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Chapter 152: Ishimoto Yuriko

While his walk was full of confidence, Kazuma couldn't help feeling a little nervous in the inside as he kept on getting closer to his destination.

Being filled with various thoughts regarding what he would do if his plan failed, what if Izumi came back home early, or if that father of hers didn't go for work today, Kazuma's nervousness only kept on increasing until he finally stopped walking in the middle of the road.

Taking a long and deep breath, Kazuma thought back to everything that Izumi did to him and pushed his nervousness aside.

So what if his plan failed? He'd just try again with a better plan!

With his decision made, Kazuma once again resumed moving.


Izumi and her family lived in an independent house out in the residential zone making it easier for Kazuma to try and achieve his goal.

Walking up to the gate, Kazuma raised his hand and rang the bell after which he began nervously tapping his foot against the floor while waiting for the door to open.

Not having to wait too long, Kazuma was greeted with the sight of the woman whom he despite knowing was beautiful, didn't expect to be so beautiful.

Five-foot eight inches, long brown hair, crystal black eyes, milky white skin, plump ass and sexy voluptuous breasts which couldn't be hidden behind her loose clothes, Izumi's mother was a true beauty whom Kazuma would have a lot of fun with if his plan worked out.



"Ah... Thank you."

Blushing from being complemented by the unknown handsome boy, Yuriko almost started fidgeting when she remembered that she didn't know who the boy was or what he was here for.

"Ummm.... You are?"

"Hehehehehehehehe... I'm your new owner."


Pushing Yuriko inside and covering her mouth as she tried to scream, Kazuma began showing his true colours.

With his hand wrapped around her mouth, Kazuma continued pushing Yuriko until he finally pushed her into a sofa.

"Stay silent. For every sentence you speak from now on, the more I'm going to punish you."

"What are you talking about? Are you crazy?! Get out of my house before I call the police! I'm not someone you c... "

Inching closer to her phone which was on the table beside the sofa she was sitting on, Yuriko hoped to silently take the phone and call for help.

After all, even though she wasn't too scared because the one in front of her was a teenage boy who looked too handsome to do anything bad, she didn't want to put herself at risk.

"Call the police? Feel free to do that. Maybe I should show this to the police as well."

Throwing the phone in his hand, Kazuma showed Yuriko one of the things which made him so determined to take revenge.

Picking the phone up with an annoyed look, Yuriko couldn't help it as her eyes turned wide and her hand found its way near her wide open mouth in shock.

"This... "

Sitting beside Yuriko while smiling, Kazuma raised his hand and placed it around her shoulder.

"How is it? Are you shocked from seeing your cute daughter being fucked like a whore?"

"Stop... Stop talking like that! Izumi would... Would never... "

Raising his hand and swiping to the next picture, Kazuma showed another picture of Sada having sex with Izumi.

These pictures were actually sent by Sada and Kazuma upon seeing them for the first time almost broke his phone in anger.

But right now he couldn't help but feel happy from not doing such a thing, while at the same time praising the stupidity of Sada for sending pictures of him and Izumi having sex to him.

Bringing his face closer to Yuriko's, Kazuma whispered in her ear, "Though your daughter doesn't look as beautiful as you do, is it possible that she inherited the genes of being a slut from you?"

Moving his hand and touching the stunned Yuriko's panties after passing under her short knee-length skirt, Kazuma snapped her out of her daze.

Pushing Kazuma away, Yuriko who was struggling in between shame and anger glared at him and asked, "What... What do you want? Why are you even doing this?!"


Having expected to not hear the second question so soon, Kazuma debated for a while before choosing to answer it anyway.

"Come here and kneel before me if you want the answer, my slave."


Holding the second phone he brought with himself as a backup, Kazuma showed the pictures which he copied into it beforehand.

"Do as I say if you don't want to possess a cheap hooker as your daughter."

Gritting her teeth, Yuriko could only helplessly look around before doing as Kazuma told her to.

Walking near him and kneeling in front of him, Yuriko once again asked the same questions.

"Honestly slave, the only thing you did wrong was not raising this whore properly. So, I'm going to punish you for what she did to me." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"I.… I don't understand... Izumi is a very goo... Aaaaaaaaaaa!"

Screaming abruptly as Kazuma slapped her, Yuriko couldn't believe that someone less than half of her age had just slapped her.

Holding onto her cheek which was burning with shame and pain, Yuriko saw the boy in front of her stretch his hand and grab her hair.

Tugging on Yuriko's hair and pulling her up, Kazuma brought his face close to her and said, "From now on, you should just do whatever I tell you, slave. Try to rebel or question me, and the punishment won't be as simple as a slap."

Ero_Saint Ero_Saint

NTR - Read ahead till chapter 37 -

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