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Chapter 10: Will you taste me?

Going back home, Kazuma didn't see his mom inside. Instead, there was a note on the fridge.

[Won't be coming back home today. You should spend the night at Midori's house because her husband is on a business trip and she feels scared to be alone.

Don't inconvenience her too much!

Your beautiful mom


Despite reading how Sakura was praising herself, Kazuma didn't think she was out of line at all.

Taking a quick shower and leaving the house eagerly so that he could go to Midori's house as soon as possible, Kazuma had a happy smile on his face.

Midori, Midori Yoshinaga, was none other than the new neighbour who moved into the house beside theirs a few weeks back.

Midori was a newly married wife, while her husband was someone who repeatedly went on long business trips leaving his beautiful wife at home all alone.

Until now Kazuma was unable to understand how Midori's husband was such an idiot to leave his beautiful wife alone and work all the time.

Anyway, he'd just enjoy the day by looking at her.


Going up to the door, Kazuma rang the bell and waited patiently for Midori to open the door.

Opening the door was a woman who could instantly make any man get infatuated with her.

Dressed in loose clothes which did very little to hide her sexy body, she had medium length brown hair, and was a few inches short of being 6 feet tall.

She had black eyes that stole the attention of everyone, and a mature face that lined on the side of being sultry. Which suited her voluptuous body.

If it wasn't cause he was familiar with her, Kazuma would've thought that she was a famous AV actor.

"Ah, Kazuma. You're here quicker than I expected. I haven't even started making dinner yet."

Hearing the melodious voice of Midori, Kazuma once again cursed that husband on hers who despite being lucky enough to marry her, was stupid enough to leave her behind and work all the time!

"That's fine Midori, I can help you in cooking."

Originally given the age difference Kazuma was to call her, Miss Midori, or something similar. But since she told him to drop the formalities, Kazuma just called her Midori.

"That's very kind of you. Come on in."

As Midori moved aside, Kazuma walked in and when passing her secretly sniffed and took in the mature scent coming off of her.

Reluctantly walking forward and moving away from the source of such blissful smell, Kazuma who had been here before walked straight towards the kitchen.

Following behind him Midori was looking at Kazuma while her face looked like she was in the middle of making a decision.

Entering the kitchen Kazuma waited while Midori out on an apron and started washing the vegetables.

Glancing over her shoulder and looking at Kazuma who was clearly enjoying the sight of her ass before him, Midori's eyes looked like they had come to a decision.

"Hey Kazuma, would you come here and help me out?"

"Ah? Yeah, sure!"

Walking close, Kazuma waited for Midori to tell him what she wanted him to do.

"See those played up there? Could you get them down for me?"

Pointing at the shelf above her, Midori didn't move from where she was at forcing Kazuma to do it while she stayed like that.

Left with no choice, Kazuma walked closer and pressed his front against her back as he raised his legs to bring the plates down.

Feeling the softness or Midori's warm ass being pressed against his crotch, Kazuma's dick instantly started hardening.

At the same time Midori feeling Kazuma's hard on pressed against her ass, deliberately moved her waist backwards increasing the pressure on Kazuma's dick.

Looking down at Midori who was acting oblivious to his erect dick pressed against her ass, Kazuma though that something was weird here.

Putting the plates down, Kazuma decided to continue and test where Midori would draw the line at.

Using his hands to wrap them around her waist, Kazuma pressed his dick deeper into those supple ass cheeks.

Even then Midori didn't say anything and acted like before, looking at which Kazuma smiled thinking that today was the day he could have sex with her.

Until now despite how much Kazuma wanted to sleep with Midori, he didn't have enough confidence to convey his feelings, since he wasn't a womanizer. Instead, he was just someone who got lucky twice to have sex with two women.

But now luck struck the third time, Kazuma would take this chance to try and finish his fantasy.

As Kazuma started becoming more handsy with her body, despite acting like she didn't feel anything, Midori's face was clearly redder than before and her breathing was harder as well.

Slowly Kazuma's hands that were around Midori's waist began moving further down. Moving his hands into Midori's pants, Kazuma slid them inside her panties and stopped with his hands resting right on top of her pussy.

Feeling the warmth of Kazuma's hands against her pussy, Midori couldn't help but let out a small moan.

Hearing this, Kazuma felt even more confident.

While one hand spread her pussy lips apart, he used his other hand to push one finger inside her. Surprised at how warm and wet Midori's pussy already was, Kazuma began doubting that maybe this woman who looked like an AV star was actually a slut.

After one finger went inside her, Kazuma didn't stop and let his second finger go inside her.


Moaning one more time, Midori stopped Kazuma by holding his hands.

"Hey Kazuma, could you get me those baby carrots from inside the fridge?"

At first, Kazuma was afraid that maybe this was Midori's limit, but then thinking that she didn't want her cooking to be interrupted he took his hands out of his pussy and brought those baby carrots as Midori asked for.

Bringing them and placing them on the counter, Kazuma was wondering if he should continue or stop, when Midori began twirling her ass as if telling him to pay attention to it.

Smiling and getting the clue Midori was conveying, Kazuma once again pressed his dick and sandwiched it in between Midori's ass while his hands once again went straight towards the pussy.

"Mmmm... Kazuma? Do you want to taste me?"

As Kazuma nodded his head in response, Midori pulled the hand which was fingering her pussy out and sucked her juices stuck to his fingers.

Then she gave him a handful of baby carrots and said, "Put them inside my pussy and let them soak first. Then you can taste me."

Just from listening to what Midori suggested, Kazuma's dick twitched and grew even harder.

Pulling her pant down first, Kazuma slipped her panty to the side as he navigated where her pussy entrance was from behind her.

Next, taking those wet baby carrots in his hand he started pushing them one by one into her pussy. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Slowly Midori began feeling her pussy being filled to the brink, and if even one more was pushed in they would all burst out at once.

"Aa... That's enough.. I can't fit any more inside me."

Stopping after he put almost twenty baby carrots inside Midori's pussy, Kazuma felt that she was even more of a pervert than he thought.

"Now stir them well."

Following what she said, Kazuma out one finger inside her and twirled his finger inside her making those chunky carrots move randomly and scratch all of her insides.

After a while, even Midori who never stopped working even once, was forced to stop from how her pussy was feeling. Lifting her head up while she enjoyed her pussy being played with like that, she stopped Kazuma before she lost herself completely to pleasure.

"That should be enough... Now.... Take on out and taste it..."

Hearing Midori's words, Kazuma's eyes brightened as he put another finger inside to grip one baby carrot and pull out one.

Looking at the tiny orange carrot in between his fingers that was dripping with Midori's juices, Kazuma took a deep breath as he felt very excited to try how it would taste.

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