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Chapter 118: Sleepless night

Originally, Ryu only started touching Haruka to find out if a woman's body which looked so beautiful felt the same way when he touched it.

But even after his curiosity was satisfied with the answer being an irrefutable yes, Ryu didn't want to stop anymore.

Even if it was possible that Haruka who was awake would see through the fact that he was putting on an act, Ryu wanted to continue touching her all over.

Grunting a little the way people did when they moved around while sleeping, Ryu raised his left leg and placed it on Haruka's leg first.

This was around the same time that both his hands moved a little lighter from being close to her crotch and reached near Haruka's splendid breasts.

"Haaaaa... "

Inhaling sharply, Haruka who felt a shiver of excitement travel down her spine due to Ryu suddenly moving froze and didn't do anything as her breathing quickly turned hard.

But since Ryu seemed like he was still asleep, Haruka was starting to think that being on this island was doing something to her for making her feel turned on from her student touching her.

So, she planned to slowly move Ryu away from her and try to go back to sleep.

This was why she very slowly and carefully pulled her hands and made them free so that she could move Ryu without waking him up.

After all, if he woke up and saw how the two of them were right now, he was bound to be embarrassed or think that she was a pervert who did something.

Moving her hands to first separate Ryu's hands which were hugging her dangerously close to her breasts, she started to slowly push his leg away when Ryu suddenly grunted and started moving again.

While it looked like Ryu who was sleeping was annoyed due to how someone was disturbing him while he was sleeping, the way he moved however made it very obvious that he wasn't asleep.

Poor Haruka who was a victim of his plans, however, had no way to understand this due to how flustered she was.

With his leg which he placed on Haruka's entwining around her calf, Ryu who turned to lie on his back pulled Haruka with him so that she was right on top of him.

Hugging her waist more freely because one of his hands was no longer being squeezed between Haruka and the ground anymore, Ryu used his other leg to wrap around her other leg and pulled it to the other side causing both of her legs to be spread to both the sides.

Smirking happily, Ryu who managed to do this due to how unsuspecting Haruka was of him made sure to act like he was still sleeping while highly doubting if she would continue to believe him.

"Ahhhhh... Ryu?? If this is a prank it isn't funny anymore.... " Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Speaking very softly because she was uncertain if Ryu was still asleep and because she might wake up the sleeping Amanda, Haruka was about to try and free herself from his grasp when she suddenly heard something.

Hugging Amanda harder around the waist, Ryu deliberately made it look like he was talking in his sleep while he whispered in her ear.

"Ughhhh Haruka.... I love you... "

Hearing those words Haruka's face turned completely red and failed to notice Ryu's hands sneakily splitting and moving in different directions.

One of them went through the loose blouse she wore near her breasts while the other one did its best to make it seem like Ryu wasn't awake as it had to go under both the skirt and panties that were around Haruka's waist.

In the end, Ryu managed to successfully achieve what he set out to so and Haruka noticed what had happened only after quite some time due to how happy she was from hearing what could be considered as a confession of Ryu's love to her.

This was why even after she came to her senses the blush she obtained from hearing the fake confession continued to remain in her face due to where Ryu's hands were at right now

If not for the fact that Haruka felt like she was in the clouds from hearing such a confession from her student, she would've definitely realized that Ryu was not sleeping.

"Ummmm Haruka.... You're so beautiful.... "

"Please don't leave me, Haruka!"

"I love you so much Harukaaaaaaa!"

Speaking words of praise towards the woman every time he moved his hands, Ryu at the end of his second confession began greedily kissing the woman's neck until a hickey formed on the side of her neck.

While doing all of this, Ryu who had left the naked breasts and pussy of Haruka realized that a woman felt so much better to touch than he thought so.

He couldn't describe how it felt in words but Ryu understood that he'd never get bored of a woman's body.

Squeezing the woman's soft breasts which left softer than fluffy marshmallows but at the same time possessed a certain weight which made them so much more pleasing to touch, Ryu really wanted to change positions and get on top of Haruka so that he could see how they looked.

But since he managed to make Haruka think that he was really sleeping even after everything he did, Ryu didn't feel like stopping and revealing the truth.

Therefore, even though he found it very hard to find out what was what down there where Haruka's pussy had what felt like a thick and luscious bush of hair which kept on getting in his way while he tried to find the entrance to her pussy.

Like this, Ryu who later turned around so that both of then were on their sides while his hands were still in the same place managed to fall asleep while Haruka ended up staying awake the entire night.

Ero_Saint Ero_Saint

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