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Chapter 45: Weirdest first meeting

"You're here sooner than I expected, Sora."

"I ran almost the whole time to meet my beautiful aunt who I missed so much."

"Really? In that case, you definitely deserve a reward."

Saying so, the woman walked near Sora and kissed him on the cheek.

It took Sora a moment to grasp what just happened, but he soon recovered and managed to not move his hands and touch that spot which the woman's soft lips kissed.

"That's it? It would've been a real reward if you kissed me on the lips."

Chuckling a little, the woman said, "You haven't changed in the slightest, Sora."

"Really? But you've changed a lot since the long three months I haven't seen you, aunty. You've become so much more beautiful that I'm starting to worry about someone stealing you away from me."

Shaking her head, the woman says, "Now that we're both in Tokyo, stop calling me aunty, Sora. Call me Yuki."

"Mom is going to kill the both of us if she learns of this."

In response to Sora, Yuku bent forward and placed a finger on her lips.

"Then we'll just have to keep it a secret from her, won't we?"

Saying so, Yuki then moved her finger and pressed it against Sora's lips which was enough to turn him completely silent.

Gulping hard Sora despite having seen his beautiful aunt god knows how many times, couldn't help but carefully look at her from the top to bottom as if trying to but her image inside his brain.

Waist-length long black hair which was tied together, the same black eyes as him, skin which looked like just snow, and finally a body so voluptuous that it would even put idols to shame.

Yuki wasn't just a woman who was beautiful on the outside but perfect on the inside as well.

She was kind, caring, good at cooking, and everything else that a man could ever ask or even hope for.

All in all, Yuki was a woman who was the perfect wife.

A woman who not only looked beautiful but even behaved in a way that every man dreamed for.

Sigh... If only she wasn't his aunt.

With such though Sora pulled his luggage inside the considerably big house while thinking that god was very cruel for giving him an aunt like Yuki.

Couldn't he have made her his fiancé instead?

Not that this ever stopped Sora from flirting with Yuki.

Unfortunately, while he did truly try to honestly flirt with her, Yuki always saw them all as just harmless jokes and didn't think much about them.

Still, just to give himself some hope Sora would always say to himself that his aunt didn't marry anyone because she had him in her heart.

Sighing once more from looking at Yuki's ass which despite being so close to him, was so far that his hand would never be able to touch it, Sora asked, "Where should I place my luggage at, Yuki?"

Chuckling at how awfully fast Sora changed the way he was calling her, and even seemed very natural while doing it, Yuki said, "The room I chose for you is on the second floor, Sora. But, I haven't been able to find enough time to clear out the useless stuff inside it."

"So until I get to it, how do you feel about sharing a room with me?"

"Okay. Let's share a room, Yuki."

"Well, that was quick."

Looking towards Yuki who was a little surprised from how quickly he agreed, Sora said, "I'm not an idiot who'd miss the chance to sleep on the same bed an angel sleeps on."

"That's cute."

Saying so, Yuki asked Sora to come with her as she led him towards the only bedroom on the ground floor.

Gulping once more as various fantasies popped inside his head from just thinking about sharing the same room and bed with Yuki, Sora almost went into full-on dreaming when his aunt brought him back to reality.

"This is it. Feel free to take some time to relax. I'm going to continue making that feast for you."

"A feast? You're the best, Yuki!"

With that said, Sora mustered all the courage inside him and hugged Yuki directly.

While it did look like an excited teenager was just thanking his considerate aunt, who was he even kidding?

Sora was obviously trying to make the best use of the opportunity he obtained.

Surprising Yuki a little from the sudden hug, Sora had to use all of his determination to keep his hands on her back and not venture downwards towards the perky ass he always dreamed of touching.

"You really like my cooking, don't you Sora." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Yup. It's the best."

"Well don't let your mother hear about that."

Chuckling together, Sora reluctantly broke the huh before it turned weird for his aunt.

Leaving Sora, Yuki proceeded to go to the kitchen while he put his luggage at a corner of the room before walking outside and trying to find a washroom to use.

Finding the door to the washroom very quickly, Sora twisted the knob open and pushed the door when he who wasn't ready for what was on the inside literally froze.

On the inside was a woman he had never seen before sitting on the toilet with her short and panty down.

Looking towards him, she waved his hand before letting out a small moan as a stream of liquid came out of her naked pussy and hit against the porcelain toilet.

Gaining control over his body from hearing that sound, Sora who wasn't a gentleman stood right there while the sexy chocolate tanned woman finished her business.

Not at all the slightest bit bothered with Sora who stood there and watched, the woman after finishing peeing wiped her pussy with a piece of toilet paper before getting up and flushing it.

Pulling her panty and shorts up, she said, "You must be Yuki's nephew, Sora. I've heard a lot about you. Well, I have to go now, but see you soon."

Moving past Sora whose mind was still filled with the first even naked pussy he saw, the woman whose body was covered in sweat walked away after gifting Sora his weirdest meeting yet.

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