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Chapter 156: If once isn't enough, then twice it is

Looking at Kazuma's back, Yuriko peaked many times to make sure that he really left this time and even closed the door behind him before she sighed in relief and locked the door.

Sliding down to the floor with her back against the door, Yuriko couldn't help it as tears filled her eyes from remembering every single thing that happened on the last hour.

Starting from that boy called Kazuma showing a photo of everything that her daughter had been doing to how she slapped her and then made her strip before continuing to play with her body as he pleased, everything happened very quickly as if all of it was just a dream.

Everything went by so quickly that even before she could try and think properly, Kazuma had finished doing everything he wanted to and left.

Looking down at everything he had drawn on her body, Yuriko gritted her teeth in humiliation and quickly got up.

Entering the bathroom, she didn't even bother filling up the bathtub with hot water and instead turned on the hand shower.

Quickly washing her body with water and soap, Yuriko spent almost an entire hour to get rid of everything that Kazuma had drawn on her.

At the same time, looking at her hair covered pussy Yuriko almost got ready to shave it when she suddenly stopped.

Was she going to do whatever that boy said? Hell no!

She just got scared because everything that happened was completely unexpected. But if he came back tomorrow, humph!


Going back home, Kazuma who enjoyed everything he did with Yuriko kept on smiling like an idiot until he was back home.

But once he was back inside it and in his own room, his knees suddenly turned week and fell face-first on the bed.

Clothes soaked with sweat, racing heartbeat, fast and heavy breath.

All clear signs of a panic attack.

But why now? He already did everything he wanted to do today, so why was he panicking?

He was clearly afraid that something bad would happen now.

Afraid that things wouldn't go according to the plan and Yuriko would do something unexpected.

After all, not everything would happen just like he wanted to and hoped to, would it?

He clearly couldn't write off the possibility that Yuriko would decide to tough it off and report everything to the cops.

If that really happened, no amount of money would be enough to save him right away. Not to mention that it would be impossible to continue with his revenge.

Taking a deep breath and forcing himself to calm down since overthinking wouldn't benefit him in any way, Kazuma who knew that all of his questions would find their answers by the end of tomorrow decided to sleep it all of.


Everything seemed fine in the morning with Izumi not showing any signs of having learnt what Kazuma and his mother did yesterday.

Therefore, he ended up walking back to her home with a confident smile on his face thinking that all of his nervousness yesterday was for no reason.

At the same time, his pace also quickened because he couldn't wait to embrace that woman's body and do with it as he pleased.

Not to mention how there were many trinkets in his bag that he was curious to try out on Yuriko.

Entering the house without even bothering to ring the bell or knock since it wasn't locked, Kazuma went to the living room to find a serious looking Yuriko sitting on the sofa.

"Ooohhh scary. What's my slave doing looking like this?"

Sitting beside her while dropping his bag on the floor, Kazuma wrapped his arm around her waist naturally and pulled her close to him as if he was used to doing this.

"Hhhmmmmm... Smells good... "

Deeply breathing hear her neck and kissing it, Kazuma was just about to kiss the beautiful woman on her neck when she suddenly slapped his hand on her waist away.

"Stop this at once Kazuma. Delete those photos and leave right away if you don't want me to call the police."

"Oh my, it looks like my slave has forgotten about what happened yesterday."

"Humph! What happened yesterday was a mistake. You should do as I say and leave if you down want me to call the police."

Showing an 'I'm not kidding' look on her face, Kazuma had to admit that Yuriko who was dressed in a suit really did look her part.

In the beginning, he thought that maybe she was dressed in an office suit to look good for him, but now that she began speaking so curtly, he understood that she just dressed herself for the part.

Narrowing his eyes towards Yuriko who was showing off so much confidence, Kazuma smiled a little after realizing what happened with her.

Just like he calmed down from his panic attack, Yuriko also after calming down should've realized that she let her emotions get the better of her yesterday and didn't properly think things through due to which she ended up letting him do as he pleased.

But so what? Since he already started, there was no going back.

If she thought that she only got carried over due to her emotions yesterday, then he'll just have to teach her another lesson and remind her about who he was to her.

Also, it was only when the woman resisted that there would be even more pleasure when she finally gave in, right?

Grabbing her by the collar and using his strength to pull her to the floor, Kazuma forced the unwilling woman to kneel on the floor.

"Kazuma I'm really serious... I won't let you do as you please! And don't even think about trying to shut me up by slapping me! I'm going to...! "


"Shhhh... "

Holding the shocked woman's face, Kazuma said, "Shut up slave."

"You.… how dare you slap me?! I'm going to... "


Not saying anything else after being slapped two times, Yuriko found all the confidence she pumped herself full of draining very quickly. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";t-enough-then-twice-it-is_43588946176822077">;t-enough-then-twice-it-is_43588946176822077</a> for visiting.

Things weren't supposed to be going this way... Why isn't he turning nervous in the slightest?! Isn't he afraid of me calling the police?!!!

Ero_Saint Ero_Saint

NTR - Read ahead till chapter 41

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