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Chapter 178: Overnight stay

Given everything that happened throughout the day, it was impossible for any of the three of them to not be tired.

Due to this, even Izumi who couldn't remember the last time she felt so ashamed after leaving the dining table cleaned herself and went to her room to sleep.

Unfortunately, how could Kazuma let Izumi sleep just because she wanted to?

Pushing his desire to sleep away, Kazuma made sure that Yuriko stayed awake as well.

And to do this, he simply watched some TV while hugging Yuriko due to which he stayed awake using the excitement he felt from embracing her buxom body.

"Mmm... Master... "

Moaning a little since Kazuma's greedy hands were making it impossible for her to focus on the TV program, Yuriko nestled the back of her head on his shoulder and spread her legs making it easier for him to touch her down there.

Sitting on the sofa together, Kazuma soon regretted how he chose to do this in hopes of staying awake.

After all, putting aside how turned on he was and wanted to have sex with her right away, since he wasn't doing so due to the plans he had for the night, Kazuma who was smelling Yuriko's intoxicating scent was being filled with a desire to sleep.

It was almost as if women like this were made for men like him to hug them and fall asleep.

Noticing this, Yuriko slowly raised her hands and used them to gently rub against his cheeks.

"Hmmm... "

Softly moaning from the warm touch, Kazuma almost fell asleep right away before managing to hold himself back.

Pinching the puffed up clit with his fingers and tugging in it, Kazuma who caused the woman to yelp in a mix of pain and pleasure used the sound to stay awake.

"Ahhhhh.... "

Staying downstairs in front of the TV for another hour, Kazuma while wanting to wait a little longer didn't do so because he was sure that he'd end up falling asleep at any second if he kept this up.

Therefore, he slowly stood up and parted his hands from Yuriko's pussy which due to his constant teasing was completely wet.

Reluctantly moving to the side and standing up, Yuriko who was enjoying being hugged from the back and having her pussy played with began following Kazuma as he went upstairs.

"What are we... "

Not finishing her question because she felt that she might feel even better in case what he planned remained a secret till the end, Yuriko rubbed her thighs together and followed Kazuma closely.

Placing his hand on the door's handle, Kazuma who knew that the possibility of executing his plan only existed if Izumi didn't lock her door, paused for a second before opening it and sighed in relief.

For whatever reason it might be, Izumi hadn't locked the door and gave Kazuma on more opportunity to humiliate her.

Entering the room with a smile and closing the door behind him after Yuriko also came in, Kazuma said, "Strip." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Nodding her head, Yuriko without any hesitation removed all her clothes and let them fall on the ground.

Seeing this, Kazuma other than feeling proud found his dick hardening instantly and his breathing turning hard which caused his sleepiness to disappear immediately.

Noticing this, Kazuma felt that he should have made her do this already.

"Come here."

Resisting the urge to fuck his slave right where she stood, Kazuma grabbed onto one of her perky boobs and pulled her with him.

Approaching the bed where Izumi was soundly asleep, Kazuma brazenly pulled the blanket aside and threw it away revealing how sparsely she was dressed.

With nothing more than a panty and bra, Izumi had one of her hands inside her black panty and an expression of pleasure while she was facing upwards.

"Get up."

Tugging the beast which made him feel nice when squeezing it due to weight behind it, Kazuma pushed Yuriko onto the bed and on top of Izumi.

Looking at the naked mother who seemed to be pressing her own near-naked daughter down, Kazuma didn't waste any time and got on the bed as well.

Pulling his pants down, Kazuma placed the head of his dick at the entrance of Yuriko's garden and pushed it inside her in one go.

"Aahhhhhhhh..... "

Moaning without holding back, Yuriko after being pounded by Kazuma a few times was close to orgasming at any moment because her master had been teasing her nonstop for almost an hour before he brought her here.

With her tongue wagging outside her mouth, Yuriko who had a blissful expression woke up her daughter by letting her drool fall of her face.

"Ugh... Wha....!"

Eyes turning wide and drowsiness disappearing instantly, Izumi who had just woken up almost thought that she was still sleeping and it was just her dream which turned even more perverted.

After all, with her mother moaning like a bitch in heat less than a few inches away from her, Izumi only realised that she wasn't dreaming due to the saliva on her face and the hot breath touching her face due to her mother panting hard.


Unable to finish her words because her own mother had suddenly kissed her, Izumi could only watch while her mother grabbed onto her breasts and used them to support her instead of the bed while moving nonstop because Kazuma was obviously ramming her mother's pussy.

"Ahhh yesssshhhhhhh!"

Orgasming a few times after the first one where her juices leaked out and covered her daughter's flat belly, Yuriko in the end collapsed on top of her daughter while Kazuma after pouring his semen inside her left his dick inside Yuriko following which he grabbed her and turned to the side.

Falling asleep while hugging Yuriko who had fainted after her umpteenth orgasm, Kazuma himself failed to wake up even when Izumi suddenly got up in the middle of the night and began licking at the spot where he and her mother were intimately connected at.

Ero_Saint Ero_Saint

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