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50% Sex Stories / Chapter 89: Not everything I think is about sex, but most of it is

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Chapter 89: Not everything I think is about sex, but most of it is

There was once a time when Sora rejected the chance to have sex because his body was too weak to support him.

But right now, even though he knew that he would be able to have sex with Mai who said that she'd take care of everything which in this case meant that she'll take care of the moving, he actually didn't feel like having sex right now.

Other than feeling confused at how his own body had suddenly lost all interest in trying to have sex with Mai in this very moment, Sora bitterly laughed on the inside and sighed loudly.

"Do we really need to have sex right now?"

Freezing from hearing those words, Mai found herself feeling very awkward since she had already pulled the swimming trunks Sora wore halfway down.

"What are you saying? Isn't this what you always wanted?"

"It was... I mean, it is. It still is. But not everything I think about is sex."

"Did seeing me naked actually turn you into gay or anything?"

Rolling his eyes, Sora said, "I'm very much straight, and want to have sex with you as well."


"But, this just isn't how I pictured our first time would be."

"Oh my God, this isn't one of those overly pride moments where the man can't be satisfied unless he is on the top, right?"

Pulling the shorts away and throwing them away, Mai said, "Even though I might not be as experienced as those other women you've been with, I'm confident enough in pleasing you without you having to anything."

Smiling and using both of his hands, including the hurt one to hug Mai by the waist and pull her into his embrace, Sora grimaced from how the not so obvious injuries on his body were starting to hurt now

Silencing Mai who felt like it was her hugging him which was causing him pain by kissing her on the lips, Sora said, "Let's just stay like this for now. I can feel my body healing itself from your soft and warm touch."

You sure you aren't gay?

That's what Mai wanted to ask, but with his erect dick pressed against inner thighs and almost reaching the entrance of her pussy, she understood that Sora truly meant what he was saying.

Therefore, instead of saying anything else, she hugged him and then kissed him on the cheek.

"Thank you, Sora."

Instead of replying back by saying you're welcome or anything else, Sora said, "Can't you wrap a bedsheet or something else around us? It feels really weird without one."

Snorting at how Sora ruined the moment, Mai said, "No. If you want something like that, do it yourself. I'm feeling sleepy"

"Fine. But can at least my anaconda enter your cave to rest?"

Faking a snore due to Mai glaring at him, Sora didn't realize that he didn't actually make her feel angry.

Instead, due to him rejecting sex and just choosing to just hug her, he made her think that he was more mature than she expected him to be.

This impression of him lasted even though the night during which she literally helped him eat like a diligent wife doing her duty.

But unfortunately, the same impression didn't last long.

Especially after he woke her up early in the morning and said, "Let's have sex."

Looking towards what the time was, Mai asked, "What all happened to not everything you think being about sex?"

"Huh? I was just drunk on too many emotions when I said that. Also, not everything I think might be about sex, but most of it is."

These words allowed Mai to understand that no matter how mature Sora seemed, he was still a teenager in the end.

"Let me sleep, Sora. We have to visit the...."

"No no no no no. I'm not letting you leave this room today."

"Oh please. We need to leave if we want to get seething to eat."

"No need. I'll just ask the reception to send one of their female staff with the food. That way we can even have a threesome."

As Mai instantly turned awake and looked at him through narrowed eyes, Sora asked, "Too soon?"

Nodding her head with a stern expression, Mai was about to say something when Sora suddenly kissed her and said, "I'll apologize by pleasing you in a way no one else can."

Moving downwards, Sora quickly found her pussy and began tracing it with his fingers first before he slowly brought his mouth near it and planted a kiss on the completely bare one which didn't even have a single strand of hair on it.

Rolling her eyes and giving up on the idea of dissuading him, Mai said, "Do whatever you want. I'm going back to sleep."

Unfortunately, even though she really did try to fall asleep, what Sora began completely destroyed the drowsiness inside her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

First using only his tongue to scout the insides of her pussy, Sora soon started using his fingers to play with her clit and tease her butthole as well.

But, if that was just it Mai would've found a way to fall asleep after the orgasm which was bound to appear had taken place.

That, however, was the problem itself.

Sora moved so exquisitely, that Mai found herself on the brink of orgasming in less than a few minutes. But just as she was about to start orgasming due to how good she felt, Sora would stop and back away.

This way, he not just forced Mai to stay awake but due to being brought so close to orgasming so many times, Sora made it so that all Mai could think about was sex.

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