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Chapter 131: King

After all signs of savagery started appearing on those who had now stayed on this abandoned island for a total of six weeks, the men finally stopped caring about what others thought about them.

Having realized that there was nothing stopping them from doing whatever they wanted to, the truly strong men stopped roaming in groups and rather behaved like veteran hunters with their prey being the females.

Due to this, by the eight week almost half of the still-living females on the island had either been r@ped or captured and even both by one or even multiple men.

Of course, there were quite a few men who died while trying to satisfy their desires and relieve themselves, but in comparison to the women who were r@ped no one really cared about the deaths of the men.

Therefore, the remaining women no longer stayed passive and chose to roam around in groups and instead went back running to Minori and begged her for help in setting up one large shelter for all the women.

Regardless of what decision was now made, however, there were now a total of 27 people dead since they were stranded on this island and less than half of them were accidental or related to dying due to consuming poisonous fruits and being bitten by venomous creatures.

This went to show how bad the situation of the island currently was, and that no one was actually what they seemed like like on the outside.

After all, the one who committed the most murders and r@pes until now was not the sociopathic Ryu or the psychopathic Sakura, instead it was someone who no one ever suspected to be capable of doing such a thing.

Teruya Yasuhiro was a typical otaku who other than sucking at studies, literally excelled at nothing else either.

He looked very weak as if he never ate proper food, an average face covered in pimples, he couldn't speak without stuttering when nervous, and the list went on and on.

Therefore, when Yasuhiro went ahead and tied up one the teachers to a tree and violated her for an entire week until she no longer had the will to resist, no one could believe that he actually did such a thing. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Guess the words that a human only shows his true colours in times of crisis was true.

Because no one expected Yasuhiro to do even one of the many things he did.

R@ping women, killing the men whom he considered were strong and a threat to him, and even going as far as to warn Minori that she shouldn't group up all the women and just hand them over to him if she didn't want to be turned into his fuck toy.

Hearing all of this, Ryu who had long since guessed that Yasuhiro was a freak even before coming to this island didn't feel much surprised and only laughed it off.

Having obtained a chance to do whatever he wanted after being bullied by the others for quite some time, it was impossible for any normal human with a backbone to not do anything.

Though he did expect Yasuhiro to just kill everyone that bullied him, Ryu didn't think he'd first fuck the women they were related with in front of them and only then kill them.

"Your school isn't a place where you train psychopaths and then let them loose on the society, right?"

Laughing loudly, Ryu looked towards Haruka who still looked like she couldn't believe that the innocent looking Yasuhiro did such things.

"Not a single one in your class is normal. I went and visited that girl Sakura you talked about, and guess what I found."

"I think I know the answer, but it'd be so much better to hear it from you."

"Humph! She's got all the women naked and tied up as if they are animals!"

Once again shocked as both Sakura and Yasuhiro were from the same class which she was the homeroom teacher of, Haruka started thinking who else among her students was like then.

Excluding Ryu of course. He was someone whom she felt like was the most trustworthy person in the world.

After all, the last week when the two of them were bathing naked inside the stream and Amanda joined them, Ryu only focused on her and didn't even as much as try and flirt with Amanda who was showing off her naked body.

If that didn't call for trusting him a lot, what else did?

Whar Haruka didn't know however was that Ryu and Amanda had shared so many baths together that he no longer felt the need to look at her naked body everyone she stripped.


"Minari, you should understand what is good for you. Just hand the girls I asked for over to me and I'll let the rest of you live in peace."

"Humph! Who the hell do you think you are Yasuhiro? Don't forget that this situation isn't permanent! What do you plan on doing once people come to rescue us?!"


Coldly snorting, Yasuhiro said, "Open your eyes bitch. It's been two months already! No one's coming to save any of you!"

"What did you.... "

Cutting her off, Yasuhiro who was shamelessly fucking one of the women whom he had captured spanked her ass and forced her to cry out loud.

"Don't you still understand? We are all that there is on this island, and I plan to become the king! And as the king, all of you beautiful sluts should belong to only me!"

With her face cringing from looking at the gruesome scene of so many naked women tied up in front of her whole Yasuhiro was taking turns in fucking, Minori could only choose to leave and think of another way because the boy wasn't alone and had already started gathering supporters for himself.

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