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Chapter 65: Waterfall?

Using his one of his hands to fondle Chiharu's breasts, while a finger on his other hand went inside her pussy to see how wet it was, Sora said, "Someone's feeling very naughty today."

"Sora, I'll be honest with you. I've never been a fan of foreplay or using dirty words during sex. Right now, all I want is a long and hard pounding for which will make my pussy feel good enough to make up for how long I haven't had sex."

Hearing all of it, Sora didn't say a single thing and let his actions do all the talking by decisively thrusting his dick inside her pussy which despite being a tight fit went completely inside.

"Aaahhhhh.... Ahhhhh.... " Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Letting out a mix of panting and moaning while clenching the bed within her hands, Chiharu had a look of pure bliss on her face.

"This is it... Don't stop.... Continue ramming my pussy until I faint."

Saying so, Chiharu began moaning even louder as Sora pulled his dick back until it almost exited her pussy which was clenching tightly as if it was reluctant to let go of it, he pushed his dick back inside her pussy which was more than happy to take it back inside it.

"You don't have to go slow or be soft with me.... Thrust it as hard as you can.... Try and blow the top of my head away with how hard you fuck me.... I want my eyes to roll back and become completely ruined for all other men...!"

Be it the situation or Chiharu's words, either or both of them were getting to Sora who began moving faster than ever before filled the large room with the resounding sound of their crotches slapping against each other.

While her head which was tilted a little backwards, Chiharu who had a happy look on her face took Sora's hands which were around her waist and placed them on her plentiful breasts.

"Squeeze them as if you want to rip them apart!"

Staring towards Chiharu with wide eyes because her behaviour was soon reaching a stage where she would be considered as a masochist, Sora hesitated a little but ended up doing as she asked him to from seeing that pleading look on her eyes.

Squeezing Chiharu's breasts as tightly as possible, Sora could see red marks of his fingers in the places where his fingers had been at when he squeezed those bouncy and voluptuous breasts.

"Mmmmm.... That's it.... Feel free to be even harder with me!!!"

Pushing her own waist to go against Sora's meeting so that the impact of their flesh hitting against each other would be harder and more painful, Chiharu asked Sora to stop a little as she turned and got onto all fours.

Instead of explaining why she wanted to have sex in this particular position, Chiharu said, "Trust me. You'll feel happy we are doing it in this way after you see how I orgasm."

Saying so, Chiharu asked Sora to continue while he also kneeled behind her on the bed to make it easier for him to move.

Taking hold of Chiharu's breasts to aid his movement, Sora began pulling on them when moving his body against hers.

Using this movement to try and make his dick go as deep inside Chiharu's pussy as possible, Sora made the woman feel even better due to both how her pussy was feeling and the added pleasure of her breasts being squeezed so tightly.

"Ohhh goddddd.… that's it..... Slap my ass, Sora.... Slap it!"

Not unfamiliar with spanking a woman since Noriko sometimes liked a light spanking, Sora used the same amount of strength as used when slapping Noriko's ass.

Using his hand in such a way that even though the impact wasn't too hard, the sound itself was very loud, Sora caused Noriko to look towards him with a disappointed expression.

"Is that it? Don't you have more strength in those arms of yours? Slap my ass like a real man, Sora!"

Gritting his teeth at how bondage was never something that Sora was too enthusiastic to try out, Sora raised his hand and really did end up using all of his strength to slap Chiharu's pussy which trembled due to the impact.

At the same time, Chiharu's pussy also clenched tighter around Sora's dick.

Not to forget the loud moan which sounded both happy and intoxicating, Chiharu found herself craving for even more due to which she asked Sora to continue spanking her slutty body.

Slapping her ass in the very same place, Sora brought tears to Chiharu's eyes because of this one felt more painful than pleasurable.

"Ughhmmm... How about switching sides every time you spank me... Ahhhhh!! Never mind!"

Changing her mind as Sora had spanked her on the same place when she was speaking, and this time causing her entire body to tremble from pleasure, Chiharu decided to let Sora do as he please because it felt too good to stop.

Misunderstanding Chiharu's words, Sora instead of slapping her left and right ass one after the other, chose to spank them at the same time causing her to feel a pleasure unlike ever before.

Keeping it up due to how Chiharu's moaning was turning louder since he began doing this, even though it felt a little uncomfortable and awkward when using both of his hands, Sora continued doing the same until the woman's ass had two glaring handprints on them.

It was also around that time that Chiharu moaned the loudest ever since the beginning.

"Ahhhh fuckkkkk! I'm cumminnnnggggg!"

With those words, Chiharu orgasmed in such a way that Sora was caught off guard.

Pulling his dick out of Chiharu's pussy which had turned tighter when she said those words, Sora didn't need to wait even for a few seconds to find out what the earn and wet sensation which was trying to move his dick out of her pussy was.

A waterfall?

With a stream of clear water rushing out of the same hole he had his dick inside until now, Chiharu was obviously squirting!

Ero_Saint Ero_Saint

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P.S - I've got my exams starting from the 14th onwards, so there will be no further updates until they are over.

I'll resume the release from 25th onwards.

Ero Saint

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