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Chapter 16: The sensei who's willing to put her body on the line

Unfortunately, despite all the plans and ideas Kazuma had, after that one night of hot and steamy sex, all of them were forced to be postponed.

All because of his homeroom teacher.

It had already been almost 2 months since school had started, and Kazuma who was a very good student performed just averagely on all of the tests.

Sure, they weren't important exams. But his homeroom teacher after noticing that Kazuma who got good marks until the last year, was suddenly performing badly, couldn't let this matter go.

Immediately she called him to the office after school was over to have a proper talk with him.

Going inside the office, Kazuma noticed that all the teachers had left. Of course, other than his homeroom teacher who called him here. Nagisa Mashiro.

The homeroom teacher's personality was not at all kind and caring, but instead like a rage-filled hulk. She would scold the students over the slightest mistake. Due to which even though she had a face and body that men would die for, not many students had a crush on her.

Unable to understand why that angry lady was calling for him, when given her personality she shouldn't even care about a student.

Kazuma couldn't help but feel that her personality definitely spoiled the impact of her beautiful body and face.

That glossy blonde hair which flowed till her waist, blue colour eyes that looked like the clearest seas, and those glasses she wore. In fact, it was due to those glasses that she looked both serious and sexy at the same time!

As for her clothes, she was always dressed in the same style.

Black coloured stockings that pulled everyone's attention towards her legs, a tight skirt which covered her till the thighs. And finally, a tight blouse that hugged her skin and made her perky breasts look like they'd tear it open.

While Kazuma was just standing there looking at her up and down and not saying anything, Nagisa who had noticed him come in a long time back couldn't help but feel anger.

"If you've looked at me enough, then come here!"

Hearing Nagisa, Kazuma didn't even the slightest bit embarrassed as he swaggered towards her.

"Do you know why I called you?"

Shaking his head, Kazuma placed all of his attention in her breasts which juggled every time she breathed.

Gritting her teeth at Kazuma's obvious audacity, Nagisa could only swallow her anger and get to the point.

"Why are you acting like this Kazuma?"

Thinking that she was talking about him staring at her breasts, Kazuma said, "Your breasts are so big that I don't know where else to look at."

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Hitting the desk with her hand, a blushing Nagisa scowled through her teeth.

"That is not what I'm talking about! I'm talking about your marks!"


"I've seen the past records and you were always one of the best in your class! So what happened? Are you not feeling good? Is something bothering you? Or am I not teaching you properly?"

That last question was what mattered Nagisa most, and the reason she for the first time ever took interest in a student's bad marks.

Until now she always felt that she taught well, and if someone scored badly it was because they were stupid. However, now that she encountered Kazuma, who always scored well, but now suddenly started performing badly after she became his new homeroom teacher.

She started doubting that maybe it was due to her that Kazuma wasn't performing as well as he did in the past.

But what she didn't know was that, due to how engrossed Kazuma had gotten with sex after everything that happened, he just didn't have enough time or interest to study every day.

Sure, he would make sure to study during the main exams. However, since right now they were only class tests, Kazuma didn't bother studying for any one of them.

"Yes. It's because of you!"

As soon as she heard that, Nagisa's heart dropped. But what happened next left her not knowing how to feel at all.

"It's because I'm in love with you that I can't study sensei!"

Faced with the unexpected confession, Nagisa didn't know what to do. While she didn't care about how the students performed, she couldn't willingly act oblivious towards Kazuma's feelings after learning that this was causing him to perform badly.

If this continued and impacted Kazuma's future, she'd never be able to forgive herself.

"Kazuma... You know that I'm engaged... "

Indeed Kazuma knew that, and even if he didn't it was quite obvious due to the ring she wore always.

Still, why would Kazuma who didn't feel bad when sleeping with a married woman, care if Nagisa was engaged?

"I don't care, I really love you sensei!"

Saying so Kazuma pulled her off the chair and instantly embraced her body in a tight hug successfully stunning Nagisa.

"Ka... Kazuma! Stop it!"

Despite saying the words, Nagisa didn't show any sign of moving away. Because this was the very first time she was hugging a man, and it felt very warm and comfortable.

Shaking her head and coming back to her sense Nagisa struggled her way out of the hug, and looked at Kazuma with a red face.

Originally Nagisa planned on slapping Kazuma and teaching him a thing or two, but after seeing that pitiful look on his handsome face all the anger was washed away, as she started sympathizing with him.

"Kazuma, I know how you feel, but we can never go out together. Because if we do, I'll definitely lose my job."

Hearing her Kazuma made his face look even more pitiful, unfortunately, he didn't know how to fake tears, because if he did heheheh...

"Awwww don't... Don't look like that..."

Seeing Kazuma like this, even someone like Nagisa couldn't help but feel her heart turn warm as she wanted to hug and console him.

"Well, we can't have a relationship... But maybe...."

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