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100% Short-stories... / Chapter 40: The Man in Pain

The Man in Pain - Short-stories... - Chapter 40 by MenelikPendragon full book limited free

Chapter 40: The Man in Pain

For how long he walked… he did not know.

He did have a picture-perfect-memory. But many of the days started to look, and feel, like the same.

Every day, ever since that fateful day, Cain has been walking; while constantly in pain.

Cain once ran into a foundation that called itself; The SCP Foundation.

It was this foundation that gave Cain his title of; SCP-073.

Cain has futuristic enhancements to his body, and he has the ability to pull out futuristic weapons from thin air.

And his curse… is still very much active.

Cain has found himself in a new world, with new kinds of adventures.

And these are some of his adventures.

The Female Genie

Cain was walking under the baking sun.

As Cain was walking, his foot hit something in the sand; it was a lamp.

Cain picked up the strange object. Cain now noticed that something was written on the side of the lamp.

Cain started to rub the lamp, and that was when the lamp started to shake violently in his hands.

Cain tried to hold the lamp, but it eventually got free, and landed on the ground.

Blue smoke now started to come out from the lamp.

A second later, a giant sexy humanoid Genie was now laying on her stomach; in front of Cain.

Cain was just looking at the blue creature.

" So, you are my new master? " said the Genie, who sounded a lot like Zelda Williams.

Cain had only one thing to say;

" Why are you so fuckable? "

" Have you seen my dad? "

Cain thought about it, he then nodded understandably.

" So, master " said Genie in a Marilyn Monroe tone; " what do you desire? "

Cain looked up and down the Genie's very fuckable body. He then said;

" Nothing "

Genie had a surprised look on her face.

" But… you have three wishes… " said Genie, confused.

" I don't need them, " said Cain, as he started to walk away.

" Not even to wish your brother back "

Cain pulled out a futuristic weapon. He was now pointing that weapon at Genie. Cain then said, with raging fire in his eyes;

" No. "

" Why? " asked Genie, calmly, and with a smile on her face.

Cain paused for a moment, and he also seemed to calm down a bit.

" I don't deserve it… " he uttered.

" What? "

" Relief "

Genie had a curious look on her face.

Genie now shrunk down; to the height of Cain.

Genie picked up her lamp, and she now held it towards Cain.

" You may not wish the wishes, but. You are still my master, " said Genie with the smile of Jean Harlow.

Cain made his gun disappear.

He then took hold of the lamp, and he now put the lamp into the dimension; where he got all his weapons.

" I will not be your master, " said Cain.

" Will you be my lover? " said Genie with a smile.

Cain was just looking at Genie.

" How about… friend? "

Genie giggled.

" What? " said Cain.

" I have always wished for a friend, " said Genie with damp eyes.

Cain was now the one to be surprised.

" Then I am glad to grant your wish " said Cain, as the two friends now walked, side-by-side, towards adventure.

(Note; From now on; I will refer to this female Genie as; Jenny)

The Djinn of Night

Cain and Jenny were both sleeping around a campfire.

The night was calm, the wind was gentle, and Cain was listening to Jenny's soft breathing.

Cain was now pointing his gun at a stranger.

" Peace, first son of Adam. I bear you no ill will " said the stranger, as he had placed his hand on Cain's gun.

Cain's eyes widened as he realized who the stranger was;

" Djinn of Night; Baphomet "

The hermaphrodite Jinn now sat down next to Cain.

Thanks to the light of the campfire, Cain was able to get a good look of Baphomet's "unique" features.

" To what do I owe this visit; oh Djinn of Night and Knights? " said Cain with a smile.

With the voice of a man and a woman, Baphomet spoke;

" I was rather curious to see the company you keep "

Baphomet now turned towards Jenny, who was still very much asleep.

" A Genie " said Baphomet with a smile; " have you used any of your wishes? "

" No. "

" I see "

The wind could now be heard passing by.

" This is a beautiful night, " said Cain, as he looked up at the many glowing stars.

Baphomet giggled.

" I would hope so " said Baphomet with a smile; " I made it so "

A few seconds passed by in silence.

" Well " said Baphomet, as she stood up; " I shall no longer disturb you…first son of Adam "

Cain now looked on, as Baphomet vanished into the night.

Cain now noticed Jenny's exquisite body shake from the cold.

The desert day may be hot, but; the desert night is certainly cold.

Cain now laid beside Jenny.

" You are not really asleep, are you? "

A faint giggle could be heard coming from the Genie.

The Wicked Knight

Jenny was just looking at Cain's mark - which was located on his forehead,

" How did you get that? " Jenny asked.

" I killed my brother, " replied Cain, nonchalantly.

" I KiLlEd mY BrOtHeR " said Jenny, as she was starting to get real tired of Cain's shit.

Jenny and Cain were both sitting in a Café in Umma.

The two of them were sharing a couples drink.

Cain was enjoying the drink, while Jenny was just looking out the window.

Jenny now saw a man; who was on fire, being thrown past the window.

" Hmmm " said Jenny; " we should probably check that out " said Jenny, as she grabbed Cain's hand.

Walking out the Café, Cain and Jenny both now saw a man, dressed in full black armor.

The black knight was rampaging throughout Umma.

" Wow. He must be like a furnace under all that black armor " said Jenny.

Fire could now be seen from inside the knight's helmet.

" So… he is a furnace…? "

Cain tackled Jenny to the ground, as the black knight spued Fey Fire from his helmet.

This black knight is also known as; Chevalier Malfait(Wicked Knight), an alias of Sir Lancelot.

" I got this, " said Cain with a smile.

From thin air, Chevalier Malfait now called forth his 33 Barreled Organ MiniGun.

" Damn… "

Cain now ducked for cover, as the black knight unleashed hell.

Cain now shot the black knight with a Ruger GP100.

But the bullet had no effect, for Sir Lancelot's armor was made of Damascus Steel.

" Use a Ray Gun! " yelled Jenny.

Cain was about to fire his Ray Gun, but that was when Chevalier Malfait pulled out two Zhuge Nus, which he now fired off; the arrows exploded like a bombs.

" This knight is quite resourceful! " exclaimed Cain, as he was still behind cover.

Sir Lancelot now snapped his fingers; which made a lot of Mysorean Rockets appear.

" Oh no… " uttered Cain, as he noticed all the rockets.

The black knight fired each rocket, but no damage was done; thanks to Jenny stepping in.

Remember; all Genies have PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS!

" Cain, " said Jenny.

" Yes? "

" Give me a cannon "

Jenny now grabbed hold of the futuristic cannon; which Cain had brought forth.

" Hasta la vista, baby " said Jenny, as she shot Sir Lancelot out of Umma.

Cain had only one thing to say;

" Why a cannon? "

With a smile, Jenny answered;

" Bitches do love cannons "

To everyone's surprise. The black knight got back up again.

" Is he even human? " said Jenny, amazed.

Lancelot called forth his version of the Abydos Helicopter/Apache attack helicopter.

He also grabbed hold of his battering-ram-staff.

But Cain… he had had enough.

Cain summoned forth his Ray-RailGun.

Chevalier Malfait seemed dumdfouded.

" Parry this, you filthy casual " said Cain, as he fired.

I think that it is safe to say… that the poor knight stood no chance against the futuristic weapon.

The Gigantic Marree Man

Cain and Jenny were both at Shulgi.

Jenny was in the midst of singing and performing a song; which was very similar to the one Jessica Rabbit performed.

" They loved me! " exclaimed Jenny with joy.

" Perhaps they loved you a bit too much… " said Cain.

" Jealous? " said Jenny, as she rubbed her shoulder against Cain.

Cain remained quiet while having an annoyed look on his face.

Cain's expression now changed, as he noticed something painted on the ground.

" What the hell is that? " said Cain.

" I will take a look, " said Jenny, as she grew to the height of a mountain.

" It looks like a man, " said Jenny.

" And it looks hella thick " said Cain, as he was looking up at Jenny's thick body.

The ground now shook, like a small earthquake.

The ground now split open, as the Gigantic Marree Man became alive.

" He is huge… " uttered Cain.

" He is mine, " said Jenny with a smile, as she cracked her knuckles.

The battle between the two giants now began, and

Cain did his best not to be crushed.

Jenny now had the Gigantic Marree Man in a hold. The Female Genie now performed a suplex wrestling move.

As the back of the Gigantic Marree Man hit the ground; all the nearby mountains flew up for a second.

" Damn… " uttered Cain, as he looked between Jenny's large thighs.


The place was breathtaking.

It has been called; the 8th wonder of the world. A eden in the middle of the desert; Sigiriya.

Cain and Jenny were walking on the top of the giant rock.

There were many ancient and beautiful things to see - for Sigiriya was that kind of wonder.

" This would be the perfect place for our honeymoon, " said Jenny with a smile.

Cain just looked at Jenny.

" What? "

" We are getting married?... why was I not told of this? " said Cain, confused.

" Well. I was going to invite you to the meeting, but, I knew that you would just be bored "

Cain nodded, as a sign of; thank you.

" So " said Cain, after a moment of silence; " when are we getting married? "

" Soon " said The Female Genie with a smile.

The caretaker of Sigiriya now walked up to Cain and Jenny.

" Dear friends " said the caretaker; " what do you think of Sigiriya? "

" Romantic " said Jenny.

" Meh, " said Cain.

Jenny hit Cain with her elbow.

" It is alright " said the caretaker while giggling a bit; " Sigiriya has much to offer. I am sure that there is something which will interest your husband "

" We are not married, " said Cain.

" Not yet, " said Jenny with a smile.

The caretaker looked at Cain.

" I don't have a choice in the matter, " said Cain, nonchalantly.

The caretaker now looked at Jenny, and the Female Genie just kept on smiling.

" Well " said the caretaker; " I might know just the right place; for the two of you "

The caretaker now led Cain and Jenny to a certain place in Sigiriya.

The sun was low, and all the fireflies were waking up.

The caretaker now left, as Cain and Jenny walked further into the magical scene.

The sun was now gone; replaced by the full moon.

The stars glittered, and the wind sang.

All the creatures of the forest were with their significant other, as all the fireflies were putting on a magical show.

Cain and Jenny sat down together - on what looked a lot like a bench.

Their hands slowly moved towards one another.

Their shoulders met, and their heads rested against one another.

If there was any right moment to pop the question; it would be now.

And Cain… well, he knew it too… which is why; he popped it.

And Jenny's answer… should really come as no surprise.

The Fierce Giant with the One Eye

As Cain and Jenny both enjoyed their breakfast, they could not help but overhear the conversation at the nearby table.

" It had one eye! One giant eye! "

" What else? "

" It was large, and it had red hair everywhere… It killed everyone. We need help "

Cain and Jenny had both finished their breakfast, and that was when they asked the stranger for all the details.

The stranger told of how his village was attacked by a one eyed giant. The stranger was adamant that it was not a cyclops.

Cain and Jenny had both reached the village, and what a sight it was.

There was death and ruin everywhere.

While Jenny helped the wounded, Cain examined the tracks.

" A large fellow " said Cain, as the tracks were massive.

Cain told Jenny to stay with the wounded, while he dealt with this giant.

Jenny agreed; on one condition;

" Come back to me; alive "

Cain walked through the nearby forest. A forest in a desert? I hear you say. But trust me when I say; that the creature was more strange.

Before Cain stood a Ojáncanu.

The giant was wielding a tree as a club. Yes; it was that large.

From thin air, Cain pulled out a futuristic jineta sword - which looked a lot like a lightsaber.

The Ojáncanu brough down its club, and that was when Cain cut the club in two.

The giant looked at its half-cut club, it then looked at Cain's glowing sword.

The giant threw its club, and it now started to run away.

" I can't let you leave, " said Cain, as he used one of his guns; to capture the Ojáncanu.

Cain brought the giant back to the village, for it would be the people who would decide its fate.

Cain and Jenny both left, and the people of the village got their revenge.

The Djinn-Knight

Cain and Jenny heard the cheering of the crowd.

" What is going on? " said Jenny, curious.

Cain and Jenny walked over, and that was when they saw a joust taking place.

The crowd roared, as another knight fell off his horse.

" He is unstoppable, " said one.

" He is unbeatable, " said another.

" Who dares challenge him? " said a third.

Cain and Jenny now both saw the knight - who had won the heart of the whole crowd.

The knight was dressed in exquisite and royal armor. The only thing which seemed unique and out of place; was the knight's steed - a queer looking creature.

" Who is he? " asked Cain.

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" He simply calls himself; The Djinn-Knight. No one here knows his real name "

" Djinn-Knight… "

The Djinn-knight now looked towards Cain, as if he had heard Cain utter his name.

The Djinn-knight now lowered his lance towards Cain.

" Me? " said Cain, surprised, while pointing at himself; " sweety, bring me a horse and a lance "

With a smile on her face, Jenny snapped her fingers. And out from thin air itself - appeared a horse and a lance.

Even though Cain did not make a wish. Jenny could still use her PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS!

Cain took hold of his lance, and without any armor, he mounted his horse.

The Djinn-knight turned his head to the side, as if showing a sign of surprise; by Cain's lack of armor.

" I won't need any armor, " said Cain with a smile.

Both riders were at their position. Each man lowered his lance, and that was when both horses ran at full-speed.

As both riders met in the middle, Cain did something - which surprised the Djinn-knight. Cain had lowered his lance.

The Djinn-knight's lance now made contact with Cain's chest. But, to the knight's, and the crowd's infinite surprise; the Djinn-knigh was the one who fell off his horse.

The crowd gasped, while Jenny smiled, for she knew about Cain's curse.

Cain looked completely unharmed, as he rode up to the knight.

Cain helped the Djinn-knight up, and that was when the knight took off his own helmet; revealing a face beyond human words; in terms of beauty.

" You must be Cain, " said the knight with a handsome smile.

" And you are? " said Cain, as he shook the knight's hand.

" My name is Abigor. And I am honored to have the title of knight "

" Whom do you serve? "

" The Djinn of Knights "

" Baphomet " said Cain with a smile; " what brings you here? "

" You "

Cain had a surprised and confused look on his face.

" Baphomet wanted to congratulate you on getting married "

" I see, " said Cain with a smile.

Jenny now walked over to Cain and Abigor.

" Ah. So this must be the embodiment of beauty; which I have heard so much about, " said Abigor, as he bowed before Jenny; " it is an honor "

" The honor is all mine " said Jenny, as she allowed the knight to kiss her hand. For some reason - Cain felt annoyed and upset.

" Don't touch my wife… " said Cain, silently. But Jenny heard his words. Which is why she hit Cain with her elbow.

Jenny now felt pain on her own body - at the spot where she had hit Cain.

" Aw… " said Jenny, as she remembered her husband's curse.

Cain smiled, as Jenny glared.

Husband and wife quickly made up, and all three now went to enjoy a warm meal at a local inn.

Jenny and Abigor both ate their fill, for Cain was the one paying.

After the meal, the Djinn-knight mounted his queer steed, and rode off into the sunset.

Cain and Jenny stayed at the inn, where they did the dance without the pants.

The Raven-Knights

Cain and Jenny found themselves at Kalmar Union City.

The city was as merry and gay as ever.

Cain and Jenny walked into the Scandinavian, where they sat down and drank their drinks.

A man now walked over to their table.

" You two are not from around here? " said the large and bulky man, who sounded a bit drunk.

" We are just passing through, " said Jenny with a smile.

The viking-man eyed Jenny from top to bottom, and he clearly liked what he saw.

" Say- "

But before the man could finish. Cain stood up; and placed himself between Jenny and the man.

The viking-man now noticed the rings on Cain- and Jenny's fingers, respectively.

" Oh " said the man, gaily; " a married couple. Well, I don't mind a threesome if- "

Cain punched the man before he could finish.

" I mind, " said Cain with a glare.

Jenny sighed, as all the vikings in the Scandinavian; were all quiet for a moment.

A roar of laughter could be heard, as each man and woman would be disappointed - if there were no brawls to be seen.

The crowd calmed down, and all went back to enjoying their drinks.

Cain sat back down, as Jenny just looked at her husband; with a smile on her face.

Jenny now gave Cain a kiss on his cheek.

" What was that for? " said Cain, shy and surprised.

Jenny was quiet, as she took a sip of her drink.

A shieldmaiden now sat down.

" You got one mean punch, " said the warrior-woman with a smile.

" What is it to you? " said Cain, sounding indifferent.

The shieldmaiden's expression now seemed to get a bit serious.

" We could use your help, " she said.

" For what? "

" To get rid of the two Valravns "

Cain and Jenny looked at one another.

" Raven-Knights? " said Cain, surprised.

The shieldmaiden nodded.

" You are a warrior-people, why would you need my help? "

The warrior-woman was looking at her drink, as she said;

" I can kill any; from one to a whole army… but, rumor has it, that these Raven-Knights are actually Huginn and Muninn "

" The ravens of Odin " said Jenny, surprised.

The maiden nodded.

" No viking, be it one or many, has not been able to lay as much as a scratch on the two Valravns… we fear that Odin is punishing us… "

" It could be that he is testing you, " said Cain.

The shieldmaiden let out a faint giggle.

" Then… we are failing… too many have already died. Which is why: we need your help… first son of Adam "

Cain looked at the maiden; who had a smirk on her face.

" You know me? "

" That mark on your forehead - gives you away "

Cain gently touched the mark he gained… after having killed his brother.

A faint smile appeared on Cain's face. The smile almost said; " How could I forget… "

Cain now finished his drink, he stood up, and then said;

" Sweety, I will be right back "

Cain now walked out of the Scandinavian.

Jenny smiled.

Jenny now felt the shieldmaiden's eyes upon her.

The Female Genie looked at the maiden. The warrior-woman was raising and lowering her eyebrows at Jenny.

" I am on fire to-day " said Jenny cheerfully.

Cain walked towards the spot, where the two Valravns had always appeared.

It was night, all was quiet, that was till Cain snapped a twig with his foot.

Cain stopped for a second. For he was now the one who felt that eyes were upon him.

Cain looked up, and sitting on a branch; were two jet-black ravens.

" They are just normal ravens… " said Cain, sounding a bit relieved.

The two normal looking ravens - both now transformed into Valravns.

One Valravn was wielding two swords, while the other was wielding a large axe.

Both Valravns were dressed in exquisite knight-armor.

Neither Valravn had the head of a raven, but both had badass helmets on.

Cain could only utter;

" Hot dayum… " for he was truly impressed with the two knights before him.

Huginn and Muninn both charged straight towards Cain.


The ravens of Odin were not stupid. They knew about Cain's curse. Which is why; they attacked the nearby trees, and other objects.

Cain did not have to fear a direct attack from the two Raven-Knights, but he had to make sure - not to be crushed by a tree.

Cain had had enough of playing around.

The first son of Adam donned his own futuristic armor. And he now went on the offensive, as he summoned forth two lightsaber-jineta swords.

Both Huginn and Muninn could only defend. For if they went on the offensive - Cain's curse would be activated.

With odds like that… you guys can pretty much guess; who in the end won the battle.

But, it should be said - that Cain did not kill the ravens of Odin.

Huginn and Muninn both simply transformed back into two normal ravens, and both flew back to the All-Father - never to bother the vikings of Kalmar Union City.

The Red Lord

Cain was alone, for he did not wish for his beloved to see this wicked underworld.

I may say wicked, but I should mention that Oleander has brought some color to the place.

Cain walked past the many Zabaniyah. Not even Maalik stood in his way.

Cain quickly petted Satan the Wonder Dog.

Cain had now reached the throne-room. To Cain's infinite surprise, he saw two children playing on the throne.

" Who are you two? " asked Cain, as he walked up to the two boys.

" Aidoneus, " said one.

" Esau, " said the other.

Cain now realized who the two boys were;

" The sons of Al-Muharriq and Oleander… "

When Cain had walked towards the throne, Maalik and the Zabaniyah were all calm. But now that Cain was close to the two princes; Maalik and the Zabaniyah were all glaring down at Cain.

" Hey! " exclaimed Al-Muharriq, cheerfully; " how many times have I told you boys; not to play on my throne! Satan! Get them!! " proclaimed Al-Muharriq with a smile.

Satan now cheerfully chased the two boys, till Aidoneus and Esau both ran into the arms of their mother.

" Come my sons, it is time for your naps, " said Oleander with a motherly-smile.

Al-Muharriq said goodnight to his sons, and he now turned his full attention to Cain.

" What can I help you with? " said the Red Lord with a smile.

" I should be punished… " uttered Cain.

Al-Muharriq looked confused.

" I am going to need a bit more context "

" My brother… I killed him… I belong here… "

The Red One was just looking at the First Son of Adam.

" Well… you could stay… but " said Al-Muharriq with a smile, as he turned his back to Cain; " I suspect that Jenny would be heartbroken "

Cain's eyes widened.

" And if you were to stay here. I suspect that your wife with her PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS!... would make a real mess of my kingdom; while trying to bring you back to your senses - Al-Muharriq meditated for a moment - you know what, I have changed my mind; you can not stay here… I have just finished painting one of the walls… "

Cain giggled.

The Scarlet King placed his hand on Cain's shoulder.

" It is time to move on, " said Al-Muharriq with a fatherly-tone; " you must forgive yourself. For I am sure that your brother has already forgiven you "

A tear ran down the man in pain's cheek.

Without further words, Cain returned back to the surface.

Cain ran into the warm and welcoming embrace of Jenny.

And on that day, Cain managed to forgive himself.

And somewhere in creation, Abel had a smile on his face.

The Queer Dragon

Jenny awoke in the middle of the night.

The open window let the moon's light into the room.

Jenny and Cain were both staying at an inn.

Cain was fast asleep, and Jenny gently ran her hand down her husband's warm cheek.

Jenny now heard a queer sound outside the inn.

The Female Genie walked over to the open window.

The moon's light illuminated Jenny's naked body.

Jenny now narrowed her eyes, as a unique and queer creature walked through the empty streets.

" Snallygaster? " said Jenny, both surprised and confused.

Snallygaster stopped, as if it heard its name from Jenny's lips.

The creature turned its dragon-like-head towards the Female Genie.

Jenny noticed the fierce eyes, the sharp fangs, and the pointy horns.

The all-powerful Genie simply smiled, for the creature before her was mere child's play.


Snallygaster may have a ferocious appearance, but Jenny did not sense any hostility from the creature.

Snallygaster looked more lonely in Jenny's eyes.

Jenny floated down from the window. She landed right in front of the queer dragon, and true enough; the Snallygaster did not attack.

" You only want a friend, " said Jenny, as she gently ran her hand down the dragon's beak.

The light from the sun landed on Cain's eyes, waking him up.

Cain could not feel his wife next to him on the bed.

A small amount of adrenaline ran through Cain's body, fully awakening him.

Cain now saw, in the middle of the room, Jenny sleeping on the side of Snallygaster.

Snallygaster's form was like that of a sleeping dog.

Cain pulled out a gun, but that was when Jenny glared at him.

" Fine " said Cain, as the gun vanished.

A smile could be seen on Jenny's face.

With a warm and loving smile, Jenny now gestured that Cain join her.

The husband joined his wife.

Cain and Jenny could both now be seen resting on the side of the dog-like-dragon. Snallygaster's left wing acted as a blanket.

The moment was truly wholesome, but the poor housekeeper almost died of fright, when she came to clean the room.

The Gentle Atomic Giant

" Why did you keep it? " asked Cain.

" He is our dog, " replied Jenny with a smile.

Jenny had officially adopted the Snallygaster, as their dog-dragon.

Cain knew better than to question his wife's decision, so he kept his peace, as he petted Snallygaster's head.

All of earth now shook.

" What the hell was that? " uttered Cain.

" Don't know… " said Jenny.

Snally, Jenny's nickname for Snallygaster, now growled.

" What is it, boy? " said Jenny, as she held Snally's head.

A massive shadow was now cast… over everything.

Cain's jaw dropped, as the queer, yet, beautiful Atomic Giant approched.

Cain summoned forth his futuristic Schwerer Gustav.

" The bigger they are, the harder they- "

" Wait! " exclaimed Jenny.

" What? "

Jenny did not answer, she simply mounted Snally, and flew up to the giant's face.

To Cain's limitless surprise, his wife and the giant were actually having a conversation.

Snally landed back on the ground, as the giant was walking the other way.

" What did you say? " asked Cain, impressed and confused.

" His name was Alyoshenka, and he was just looking for his friend; The Child of Onkalo "

The Woman of the Stars

Cain and Jenny were both relaxing in the City of Lights; Dijon.

While sitting in a café, Cain and Jenny heard a woman play; Music of the Stars by Duane W. Rimel.

The song was indescribable, and so was the woman's beauty.

The singer went by the name of; Tzitzimitl.

Every person heightened their sense of hearing, no one wanted to miss a tune.

All lights, and all eyes were on Tzitzimitl.

A gentle wind carried the song throughout the small café.

Tzitzimitl finished, and a roar of applause could now be heard.

Jenny got an idea.

On the next day, Cain was sitting in the same café, alone.

" Jenny said that she would be here… " said Cain to himself, while sounding a bit worried.

All the lights were now directed towards the stage.

From out the red curtains walked Jenny.

Cain's, and every other person's - from men and women, everyone's jaw dropped, as the Female Genie walked forth.

Sadly, I do not feel worthy enough to describe the beauty which Jenny embodied. But, in order to peak your imagination I will utilize this verse from the Arabian Night;

" There was a maid with such polish and grace

That e'en the sun seemed borrowed from her face.

Bedecked in green she came, fair to behold, As a pomegranate bud the green leaves enfold.

And when we asked, 'What do you call this dress?'

She answered in sweet words meant to impress, 'Since I have tortured many with my arts, In this dress, I call it Breaker of Hearts.' " - The Story of the Two Viziers, from the Arabian Nights.

Jenny winked at Cain - whose mouth was still wide open.

That night, with the help of Tzitzimitl, Jenny - with the voice of Zelda Williams, sang a song which was very similar to Cascada's Everytime We Touch (piano slow).

Jenny sang the song with a smile on her face, while always keeping eye contact with her husband.

The Dragon Reaper

Cain was on Snally's back.

The two of them were just flying through the air.

" How long does it take to shop! " exclaimed Cain.

Cain and Snally were flying, while Jenny was out shopping.

" Women " said Cain with a smile; " am I right? " said Cain, while gently patting Snally.

Snally could be heard sneezing.

" You're goddamn right, " said Cain, as he closed his eyes.

" That is a nice dragon you have, it would be a shame; if someone were to kill it "

In a panic, Cain opened his eyes, but it was already too late.

With an echoing boom, Both Cain and Jenny crashed into the earth, creating a massive crater.

" Snally… " uttered Cain, as he slowly got back up on his feet.

Snally was alive, but unconscious.

A shadow was now cast over Cain.

Cain looked up, he then said;

" Damn you're pretty… no homo… "

The being flying above Cain was none other than the son of Huara and Dione, Vahagn; The Dragon Reaper.

" Why did my curse not affect you…? " uttered Cain.

" Simpel " said Vahagn with a smile; " I did not hit you "

Cain now noticed the punch mark left on Snally's body.

Fire raged in Cain's eyes.

" Ah " said Vahagn with a grin; " is that the same look you had when you killed your own brother? "

Cain blasted Vahagn with his futuristic-Nova-Bomb-Cannon.

The beam went into space, and destroyed everything in its path; from planets to stars.

Cain had a grin on his face.

Cain's grin quickly vanished, as the smoke cleared, and there, still floating in the air, was Vahagn; who still grinned.

" Crapbaskets… "

" You say that too? " said Vahagn with a smile.

Thunder clouds now gathered in the sky.

Cain giggled.

Vahagn had a confused look on his face.

" Have you forgotten about my curse? "

To Cain's horror, Vahagn was smiling.

" Did you forget how your previous attack had no effect on me? "

Cain felt a chill down his spine.

" What do you mean? " he uttered.

With a grin, Vahagn said:

" I can take the pain, can you? "

It is at this point that I should mention that Vahagn wields fiery-lightning; which is lightning, but on fire(!)

A bolt of fiery-lightning now came crashing down on Cain, and a second later. Vahagn was also hit by a fiery-lightning bolt. And thanks to Cain's Curse, the bolt which had hit Vahagn, returned the pain; sevenfold.

But… Vahagn did not even seem affected by the pain.

Cain, whose body had not felt any pain in many many years, could not even stand on his feet.

Cain was unsure as to how he was still alive. He was sure that the pain would have overloaded his heart.

Both attacks now stopped, but it was not Vahagn who had stopped the attack.

Cain did not know what happened next, for he fell unconscious.

When Cain next opened his eyes, he looked up to Jenny's exquisite blue face.

" Hello, my love " said Jenny with a warm smile, and damp eyes.

Cain now noticed that his head was resting on Jenny's soft lap.

" What happened…? '' uttered Cain, as Snally gently ran its head against Cain's arm.

" When I had finished my shopping, I flew out; looking for the two of you. When I at last found the two of you, I saw Snally wounded and unconscious, and you being roasted alive, while a man was grinning above you - Jenny now paused for a moment, as she took a deep breath - when I saw the two of you like that… suffice to say… I lost my composure for a second…"

Cain now noticed the demolished and decimated area around them.

Cain giggled.

" Did you kill him? " he asked.

Jenny had a disappointed look on her face, as she said;

" No… Dione came before I could deliver the killing blow. I respect the Jinn Empress, which is why I stopped. "

A fierce look befell Jenny's face.

" But… if I ever see Vahagn's face again… "

Jenny calmed down, as Cain was gently massaging her cheek.

The First and Last Wish

Jenny woke up in a cold sweat.

Her heart was racing, her knees were shaking, and her vision was a little blurred.

Jenny snapped back to health and reality, when she heard the sweet words of her love;

" It is alright, I am here " said Cain, as he held his shaking wife close.

Cain and Jenny were both resting against Snally's side.

It was night, but a campfire was lit.

" Are you okay? " asked Cain.

" It was just a nightmare " said Jenny, as she was looking into the fire.

" Wanna talk about it? "

Jenny paused.

" You made a wish "

" What did I wish for? "

" That you never wanted to see me… " said The Female Genie with a shaking voice.

The tears which she shed were like shooting stars.

Cain took a deep breath.

" You know that I would never make such a wish, " he said.

" I know… but it still hurt hearing the words… "

Cain smiled, as he now had an idea.

" I wanna make a wish, " he said.

Jenny looked up at her husband.

" What wish…? " she uttered.

Cain put his arm around Jenny. He held her close, to the point where Jenny could hear the beating of his heart.

Cain then said;

" I wish that we shall always be together, through thick and thin "

Joyful tears ran down Jenny's face, as she granted her husband's wish.

Cain and Jenny would later have a child together, a son; they named; Abel-Williams.

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