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Chapter 37: Sakura's emotional turmoil

"Mom I.…"

Not in a mood to listen to her son trying to defend Akane, Sakura yelled.

"You just sit there quietly while I talk to my sister! Now tell me Akane, since when have you been having sex with Kazuma."

Sighing from resignation Akane started telling Sakura the story of her and Kazuma.

"Fine. It all happened when the two of us went to that ski trip."

"Everything was fine until the storm hit us and we lost all power. Since we had no other source of heating the cabin, I was freezing and it looked like I'd get frostbite."

"So Kazuma stepped up and tried to warm me up, by us hugging each other naked. From there one thing led to another, and we ended up having sex with each other."

Listening to the whole story, Sakura first regretted the fact that she didn't go on the ski trip, after which she continued her questioning.

"Uh huh, so who made the first move?"


"I'm asking you, who made the first move?!"

With Sakura's voice once again turning loud and angry, Akane decided to take the blame. She didn't want Kazuma and his mother have a bad relationship since she wasn't willing to step up.

"It was me. I did it. I seduced your son."

"I knew it! I knew that you were the one who seduced my naive kid and turned him into a sex addict! If not for you..."

Having already expected this since she knew how much Sakura loved her son, Akane was willing to be scolded for as long as it took, when Kazuma could no longer take it.

"It was me, mom! It was me!"

"What... What do you mean?"

"I was the one who suggested we become naked. I was the one who seduced her. I was the one who forced her to have sex with me, when she wanted to stop! So don't blame her because of me!"

While Akane felt touched at this gesture, Sakura felt like her head was turning dizzy from the unexpected truth.

"You're lying! You're lying to cover up for her!"

"I'm not! And not just Akane, I've been having sex with many women! There's our neighbour Midori, a senior at my school, the nurse, a teacher, Do you still want to blame everything on Akane?!"

"What are you saying Kazuma? You're scaring me."

Once Kazuma also started shouting, Sakura could no longer be serious and angry because tears were already filling her eyes.

"I'll give you two some space."

Taking a clue, Akane chose to leave Kazuma and Sakura alone so that they could have this discussion alone.

"Kazuma why are you behaving like this? I gave up everything to take care of you! So I won't let you throw your whole life away just so you can become a playboy! Especially not with your own aunt!"

"Mom I'm old enough to make my own decisions! You don't get to choose what I should or should not do!"

Once again scared by how Kazuma was for the first time ever talking back to her and both of them were having their first ever fight, Sakura felt as if Kazuma was slipping out of her grasp and going further away.

"Stop saying such things Kazuma. You're not planning to leave me right? You're mine! You belong to me and only me! I won't let anyone steal you away from me! Never!"

"You're mine! Mine!"

Turning frantic, Sakura got off her seat and hugged Kazuma's naked body not showing any signs of leaving him.

Looking down at how Sakura was behaving, Kazuma felt like he was looking at his past, while Akane who was peeking at them felt that she understood why Kazuma had a mental breakdown during their ski trip.

Turns out that both of them had abandonment issues. They just didn't know it until the situation forced it to show itself.


"Shhhh.…. Don't say another word Kazuma... I'm here for you, and you're mine. We will spend all eternity together happily."

Unable to even speak from Sakura not letting him say anything, Kazuma could only stay still as he hugged Sakura.

Unfortunately as neither of them spoke, and how tightly Sakura hugged him, Kazuma's little brother turned harder due to his taboo feelings rising up.

"Ummmm, mom...? We can't continue this... I'm... "

"No! I won't let you leave!"

Hugging him even tighter, Sakura who had slightly calmed down only made the situation worse for Kazuma whose head was filled with obscene thoughts.

'Ah dammit! I can't control it anymore!'

Unable to hold himself back anymore, Kazuma also hugged Sakura. Using his hands on her ass he pressed her crotch closer so that his dick was sandwiched between her thighs.

Sensing something different, Sakura worked up her courage to look down only to see her son's erect dick pressed against her thighs.

"Kazuma... Maybe we should stop..."

Unlike before this time however Kazuma didn't want to stop, pressing Sakura's back against the wall, he began greedily sniffing her scent while he started kissing her on the neck.

"Ka... Kazuma.... What.... What are you doing?"

Not answering, Kazuma lofted her thighs and wrapped them around his back as he started humping his dick against her crotch while his hands were squeezing her boobs.

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Feeling Kazuma's erect and hot dick even through her clothes, Sakura could only moan from how much she missed this sensation for so many years.

Akane, on the other hand, was stunned at how quickly things had escalated, and it looked that a real pair of mother and son were about to consummate their relationship before her eyes.

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