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100% She Who Wears Her Mask / Chapter 1: Prologue

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She Who Wears Her Mask original

She Who Wears Her Mask

Author: VeilaHails

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Chapter 1: Prologue

As the blue sky watches me, I remember a lot of beautiful memories. How I've been dreaming to be myself. It's always been my dream to express what my heart wants.

"No one can escape reality."

That was the exact words my mom always tell me everytime I get confused. It's my daily reminder that in this world, reality can't be escaped.

I smiled as I saw how the birds fly freely and chirping harmoniously. Sometimes, I wish I can be just like them. Free and happy.

I stood up from the swing. The cold breeze of air touched my skin, making me shiver a little. I like how I can somehow know what I like. I like the idea of knowing who I really am.

Because it's intoxicating wearing my mask. It's slowly killing me. The more I wear it and fake my emotions the more it poisons me. It doesn't do me anything good but that's the only thing I can do.

Wearing my cover up mask is my weapon in this cruel world I am in.

"Ms. Haylin! Madame Rian is looking for you. She's going to give you something special." Melba, one of our maid told me with a big smile plastered in her face.

I immediately turned to her, gladly acknowledging her smile. "Tell her I'm coming." I then replied.

"Yes Miss."

I slowly walked on the pathway towards the main door of our mansion leaving the garden where I was at earlier. I smiled when I saw the different flowers that always lighten up my mood whenever I see them. They're gorgeous.

"This way Miss." Celia, also one of our maids guided me to our living area. In my mind I was wondering why do they need to guide me even though I know where to go. Ever since I was born, this was already my house. It was just renovated as the years past that's why it now looks modern and cozy at the same time.

When I reached the living area, I saw the most gorgeous woman I've ever encountered my whole life. Mrs. Rian Costa, the epitome of beauty. I mean, she's the one who gave birth to me making her the most beautiful for me. I don't know but I feel she's some kind of a vampire. Her beauty is timeless!

I'm actually secretly wishing that once I'm in her age, my skin will be just like hers. Her eyes, nose and lips are the basic parts of her face that will make you envy her.

"Honey! Oh my gosh! Your gown is here already. Let's look at it together!" She giggled after excitingly dragged me near her.

The crew in the house, helped each other to slowly unzip and take out the mesmerizing gowm out of the transparent garment protector. My jaw dropped the moment I saw the gown. It's like a gown made for princesses!

I turned to Mom who also don't know what to do and what to say. She's still in awe. The gown screams elegance. I can't even construct any words that will satisfy the beauty of the gown. It seems like a sin to call it just beautiful or gorgeous. It's beyond that.

Mom hugged me happily. "I'm so excited for tomorrow! Can't wait to announce the biggest news in the century!"

I simply smiled. Is it? Is it really the biggest news? Is it really big of a deal to marry a stranger?

I haven't even saw him nor talk to him.

"Haylin, do you want to try it out?" Mom said while wiggling her eyebrows. She's so happy that I'm scared to fail the event for tomorrow. I've always been that good girl for them.

"Mom... i'm good. Besides, it's a custom gown and it only fits one person..." I then smiled. "Me." My sentence made Mom extra happy.

The preparation for tomorrow is handled very well by the crew hired by Mom. We're expecting lots of elite to come. Big names in the industry will also come that's why it's the busiest week for all of us.

Mom told me to do some beauty rest that's why I went upstairs to my room. I slowly take off my mask. The mask that I've been wearing ever since. I take it off and smiled sadly on my reflection in the mirror.

I touched my forehead, down to my eyes, nose, lips, and chin. I've been trying to make everyone believe that everything is okay with me. I've been wearing the mask of smiling all day long.

My mask isn't a literal mask. My mask is whenever I cover up my real feelings. I've mastered it all since I'm a kid. Sometimes, I felt that I'm a robot. A robot that is being manipulated by the owner.

I crouched down in my chair, facing the vanity. Am I really ready for tomorrow? Am I alright to announce to the whole world that I will marry a complete stranger? I guess I am.

Why can't I say no? This is something I'm having a hard time, battling with myself. Why can't I just say... No!

I'm a complete mess.

I went on my bed. I will try my best to gather enough sleep. I can't be all over the place tomorrow. It's a big day for my parents. I closed my eyes.

Sometimes, I envy the darkness. I envy it because darkness can be itself. Just dull and nothing unique or to be amazed with but I'm so inlove with it. The dark side of everything makes me want to strive more and find the light within it. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

As the darkness steal my consciousness, I saw Mom talking to a young girl. The young girl looks so innocent.

I smiled the moment I saw the kid clearly.

It's me.

The kid is me.

In that scene, Mom just said a sentence that is still intact on me until now in the present day.

"No one can escape reality." Mom told me while holding my cute little hands.

And by that, I fell asleep completely.

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