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Chapter 8: Riho Izumi

"You've had sex right?"

Not even waiting for Kazuma to accept, Riho said, "Then you know why I want to have sex."

"As for choosing you, it's cause my boyfriend with his teeny tiny dick cannot satisfy me."

"And what makes you think I have a big dick?"

"Just my intuition. Of course, even if you have a small dick, I have more than enough ways to satisfy myself with you."

Saying so Riho licked her lips trying to seem like an experienced woman, but Kazuma just wasn't buying that.

Not that he didn't believe she was unsatisfied with her boyfriend, but that she had more sex then he had.

"So who is this boyfriend of yours?"

"Oh him? You'll probably never meet him since he's a college student."

"And that means that we.. "

"Yup, we will only have sex with each other, and not have any relationship other than that. So if anyone asks we're just friends. Got it?"

Finishing Kazuma's words, Riho glared at him as if warning not to say anything stupid about them to others.

Rolling his eyes at how self centred she was, and how she was planning the future when he hadn't even accepted the proposition of having sex with her.

Kazuma was about to turn her down, but looking at her appearance which was beautiful and her body which looked quite sexy in its own way, he began having second thoughts about it.

Let's just look at her proposal from a different perspective.

He gets to have sex with her and doesn't need to do anything else.

Why in gods name should he reject something like this?

"Fine. We have a deal. The two of us will have sex whenever either of us wants to, but will not reveal our true relationship to anyone else."

Speaking in a bit authoritative tone leaving no leeway for Riho to haggle, Kazuma began properly viewing how she looked.

Short length bob cut black hair and black eyes like most Japanese girls, she had a cute but sexy face which got her all the attention when she stepped out.

And her body was a little more mature than something she, a second-year high schooler should have. With plump breasts that would perfectly fit his hands, and no visible fat on her body.

If anything, Kazuma was a little disappointed that her ass wasn't round, perky and heart shape like he hoped for in a woman, but somewhat small and flat.

All in all, she was truly someone which every boy in the high school would love to go out with.

On the other hand, despite having to agree with Kazuma about having sex when either of them wanted to, Riho didn't feel much of anything.

Instead, she was just eager to strip Kazuma, and look at how big his dick would be. Cause if her intuition failed her, and he had a small dick, all of this deal would've been for nothing.

And she would've embarrassed herself with her junior risking the possibility of losing her well earned image in the high school. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Since the deal was already made, Riho didn't hesitate at all as she kneeled in front of Kazuma and unbuttoned his pants.

Pulling his pants down, Riho kept on wishing for Kazuma to have a dick which was at least bigger than her boyfriend's.

And God did smile and bless her because even through the boxers Kazuma wore, she could see how huge his erect dick was.


Smiling from the happiness that her intuition wasn't wrong, Riho immediately removed his boxers revealing his proud and erect dick.

As she smelled the scent coming from Kazuma's dick, Riho immediately gulped down the saliva in her mouth.

In fact, since the first time she had sex, Riho had become completely obsessed with it. Though after the second time her boyfriend's dick couldn't satisfy her, she secretly brought a dildo from mail order to satisfy her pussy.

However, even then a plastic didn't give her the same feeling she got from her pussy being penetrated for the first time.

Therefore she started looking for someone to have an affair with her. But she didn't want the man to be too old, and therefore when she found Kazuma, who was young, handsome, and had a good dick, Riho no longer cared about anything else.

Opening her mouth wide to take Kazuma's dick inside her mouth, Riho started using her tongue to satisfy his dick as she knew that all men loved receiving a blowjob.

Even her useless boyfriend loved her blowjob, though he'd cum instantly and ruin her mood.

Therefore she decided to give Kazuma a blowjob and test if maybe he unfortunately had premature ejaculation.

But even after a long time since she began moving her mouth on his dick, and used her tongue to continuously roll around his dick, she saw that Kazuma was looking at her with a face that showed how unimpressed he was.

Who was she kidding? After having enjoyed Akane's blowjob, which felt like her mouth was squeezing and sucking all the semen out of his dick. This clumsy blowjob given by Riho felt good in its own way, but wasn't something which would make him cum immediately.

Not knowing this Riho thought that Kazuma had very good endurance and stamina which made her smile one more time. Maybe he was the perfect one to have an affair.

'If only my family wasn't forcing me to go out with that fool, I'd definitely date him.'

"Umm... Can you tell me your name?"

"Kazuma. Kazuma Yagami."

"Kazuma... Will you fuck the shit out of my pussy?"

Using obscene words hoping that Kazuma will feel even more turned on, Riho stripped herself naked and rested her back on a table and spread her legs in an 'M' giving him unrestrained access to it.

Looking at the girl before him, who was using her fingers to masturbate and cause wet sloshing sounds, Kazuma was unable to believe his own eyes.

Usually, such scenes only happen in AV movies. But after having sex with his aunt, and now watching his senior begging him to fuck her, Kazuma started enjoying this lifestyle. And if possible hoped for such events to happen again and again.

Well, for now, he would just enjoy the pussy which was eagerly waiting for him.

Giving a moment of silence for that useless boyfriend of hers, Kazuma walked closer and directly placed his dick at the opening of her pussy.

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