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Chapter 166: Too addicting

Not bothering with who it was that was calling, Kazuma after his dick had entered the comfy space inside Yuriko's pussy grabbed the phone away from her in a moment of blissful shock and accepted the call.

Putting it on speakerphone, Kazuma aced the phone on the bed below Yuriko's mouth and then took hold of her hands.

Grabbing them and pulling then backwards not just to keep her hands away from the phone but also since he wanted to use them to pull her body against him while he moved forward, Kazuma began moving his waist.

With his dick spearheading its way till the deepest part of Yuriko's pussy, Kazuma who had already made his dick peek inside her womb did so with ease once again.



Hastily shutting her mouth to stop the loan, Yuriko suddenly began letting out fake coughs so that her husband wouldn't turn suspicious of her.

"Yuriko, are you all right? You don't sound so well."

"Ughu.… mmm... "

Sneaking in a few moans in between the fake coughs, Yuriko finally said, "Yes... It's just a cold."

"I see. Take some rest and don't overexert yourself."

Smirking as he thrust his dick as hard as possible, Kazuma caused the already out of breath Yuriko to be unable to breathe for a second.

All of it due to not being able to believe how deep Kazuma's dick had gone inside her.

If he really kept this up, Yuriko was sure that she'd never be able to enjoy normal sex ever again.

Especially considering how much turned on she was to be fucked by him while her husband was listening to everything on the other side of the phone.

"Ummmm... The reason why I called is... I wanted to apologize for last night, Yuriko."


Guessing what might have brought on the sudden change in Yuriko, Kazuma once again smirked and released Yuriko's hands.

Grabbing onto her soft breasts, Kazuma rested his face on her fragrant shoulders and kissed her neck greedily.

Not stopping until he was sure that a hickey was left behind, he whispered in her ears, "It's a little too late to apologize, isn't it?"

Using his hands to squeeze the plump twin peaks while his fingers pinched the nipples which were already tall and perky, Kazuma forced Yuriko to keep her mouth shut despite wanting to reply to her husband.

This was because she knew that as soon as he mouth opened, what would leave it were erotic and adulterous moans which would reveal everything to her dense husband.

After all, for someone who couldn't figure out what was happening despite hearing her rough breathing and the subtle sound of flesh slapping against each other, if not dense than what else were they?

"Are you still angry, Yuriko? I'm...

Rolling her eyes at this stupid husband of hers, Yuriko was about to try and disconnect the call when one of Kazuma's hands suddenly went downwards and approached her clit.

"Talk to him, Yuriko."

Not asking why and what he would do if she didn't since she knew there were quite a few things he could do if she didn't listen to his words, while desperately pushing down those moans which were trying to get out of her she opened her mouth and said, "It's fine... I... Mmmmmm... "

"Wuu.... Haaaaa.... "

"It seems like the cold is worse than I expected. Are you sure it's fine being alone at home?"

"Ahhhhh..... Yessssssss!"

As Yuriko felt that this was her end since she moaned so loudly that it almost sounded like a yell, the voice through the phone sighed and said, "There's no need to scream, Yuriko. I'm just trying to... "

Not finishing his sentence, the man started to apologize once again.

This was when Kazuma suddenly pinched the trembling Yuriko's clitoris and made her entire body tremble from pleasure.

Slightly tugging on it as he tanned his dick as deep as possible, Kazuma who was more excited than Yuriko to be in this situation ended up cumming first and that too without any warning catching the woman off guard.

Shooting his warn semen directly inside Yuriko's womb, a Kazuma caused her body to twist and bend in various angles from how good and pleasing it felt for a man's semen to reach such a deep part of her.

Clenching her pussy unconsciously and causing the slimy walls to tighten around Kazuma's humongous dick, Yuriko while gritting her teeth started orgasming as well. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Ummmm... Wuuuuuu….. So gudddhhhh... "

Despite trying her best to keep her voice as soft and low as possible, Yuriko was sure that her husband would definitely end up catching into her due to which she decisively used her face to tap on the screen and disconnected the call.

Once she did so, she could no longer hold back and immediately let her jaw fall wide open while a dick raising moan came out of her mouth.

Listening to this, Kazuma despite still cumming kept on moving his waist to enjoy this pleasure for as long as possible.

As for Yuriko, having held back for so long began letting our all kinds of obscene words and went into a state of near fainting when her volcanic like orgasm finally died down.

Ero_Saint Ero_Saint

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