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Chapter 7: 7 Life in the Academy 1

In the Konoha ninja academy, Shigeo was now seen in one of the classroom as he listened to his sensei.

Though he looked bored beyond relief. It was only the first year of the academy so they didn't do anything exciting. All they had talked about was history on how the five great hidden villages were formed.

They also barely did anything physical. They did weekly spars but that was about it, even then Shigeo hardly found anyone that could challenge him. Due to him always winning against his spars he was deemed to be a genius in taijutsu because he beat his opponents not only with ease but quickly and efficiently as well.


'It's already been six months since the start of the academy and we still haven't done anything interesting.' Shigeo thought as he internally sighed.

During these past six months, Shigeo opted to try and expand his chakra pool more than his physical body. He did this because he knew that he was already leagues above the civilian children and it showed during some practice spars.

'appraisal' Shigeo thought.


[ Shigeo Murakami ]

[Age: 9]

[Status: Healthy]

[Chakra : 1750/1750]

[Will: 250/250]

[Chakra Control : 73%]

[Strength: 63]

[Defense: 64]

[Speed: 72]

Kekkei Genkai(Bloodline Limit):

[Goro Goro No Mi](Intermediate 43%),


[Conqueror's Haki](Un-awakened), [Observation Haki](Intermediate 28%), [Armament Haki](basic 87%), [Soru](Intermediate 43%), [Rankyaku](Intermediate 39%),[Tekkai](Intermediate 32%), [Geppo](Intermediate7%), [Kami-E](Intermediate 33%), [Shigan](basic 97%), [Rokugan](basic 85%)


During the six months one of the few events that happened was his birthday in which he turned Nine. Though he didn't get much from the orphanage other than an allowance and being greeted 'happy birth days'. He did however get invited by Shikamaru's parents and they celebrated his birthday along with Choji and his parents.

This was because he was close to them and often visited both the Nara and Akimichi compounds due to being friends with the clan heirs.

Other than that the most notable thing was increasing his chakra capacity along with his chakra control and his mastery over his lightning prowess and Geppo. He had increased his chakra capacity to about 700 while he had gotten his Geppo to the 'Intermediate ' level. He also attained minor mastery over the goro goro no mi. His observation haki also reached the radius of 20 meters.

As he was lost in thought his observation haki suddenly flared up as he sensed something coming towards him. He instinctively caught it and soon he realized that all eyes were on him.

He laughed a little before he looked at the teacher and said "Sorry sensei, I was lost in thought"

With him saying that everyone was suddenly brought out of their stupor as the teacher coughed lightly before saying "I-It's okay Shigeo-kun. As I tried to ask before, can you answer what the first hokage was known for?"

Shigeo nodded before he answered "The first hokage, Hashirama Senju was a Senju clan member and was well known for his rare kekkei genkai the wood release. He was the clan head of the Senju clan during the warring states era before the establishment of Konoha and was also named the "God of Shinobi" as he was the most powerful shinobi and was only rivalled by Madara Uchiha who later even fell in the hands of the first hokage"

"Th-that's correct Shigeo-kun!" The teacher said surprised at his detailed answer before he said "Thank you, you may sit down now"

"Now for the remainder of the time, we will be having a test on what he have learned on the past six months." The teacher said getting groans and complaints from the other students.

"Come on students, and look on the bright side. After this we finally start kunai and shuriken practice" The teacher said as the groans and complaints turned to excitement.

After getting handed the test paper, Shigeo looked through it and saw that it was a 60 question test. Though he looked at it and saw that it was easy, it just asked about who the four hokages were, the founding clans of the village were, and things like what were all basic chakra natures.

'This... is easy' Shigeo thought before he began writing. He didn't even stop writing before 5 minutes passed and his paper was completely filled out. Raising his hand he called out to the teacher.

"Sensei, I'm done" Shigeo said getting surprised looks from not just the teacher but everyone else.

"Are you sure Shigeo-kun? You didn't guess did you, this is a test and you need a good grade to be able to make it to the next year" The teacher said as Shigeo nodded. "*sigh* Very well, bring it here. I will grade it."

After that Shigeo gave it to the teacher as he watched his paper be graded. The next second though his teachers eyes widened in shock. "F-full points! Not only that but each one of the answers are extremely detailed!"

Shigeo had a small smirk before it faded as he asked "Sensei, since I'm done can I go home early?"

"Huh, err the test was supposed to take at least 2 hours but seeing as you finished in 5 minutes I will make an exception and release you from class early. You can go now Shigeo-kun." The teacher said as he nodded.


Now Shigeo was seen walking in the shopping district as he was lost in thought 'I have some free time so I guess I should use this time for training' He thought. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_18359837305361905/7-life-in-the-academy-1_49417877970812453">!_18359837305361905/7-life-in-the-academy-1_49417877970812453</a> for visiting.

Though the next second he had to scrap that whole idea as he heard a shout from behind him "Hey, Shigi!"

Turning around Shigeo found 3 figures, 2 of which were his longtime friends and the 3rd was a blonde boy that looked nervous.

"Huh? What are you two doing? It's supposed to be class time" Shigeo said as he raised his eyebrow as he looked at the nervously fidgeting blonde boy.

"The same could be said for you Shigeo" Shikamaru said earning a chuckle from Shigeo.

"Unfortunately Shikamaru, compared to you. my teacher released me early because I was the only one in class that finished my test in 5 minutes" Shigeo said

"Whatever, anyway we saw you and thought we'd come say hi. By the way this is Naruto" Shikamaru said as he pointed at the blonde as Shigeo stared at Naruto in silence.

'...I was going to wait and befriend Naruto when I at least became a genin, but I guess I can't now. Well I already saved up enough to move out anyway so I don't really care if I get kicked out' Shigeo thought. He remembered that the matron had told all the kids in the orphanage to stay away from Naruto. So it was safe to assume the matron disliked the blonde by.

"Don't worry Naruto, Shigi's nice. We've known him since we were 6" Choji told the blonde as Naruto looked at Shigeo who responded with a lazy salute.

"Yo, Names Shigeo Murakami" Shigeo said as he introduced.

Sensing no malicious intent from Shigeo, Naruto brightened up before he too introduced himself. "Nice to meet you! my names Naruto Uzumaki and the future hokage believe it!"

"..." Shigeo could only stare at Naruto as he deadpanned and said "Do you really have to yell? We're right here" Getting a chuckle from Shikamaru and an embarrassed laugh from Naruto.

"So Shigi, want to join us?" Choji asked as Shigeo shrugged.

"Why not? I could use a break from all my training" He said as he followed the trio.

The next few hours, Shigeo spent touring Konoha with the three as they fooled around. Although he was mentally in his teens he had after all spent his last 2 years in a child's body as well as being treated as a child. So even if he was mentally older he had somewhat gotten a childish side to him through the years.


"Oi Naruto, want some snacks?" Choji asked getting a thank you from the blonde.

The sky was already dark as Shigeo was about to tell the trio that he was going to leave Shikamaru suddenly pointed at something.

"Hey look!"

Looking at the direction of where Shikamaru pointed. He saw a girl their age with short platinum blonde hair holding a flower. In front of her was a boy that Shigeo instantly knew, Sasuke Uchiha.

They watched as the Sasuke turned to leave leaving the girl to face the ground as tears started coming out of her eyes.

'Hmm. I knew he was a dick but, I can't blame him this time since he's still a child. But still leaving a girl crying leaves a bad taste in my mouth' Shigeo thought as he sighed and approached the girl.

"Oi Shigi"

"Man, what a drag"

He heard behind him and saw that the girl also heard because she turned towards him. She was about to talk and judging from his expression she was probably going to get mad thinking they were going to make fun of her.

But before she could Shigeo sighed and took the flower out of her hands getting a confused look from her. He then gently put the flower behind her ear as he looked at the girl. "You shouldn't cry from something like that. Besides you would be more charming if you smiled"

After that Shigeo turned to leave but not before informing the other three. "Well, see you guys. The matron at my orphanage is probably worried"

'Err, that didn't make me look weird right? I was taught to comfort a girl if they were sad in my first life but I think that just made me look weird. Well I don't really care what the girl thinks, she's just a kid anyway' Shigeo thought as he made his way to the orphanage.

UchihaFanatic UchihaFanatic

The pairing is mc x Ino btw.

I was looking at random videos of Naruto and I saw a video of the childhood of Naruto, Shikamaru, and Choji. It showed how they skipped class and as they were fooling around they saw Ino trying to give Sasuke a flower and was rejected causing her to cry.

This was where the idea of this chapter came from.

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