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Chapter 109: You're all I need

"Yuki, is everything okay?"

Locking the door behind him, Sora looked towards Yuki who seemed to be trying to not face him.

"Yup. Everything is perfect. Now go back to your friends and finish that project."

"Hey Yuki, you can tell me what's happening."

"Everything's fine, Sora. What makes you think that something is wrong?"

"Because, in all the years I've known you, this is the first time you served food without a smile on your face."

Having taken steps close to her with every word he said, Sora was now right behind Yuki to clearly see the streaks of stars below her eyes.

"Yuki, why are you crying."

Pushing Sora's hands away as he tried to turn her, Yuki said, "Go away! I don't want you to see me like this."

"Like what?"

"Like the jealous and hypocritical woman I am!"

"What are you talking about Yuki?"

Hugging her from the behind tightly, Sora tried his best to make her calm down but only managed to make her cry even more.

"Stop it Sora, you'll only make it harder for me."

"Yuki... "

"I know I was the one who told that it would only be sex and no love. I was also the one who told you to find a woman of your age to fall in love with. But I don't want that anymore!"

"I want you! I want you forever! That's why it's best if we break out relationship right now. That'll make it easier when the day that you decide to leave me comes."

Smiling first and then chuckling, Sora managed to make Yuki snort and punch him in the stomach with her elbow.

"Is this funny, brat? I'm going to... "

Turning around to give him an earful, Yuki ended up being stunned when Sora took the opportunity to kiss her on the lips.

"Ummmm... "

Breaking the kiss and moving away, Yuki asked, "What are you doing? My face is a mess right now."

Taking hold of her face with both of his hands, Sora wiped the tears away and said, "You're perfect Yuki. Regardless of what you think, you've always been perfect."

"Since the day I first met you, you have been the woman of my dreams."

"Even after we had sex, there was never one time when I felt that you weren't the woman I loved the most."

"Stop it, Sora. You're making me embarrassed."

Rolling his eyes, Sora said, "Now you're embarrassed? What about when saying all those cheesy lines from some third-grade drama?"

"Couldn't you just go with the flow, brat?! Ughhhh!"

Chuckling as Yuki groaned in frustration, Sora once again kissed her and said, "I love you, Yuki. Even when you someday turn all old and wrinkly, I will still love you and be there right beside you."


"Well, I'll most likely be involved with an other woman, but you'll be there as well."

Laughing by himself, Sora who saw the expression on Yuki's face asked, "Too soon?"

What he received in response was Yuki pushing him away and turning around.

"Get lost Sora! I've changed my mind! I don't want you anymore, go and fuck those stupid girls and marry them! I don't want you anymore!"

"Come on Yuki, that was a joke."

"Humph! I don't care."

Chuckling and going near Yuki, Sora slowly wrapped his arms around her waist and whispered, "I'm not going anywhere." in her ears as his erect dick began poking her in the ass.

"I'm way too horny to ever leave you."

Saying so, Sora's hands split up as they moved down south to slowly spread her legs to the side while his mouth planted multiple kisses on her neck.

Rubbing his erection through both of their clothes, Sora's hands which after spreading her legs made their way near her crotch quickly touched her bare pussy.

"Mmmmmm... I doubt your horniness is enough to take mine on."

Indeed given the fact that she didn't even have any panties worn under the short skirt was an obvious sign of Yuki's lewdness, but Sora didn't disappoint her either.

Taking her hands and placing it through the shorts he wore, he quickly felt her soft warm hands grab onto his dick showing that he was just like her.

"You brat! What kind of a pervert doesn't wear underwear?! I..."

Interrupting the pot who was calling the kettle black, Sora quickly lifted the short skirt to reveal her juicy ass while his own shorts drifted down.

Quickly pressing his dick against her ass and then submerging it between those warm and perky butt cheeks, Sora said, "While possessing such a body, how did you ever think that I would leave you?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";re-all-i-need_42106904897443189">;re-all-i-need_42106904897443189</a> for visiting.

Saying those words, Sora who did this so many times until now easily slid his dick through Yuki's wet and waiting pussy to bring out a loud moan out of her mouth.

Luckily, the others had sent the students away due to which there would be no troubles.

As for what they did after sending everyone away, the four women had their ears pressed against the kitchen door while slowly playing with their own pussies in response to Yuki's tempting moans which could be heard.

"Ahhh goddddd.... I love you Soraaaaa.... I love youuuuu!"

"I love you tooooooo!"

Confessing their feeling while cumming at the same time, Sora and Yuki were just about to get started on the second round when the women outside began banging on the door.

"Stop hogging Sora all by yourself Yuki!"

"Yeah! Sora belongs to all of us!!!"

"Come on Yuki, don't you always say sharing is caring? Nows the time to prove that it isn't just words you say."

Listening to all of this, Yuki who had her pussy clenched tightly so that Sora's semen wouldn't leak out of it turned around and asked, "What do you think? Should I... "

Stopping and shaking her head, Yuki muttered, "What a stupid question.", before opening the door and allowing the four women who had already turned naked inside the kitchen.

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