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100% Sielisium (Encounter of Fates) / Chapter 19: Chapter 17: Talents of Combat

Chapter 17: Talents of Combat - Sielisium (Encounter of Fates) - Chapter 19 by DaoistHkXKou full book limited free

Chapter 19: Chapter 17: Talents of Combat

After seeing the set of skills from Lord Aki. I got inspired in learning the use of weapons. Since the previous battles that I fought with weapons but with little knowledge. I realized the importance of having trained with weaponry.

Then as Lord Aki is about to offer me some tea....


A ghost hologram of Aziru appeared with a white kimono and a golden dragon crest at his back.

"Lord Aki, it seems you've improved alot. Can I have a cup of tea?" Aziru in his hologram form sits with me.

At his appearance Lord Aki immediately bowed down to him in high respect. I don't understand yet the relationship between these two. But I think I got an idea of what Aziru might be.

"Sifu, Its an honor to see you again. You were with my niece all this time." Lord Aki talks to him as he takes his sit along the soft grass.

"Ofcourse, this child saved one of the Palaces and I trained him under may care. Anyway, do you have young ladies which I can chat with? It's been....." Lord Aziru asks him with a big smile.

"Still haven't changed after this long years Azi. Hey kid did this Old man teach you to be a Playboy?" Lord Aki taunts him then asks me while giving me tea.

"Alot, he even has..."I am about to tease him but was stopped by Sifu by trying to cover my mouth with a hologram hand.

"Yes yes I agree... I even saw all.of those." Lord Aki replied trying to taunt him.

"Is that the way you talk to your master? Or dear wait until I come back to life, I have a lot of good drinks I have kept for years." Lord Aziru speaks to us.

"No thanks...I prefer tea" I replied as I drink a tea which later on I reized it's ice tea.

"Anyway....Lord Aki..I have a favor to ask you." Lord Aziru begins to be serious as he talks to us sitting calmly.

"Yes Sifu.." Lord Aki

"You have to teach Eliot your niece your talents for combat. There was not much time and resources to teach everything I know. So I will place him in your care." Lord Aziru talks to him as he looks at me in a calm matter.

"Sifu, I shall teach him the ways of can count on me" Lord Aki replied then both of them begin to stare at each other. The way they looks tells me they have something to talk in private.

"Eliot our disciple" lord Aziru calls me.

"Yes Sifu" I answered

"Go to the house there at the trees, review your skills. It is essential that you keep the sword sharp at all times." Lord Aziru instructs me with words of wisdom.

As I hear his Instruction I bowed at him as respect then went to the house located in the trees. I reviewed my combatives and self defense techniques for the meantime. I also take this opportunity to explore all possibilities while they are having a Master Student bonding.


Lord Aziru and Aki where drinking tea and begin to have a serious conversation.

"Aki...that child has great power within his abilities."lord Aziru

"I noticed it when he first fought my guards. Could it be..."Lord Aki

"We cannot conclude yet... but he is a quick learner and an innovative fighter. He can even create a fighting style with any weapon he sees." Lord Aziru

"I see you have been watching him all this time. Thank you for keeping them all safe." Lord Aki thanks him while bowing down in respect.

"If anything happens to them...I might as well come down and help them. He is our only hope...if humanity is to win this war." Lord Aziru replied while showing him a holographic image of what is happening around the globe.

"Will he be able to wield the Arch Weapon?" Lord Aki asks him with worry.

"I have confidence that he can...cause (the sound of rainfalling into the ground...)" Lord Aziru.

"He did?!....not even us could do it." Lord Aki states in surprise.

"Yes...also I have another favor" Lord Aziru tells him as he begins to stand.

"Yes Sifu...what is your command?" Lord Aki stands up and watch him slowly fading.

"Send some men on the first palace. We have people to help. Elliot wishes to help the lost people. We do whatever we can to fulfill his wish." Lord Aziru replies as he walks away fading into the air.

"Yes Sifu...." Lord Aki confirms bowing down then begins to look at Elliot in training. As he watches him reviewing his skills, he notices the flow of my movements are gracefull with contonous flow.

Soft yet strong and the techniques are on different level. Able to respond in different situations with power and resilience. He notices the determination in the eyes as I move in different directions practicing all the strikes in different kata forms.

(He is skilled, yet with weapons mastery and polishing he can be indominable.) Lord Aki though as he picks up a rubber knife then throws at me like a dart.

Instinctively I quickly catched the training knife by the handle then stand casually.

(He even has instincts...this should be fun) Lord Aki though as he approaches me.

"Okay Elliot, let's start our training...first of all you need to learn easiest and most used weapon of all time....the knife." Lord Aki begins a short lecture as he holds his training knife.

"Knife is always abundant everywhere, whether in the military, office or in every home. It's small, concealable and easy to use. Also paired with combat skills, it is a deadly weapon...

"But put this always in mind Elliot, YOU USE IT ONLY FOR SELF DEFENSE WHEN YOU HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE...for it is deadly. But since we are in a battle againts these extra terrestrials. Use it to protect others." Lord Aki lectures me as he pats my head.

As he ends the lecture, we started our training by reviewing the basic 8 strikes which were...

Right Vertical moving downward

Left Vertical moving downward

Right Vertical Upward

Left Vertical Upward

(In short it's an X pattern)

Right Horizontal to the left

Left horizontal to the right

A Downward strike to the head

Then stab.

He taugtht me added techniques such as a slash then stab in each direction. Flipping the knife to a reverse hold then vise versa.

Then same as the 8 basic strikes there are 8 basic blocks. He said it is more effective to parry.

(Parry means hitting the strike to redirect it away from you)

He taugtht me to parry and strike at the same time while avoiding the attack. This can be done by simply moving sideways while parrying and striking such as punch or stab at the same time.

Another important technique is to parry then hold the hand arm of the attacker then strike. It helps immobilize my enemy giving me an open door to strike.

Then he taugtht me the use of a weapon together with my combat skills. He told me that when I learn the basics of a weapon, it would be more effective to combine it with my combatives such as punch, kicks, elbows , knees, take downs and ground fight.

He taugtht me to think Outside the Box while on training to explore in each technique. He also said that Any Weapon is an extension of my Body and every weapon and skill should be practiced Left and Right for both hands must be strong and effective in any situation.

Then after the knife training...

He picks up another weapon on the armory inside the house. It's a bamboo stick that is varnished with encrypted ancient symbols.

"Elliot, this is an arnis as many call it. Learning on how to use this one in a single stick or double stick is important. A stick is already itself a weapon, yet the principles in it just like a knife can be used a sword, axe, hammer bottles and just any long thing you can find. After this I will train you with doubles."Lord Aki gives me another short lecture as he gives me a stick.

We then started another lesson on single stick. As he said the basic 8 strikes and blocks apply on it as well. Also how to combine it with combatives, catching, tapi tapi and movements can be applied with it.

The only difference is I can spin, twirl and use my range as an advantage whether distant or close quarters.

He taught me 12 strikes and how to use it with a knife, shield or with hand. Then he taught me how to use doubles. Which is a bit different since there are added combinations with them. Such as the X pattern, sinawali as many call it, block and strike at the same time, double spinning and twirling.

"Elliot" he calls me as he stands infront of me.

"Yes Master" I answered as I casually stand waiting what he would want to say.


As the rain drop touches the floor...

Lord Aki suddenly attacks me with his sticks with X diagonal strikes. I instinctively parry them while attacking him at the same time. I move into sideways circulating him to avoid his line of attacks. Then he made a twirling strike to my side that I blocked them. His strength overwhelms me so I stumbled back in his force.

(So this is the strength of the Master of Weapons) I thought as I recover my stance then stand calmly.

As he approaches me...

I begin to see him slowly moving with his two sticks on guard with an X pattern. I look closely that his legs are slightly bent and notice a weakspot behind him. I made a quick tactic aiming for his back.


I made a dash towards him...

As he strikes me I quickly evaded him by spinning around him making double strikes at his back. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


His instinct blocked all my strikes.

I quickly jump back at the set back then try again another tactic. As he attacks me again I docked trying to hit his legs but he blocked them then made a front kick againts me.

I blocked his kick but with the force he is using I am sent flying back towards the wall. I use my feet to stump on hard cement then leaped towards him.

Then again....

The battle around me went slow....


Lord Aki quickly sees his enemy approaching him in high speed. Before he could react his enemy quickly hit his weapon then made a hard punch againts him. He quickly blocked the punch but felt the force passing through his strong body.

His opponent... Elliot is so quick in creating tactics in a short time. Not only that...he has quick instinct in battle.

Then inexpectedly...

Elliot is fighting him with his signature fighting style. Twirling and striking him with signature katas.

(This guy.... Is a progidy?!) Lord Aki though as he parries each strike one to another. Before finally he stepped back.


(I see Lord Aki stepping back...but I couldn't figure how to beat him) I quickly though as I stand in my combat stance


Lord Aki's Aura quickly changed into something intimidating. His eyes instill fear in my spirit. Like he is about to kill me any time this moment.

I felt so threatened that I begin to lose my strength.

Then as he attacks me, I tried to block his strike but my stick breaks at his force. Then he quickly made a spinning kick which I blocked but sent smashed into the wall.

( can I beat Lord Aki. If he tries to kill me. I have no other choice but to get so serious.. I need to survive) I thought as I stand with my last of my strength.


Lord Aki in his rage form quickly notice in a change of aura, calm, resilient yet full of courage. Then he sees his pupils glowing gold. At the sudden change... his movements begin to change as he attacks.

His opponent Elliot begin to move like an assassin. Moving quickly that he couldn't see his movements. He blocked his strikes but Elliot immediately made a spinning jump, making multiple strikes behind him. He parries them but at the moment there weapons made a contact, Elliot catches his hand then hits it hard then continues to hit his head.


"Papa!"A familiar voice quickly returned him to his senses.


As I quickly returned to senses I felt I am being thrown down by a girl to the ground then she locks my head into her chest.

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