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Chapter 7: Start of High School

While the summer vacation came to its end, enjoying the last Sunday before he'd start high school by fucking his aunt on his bed, Kazuma felt that today was his lucky day as his mother had an emergency operation to attend.

Until now he would always go over to Akane's house every Saturday where the two of them would have sex the whole day other than when they ate lunch.

But luckily just the day before he was set to start with high school, Kazuma managed to have sex with Akane on his bed like he always wanted.

Lying on the bed after he came inside Akane's pussy like always, Kazuma was hugging her waist with a happy smile on his face.

Rolling her eyes at how Kazuma always came inside her pussy, and never used a condom after he said how the feeling of it. And instead, he preferred to do it raw.

Luckily Akane before Kazuma impregnated her, started taking the birth control pill due to which Kazuma had no reservation and came inside her every single time.

Unless when he wanted a blowjob and cummed inside her mouth, and those few times when he liked to spray his semen on her face and breasts.

"Hey Kazuma, you start high school tomorrow right?"


"After starting high school you won't forget this old aunt of yours, will you?"

Indeed over the past month, what began as a means to keep Kazuma sane and not go out of control, slowly started turning into affection which crossed the boundaries of an aunt and her nephew.

While she still wasn't willing to say that she loved him, Akane was very reluctant to let go of him. And if such day did indeed come, who knows what she would do.

Kazuma on the other hand after so many days of being intimate with Akane, began feeling secure and less paranoid.

Looking at his aunt who was clearly hiding her true feelings, and talking as if she didn't care. Kazuma was tempted to tease her and say he'd forget her, but he couldn't bring himself to do something so cruel when she clearly cared for him.

Thus he shook his head, and said, "No way! Don't you think you can break our deal just cause I'm starting high school. I still haven't had enough of your body to forget about you."

Sure, it sounded like all Kazuma cared for was her body. But, this was enough for Akane. As she was the one who forbid any of the two from saying they loved each other.

After that, neither of them spoke and only snuggled until it was time for Sakura to come back when the both of them went down to make dinner together, and the three of them had dinner together.


On the next day, highschool finally started.

Waking up like always, Kazuma cleaned himself and changed into his uniform after which he leisurely began walking to school after saying bye to his mom.

Originally Kazuma was very excited from the prospects of starting high school. But after everything he experienced over the summer holidays, he didn't care about it anymore. And looked at it as if something only kids would get excited about.

Entering his new high school, Kazuma could see the seniors walking around in groups, while those freshmen were a little awkward and stood alone. Other than those few friends who shared the same junior high school.

Noticing a few of his friends from junior high, Kazuma reluctantly walked over since even though he didn't care much about their friendship anymore, he didn't want to be named as a loner.

Anyway while chatting about who knows what, Kazuma looked around to see many beautiful girls in both the freshmen and the seniors.

However, despite having had sex already, Kazuma didn't feel much confident in seducing a girl with his words, due to which he didn't bother walking up to them and striking a conversation.


On the other hand, just as how the boys were discretely looking at how the girls were, the girls were doing the same as well.

And indeed most of them focused on Kazuma who was a born chick magnet due to inheriting the same beautiful genes as his mother and aunt.

But, the same like Kazuma, none of them decided to be the first one to go up to him and strike a conversation.

This wasn't cause they were afraid to be rejected. Instead, it was because going up to Kazuma and talking to him in front of so many people would definitely not be good for their reputation.

Instead, they should wait a few more days at least so that they weren't seen as easy women who'd do anything.

However, there was one individual who thought very differently from the remaining. As soon as she saw how Kazuma was behaving, and adding on how he looked, there was nothing holding her back at all. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Ignoring the weird looks her friends were giving her, she proudly walked towards Felix.

"Hello junior, could you spare me some of your time?"

Blinking his eyes twice not knowing why such a thing was happening, Kazuma nodded his head and followed behind the girl who asked him to come with her.

Acting completely oblivious to the gazes her rejected pursuers were giving her, the girl took Kazuma away from the front of the school to inside the storage room where she finally stopped.

"Ummmm.... Is there something you want?"

Looking at Kazuma from the bottom up and nodding her head, the girl said.

"My name is Riho Izumi, and you've already had sex haven't you?"

Stiffening immediately thinking that she had seen him and his aunt, and afraid that she would tell others about it or blackmail him, Kazuma didn't respond but looked at her vigilantly.

"You don't have to look at me like that, because even if you say no, I can clearly tell from the way you behave. After all my instincts have never been wrong before."

Not caring as to how she knew about him having sex, Kazuma asked the only question that he cared about.

"So what?"

Indeed, he wanted to know what she sought him out for.

"So... I want to have sex with you."


Not minding how Kazuma reacted, Riho said, "Why are you acting like that? Since you've already had sex, you should be thrilled to have a chance to sleep with a girl as beautiful as me, shouldn't you?"

While Riho was indeed a beautiful girl, Kazuma who preferred the mature charms of a woman, wouldn't fall head over heals for her still developing body.

Therefore he shook his head and asked Riho, "Why choose me? And why do you even want to have sex?"

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