sex with you. There's no more need for that."

"Even then, you really are beautiful."

Seeing that Kazuma looked like he'd keep on complimenting her, until she accepted it, Kyoko smiled and said, "Thanks."

Getting on the bed, Kyoko lied on top of Kazuma with her mouth near his dick, and her crotch above his face.

As Kyoko started pouring her saliva on his dick and used her hands to massage it, Kazuma wasn't an idiot who needed instructions about what to do next.

Since the pillows already gave his head a proper angle, Kazuma only needed to reach out his tongue to touch it against Kyoko's sexy pink pussy.

Tasting Kyoko's pussy, Kazuma who had by now tasted three women, felt that he was closing in on a pattern.

Every pussy he tasted until now was a mix of sweet of sour. But what differentiated them was that each of them had a specific flavour which stood out.

As for Kyoko's pussy, it tasted... Like lemons? Yup, it tasted a little citric like lemons.

"Your pussy tastes like lemons."

"Is that so? Well, your dick tastes like... Tastes like... Oh just shut up and do what you should..."

Unable to come up with a word to compare what Kazuma's dick tasted like, Kyoko could only get back to sucking his dick while telling him to do the same.

Chuckling a little, Kazuma placed his hands on her ass and pulled her pussy closer to him.

Now that Kyoko's pussy was even closer to him, his tongue wasn't just confined to the outer edges, but could now enter it.

As his tongue started licking the insides of her pussy, Kyoko also tried her best to take Kazuma's dick inside her mouth completely. Which she did, but failed to keep it inside for a long time as her jaw was turning numb.

Since her pussy was already wet enough, and she did lubricate Kazuma's dick with her saliva, Kyoko got off of him and began straddling his waist.

"Are you ready to have your mind blown?"

"From what?"

"From losing your virginity to the sexy school nurse!"

"Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not a virgin."

Hearing Kazuma, Kyoko couldn't help but think that today not one thing was going how she wanted it to.

"Oh whatever. Just don't cum too soon!"

Saying so Kyoko lifted her waist until Kazuma's dick had enough space to pierce the entrance of her vagina.

Not bothering to go slow, since he claimed to not be a virgin, Kyoko dropped her waist and took his whole dick inside her in one go.

"Mmmm... I almost forgot how I love the way a dick feels inside me... How is it? I've got the greatest pussy ever right?"

Not wanting to rob her of the satisfaction, Kazuma just played along and said, "Yes... You have the best pussy ever."

Even though to him, the best pussy until now would be Midori's pussy which he could never get enough of.

Anyway back to Kyoko, not that he wasn't satisfied with her pussy which was wrapped around his dick and moving up and down on its own, Kazuma decided to put some effort in as well.

Unfortunately, just as he began shaking his waist to push his dick deeper into Kyoko's pussy with every thrust, she stopped him and said, "You just stay still. I'll take care of everything."

And indeed she did. After she said that, Kyoko clenched her pussy as hard as she could and moved even faster than before.

Though it was twice as hard, it was more than trice as satisfying for both of them. Due to which despite feeling her weak legs get exhausted Kyoko gave it her all and kept on doing it.

Finally, Kazuma couldn't just see the exhaustion visible on her face, due to which he used his hands to support her hips.

While the addition of his arms helped Kyoko relax a little and enjoy herself more, Kazuma was the one who was getting exhausted now. Since he just came from the gym class.

Noticing how both of them were trying their best to continue while completely exhausted, the two of them couldn't help but share a smile and decide to go on one final push before they couldn't continue anymore.

"Oh god... Your dick is scraping my insides.. And it feels so good."

"Cum... Cum inside me... It's a safe day today!"

If the pleasure wasn't enough to make them both cum, then the talk did get them through it.


As the sex came to an end with Kazuma cumming inside her, and her pussy flooding the bed with her orgasm, Kyoko couldn't keep up anymore and fell face first covering Kazuma's head with her breasts.

While still not completely in her senses, Kyoko said while trying to seem like the woman in control, "Come back if you ever injure yourself again. I'll take good care of you."

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