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48% Shinobi Life! / Chapter 11: 11 Investigation

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Chapter 11: 11 Investigation


Yo so I forgot to update the will stats on the past few chapters. Too lazy to go back and correct the past chapters so I'll leave them as is.

But anyway I was checking wiki and saw that haki was not limitless and can run out and the user has to wait until it recharges. I was originally going to get rid of the [Will] stats from the status page but after reading that on the wiki page I decided to leave it be.

And also since Haki originates from the spirit and not the physical body the [Will] stat of the mc will always be half of his Chakra stat since chakra is the combination of spiritual and physical energy.


It was early in the morning and the sun had just started to shine in the village hidden in the leaves.

Now Shigeo was seen walking out of the orphanage. He was wearing his training clothes as he began his morning routine.

As he jogged around the village, Shigeo couldn't help but look at his status to see what his current power was.


[ Shigeo Murakami ]

[Age: 9]

[Status: Healthy]

[Chakra : 2050/2050]

[Will: 1025/1025]

[Chakra Control : 78%]

[Strength: 72] Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_18359837305361905/11-investigation_49432280338330935">!_18359837305361905/11-investigation_49432280338330935</a> for visiting.

[Defense: 74]

[Speed: 80]

Kekkei Genkai(Bloodline Limit):

[Goro Goro No Mi](Intermediate 79%),


[Conqueror's Haki](Un-awakened), [Observation Haki](Intermediate 32%), [Armament Haki](basic 97%), [Soru](Intermediate 57%), [Rankyaku](Intermediate 42%),[Tekkai](Intermediate 39%), [Geppo](Intermediate19%), [Kami-E](Intermediate 45%), [Shigan](Intermediate 13%), [Rokugan](basic 98%), [Balanced Fist Style] (Basic 82%), [Kunai Mastery](Intermediate 87%), [Shuriken Mastery](Intermediate 82%)


'Most of all my skills are intermediate except for conqueror's haki and Rokugan. The first one, I haven't awaken yet while Rokugan is harder to master. I need to at least be in equal proficiency in the other six powers before getting any more achievements in the Rokugan.' Shigeo thought as he ran.

'Previously my Rokugan was severely lacking and weak. But just as I have brought the Shigan up to the intermediate level, like the other five of the six powers, I suddenly felt that I could also bring the Rokugan to the next level.' Shigeo thought

Out of the original six powers without the Rokugan, Shigan was the only skill that was still stuck at the basic level. As he suddenly brought it to intermediate, it also felt like his Rokugan was also brought up to the intermediate level as well. Not only that it felt as if he had gained an epiphany of some sort, giving him knowledge on how to use said skill more efficiently.

{a/n: u know, like those martial arts novels where the mc comprehended one level of the technique and suddenly, the knowledge of the next level appears in their mind}

When he used the Rokugan after ascending his Shigan to the next level he found that his Rokugan was stronger than before. He used it on a boulder and when he checked the results it shocked him. The entire back side of the boulder was riddled in cracks as if it were to break. His Rokugan which previously couldn't even dent a tree had dealt so much damage to a boulder, he was shocked beyond relief to say the least.

'I remember that in the anime, it was stated that one needed to master all forms of the six forms before being able to train in the Rokugan.' Shigeo thought as he remembered Rob Lucci's explanation.

'Although I could already train in it without mastering the other six it's power was weak. But suddenly after I got all the six powers in the equal mastery, not only my mastery of the Rokugan but also it's damage had increased. It seems the explanation of needing to master the other six forms before training the Rokugan hold some form of truth' Shigeo internally told to himself.


Soon after Shigeo finished his morning run he headed back to the orphanage. Though as he was about to near the building, his observation haki felt someone approached him in high speeds.

He tensed slightly but didn't make a move as he was expecting something like this.

Suddenly in front of him appeared a man with silver hair as he wore a dog styled mask. He also had a chestpiece and arm guards. He was what Shigeo knew to be an Anbu, one of the village's special ops. "Shigeo Murakami come with me. You are to meet with the third hokage" The voice of the man said.

"Alright" Shigeo nodded before the man took him as they vanished in a gust of wind.


The third hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi was a man with many achievements as well as being a highly respected ninja. Even now as an old man he was still considered to be one of the strongest, he was after all the strongest of the 5 kage in his prime.

Early in the morning as he was doing the devil's spawn known as 'paperwork' he was suddenly approached by his current Jonin commander, Shikaku Nara.

"Ah, Shikaku. What brings you over here, is it more paperwork?" The third said as he blew on his pipe.

"No, lord hokage. I actually came to tell you something else" Shikaku told the hokage.

"Hm, and what would that be. It's rare for you to visit me if it's not concerning work" The hokage said as he was taken aback.

"Lord third, it concerns our village's jinchuriki, Naruto Uzumaki" Shikaku said seriously not minding the hokage's laid back attitude.

"What?! Did something happen?" The third said as he too turned serious.

"Yes, I have been told that he is not being treated fairly in the academy. He is purposely being set up and sabotaged by the teachers other than Iruka Umino." Shikaku told the kage.

"What?! How did you come across this information?" The third hokage said with anger as he narrowed his eyes.

"I have been informed by a friend of my son who is also one of Naruto Uzumaki's classmates" Shikaku said.

"Oh, and what is the name of this boy?" Hiruzen said as he was intrigued.

"Yes, his name is Shigeo Murakami lord third" Shikaku said

"Shigeo Murakami? Why does that sound familiar?" Hiruzen said as he called on some anbu.

"Get me some information on Shigeo Murakami and investigate whether Naruto Uzumaki is being treated fairly in the academy" The third ordered.

"Yes Lord Hokage!" Both anbu's said as they flickered out.


About an hour later both the anbu's returned as they kneeled in front of the hokage. Hiruzen looked at them as he said "Report"

The white haired anbu nodded as he suddenly began talking "Yes Lord Hokage, Shigeo Murakami is a civilian orphan that is currently 9. He entered the academy 1 year ago and was soon found to be a genius not only academically but physically as well. He showed talent in taijutsu as well as kunai and shuriken throwing. This year he had been transferred to the advanced class and also had befriended the junchuriki one year ago. You had also previously ordered us to investigate him a year ago upon learning his sudden contact with the junchuriki"

"Oh? He is a genius in both academics and physically?" The third muttered as he was also surprised that he was Naruto's friend. That was until he had gotten a sudden realization.

" Ah yes how could I have forgotten" Hiruzen said as he blew out smoke. He had remembered Naruto telling him about Shigeo when they went camping. He also ordered an investigation on the boy to see if he had some shady background.

After all, even if he didn't like it. He knew Naruto was hated by majority of the people of Konoha and his only friends were the two heirs of the Nara and Akimichi clans. But after investigations, it showed that Shigeo was clean. He learned that the boy was a naturally gifted and was also close friend of the Nara and Akimichi heirs since young.

Nodding to himself Hiruzen then turned to the other anbu and ordered "What about the investigation on the academy?"

The other anbu nodded before speaking "Yes Lord Hokage, through our investigation we found that it is indeed true. We don't know if he gets ignored as we didn't speak to the teachers however we did find evidence of sabotage. Looking through the files we found that in most of the work Naruto Uzumaki submitted were always all 0 or failing even when some of his answers are correct. We also found sets of faulty kunai's and shuriken and have confirmed that it is indeed specifically for Naruto Uzumaki. The teachers didn't make effort to hide that fact as all the faulty tools were labeled under 'demon brat'."

Hearing the report, Hiruzen's face turned ugly as he was suddenly full of anger. "Find which teachers are those and punish them by stripping them of their job and is to pay a fine equal to 2 years worth of their yearly earnings!"

{a/n: i think thats a reasonable punishment since they didn't physically harm him}

"Yes Lord Hokage" The anbu said as he flickered out.

"Inu! bring me Shigeo Murakami!" Hiruzen ordered as the anbu nodded and vanished.



Appreciate all of you helping point out mistakes or correcting me. Please continue to do so since my knowledge of Naruto is pretty rusty.

UchihaFanatic UchihaFanatic

Have some idea about my story? Comment it and let me know.

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