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90.24% Sin Archbishop Across The Multiverse {OP MC x Multiverse} / Chapter 36: A New Level Of Gender Equality

A New Level Of Gender Equality - Sin Archbishop Across The Multiverse {OP MC x Multiverse} - Chapter 36 by YourWorst_Nightmar full book limited free

Chapter 36: A New Level Of Gender Equality

"W-what? w-who are you?"

Asahi looked at them and smiled viciously said, "The one who wants the Gorgoneion, hand it over and I battle in China, don't and I kill you and lay waste to this country."

"C-Call L-Lord S-Salvatore!" one of the grandmasters said while trembling they were very scared, only a king could even hope to match a deity, then what about one that defeated the God Of Victory with no wounds, "I'm getting impatient here! hand it over or lose your heads!"

"W-wait a moment! Let us bring it out!" Saying that one of them went back and brought out the stone and placed it in front Asahi, when he moved to pick it up a barrier got erected around him, The Old Dame commander shouted, "This should hold him for a while! Hurry and Call Lord Salvator-" before he could finish what he was saying Asahi flicked the barrier and it shattered like glass, "As a thanks for giving me the thing I need to get stronger, I'll let you live but there won't be a next time" Saying that he opened up a rift to Japan and walked through it along with Carrera.

Coming out he sat down on top of a building and placed the Gorgoneion by his side, "She's probably in Japan right now, even if she isn't she'll probably notice the Snake and come" and as if on cue the space around them and a scythe was placed around his neck, "Hand over the snake, human?" she said in a monotone voice.

"Sure!" Saying that Asahi threw the Gorgoneion over to her and she caught it, "Really?"

"Yes! Now absorb it and fight me!" She raised it to her head and darkness started radiating out of her wrapping her up.

"Finally I've found it! This shall be spoken of for eternity! For the Queen, The Trinity, shall revive and descend here once more, I shall sing the hymn of the ancient goddess who ruled the Heavens, The Earth and The Darkness. The Lamentation of the Queen denounced as the detestable snake, My name is Athena. She who once nurtured life, The Great Mother of The Earth. She who controls the Darkness, Ruler of the Underworld. The Queen who knows the Wisdom of the Heavens! Here, I swear Athena shall become once more the Athena Of Old!!"

Miasma spread out of her and when it cleared up, it revealed a grown up Athena, "Hahahahahaha! I'm back, but it seems I do not have full control over my power yet but that is temporary!"

"Uhhh..... that's fine and all but do you think you sounded cool back ther pft..... HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Asahi burst out laughing and Carrera said while trying to hold back her laughter, " I-I think she d-did hahahahahahaha!"

"Damn mortals!" Ignoring her Asahi stopped laughing and consumed all the miasma using [Beelzebub], then he used [Raptor] and appeared next to her and kicked her in the ribs and she was sent flying through a Spatial Rift he had opened up before. She crashed in the middle of Hong Kong, China destroying a tall building causing the people to panic.

"A Campione?!"

"No I'm a God."

"But then why would you fight me? Well no matter you shall serve as a nice stepping stone for my return!" Saying that she appeared next to him and began hitting him with her scythe which he started deflecting with his Golden Sword. "Verethragna?!"

"Oh he died after handing over his powers and so will you!" Saying that Asahi kicked her in the stomach and she crashed down. Raising his free hand to the sky, thunder clouds started rolling in and thunder fell at various points in the city destroying it further, it was reported as severe thunder storms and people were advised to stay indoors, unknown to them two gods were in the middle of combat, but one person did and it was China's Campione Luo Hao who said, "It appears someone is intruding on my kingdom, though the people can die for all I care this rudeness will not go unpunished!" Saying that she got up and started moving towards the two god's battlefield.

Meanwhile the two in question was engaged in an exchange of blows between a sword and scythe, every time Athena tried to use her Powers over death, Asahi would just consume them using [Beelzebub], Judging that enough thunder had gathered he brought his hand down and it fell straight on Athena who was too busy blocking the sword, when it hit her she was sent flying downward, Asahi instantly moved next to her and was about to kick her in the back again but she vanished and a scythe hit his neck sending him flying into another building destroying it, while Hades in the underworld was trembling with anger because Asahi would take the soul of everyone who died in his battles leaving none for him.

Getting up Asahi wiped the imaginary dust off himself leaving Athena shocked, "That should have killed you! A hit straight to the neck empowered by my Authority of Death!" Asahi just shrugged and said, "Well it didn't! Now then!"

Asahi spread his hands in a t-pose, "Feel My DOMINANCE!"


"You Fucking HERETIC! BURN!" and all of a sudden the clouds clear away and numerous bolts started falling out of the Sun hitting her and she screamed out in pain. Then he proceeded to summon thousands of ice spears using magic and bombarded her with them, followed by another rain of lightning, fire and the Earth opened up beneath her spewing out magma burning her further, when the rain of elements ended the area around them had converted into a post apocalyptic looking scene, in the middle stood an Athena that was bloody and burnt in various places. "H-how could t-this? I must retreat!"

But when she was about to fly away, the land around them changed into a scenery filled with golden swords of all sizes, in the sky, in the land everywhere and hundreds of swords launched at her penetrating her body she coughed out blood and said, "To think I would come back *Cough* just to die" Asahi just approached her and lopped her head off. He took her soul, and her authority.

[Compatible Authority Found....Authority of Goddess of Wisdom is being assimilated into Wisdom King Raphael.....successful... New Origin {Origin All Knowing One Yog-Sothoth} has been formed]

'so what changed'

[Hi master! Yog-chan is happy to meet you!] a small childish girl's voice rang out in his head.

'What the fuck?!'

[Yog-chan doesn't understand]

'I just imagined the Yog-Sothoth I know acting cute and saying that and I am horrified, Oh My God What did you make me imagine?! Bleach! Bleach! Begone unholy fuckery! EVIL BEGONE!!'

[I know master's happy to meet Yog-chan too!]

'Trust me I am not!'

[Why? Yog-chan isn't the one master knows!]

'That makes it a bit easier, tell me this is not going to turn in to some I give you a body and fuck you shit'

[Yog-chan would cease existing if she separated from master, so no]

'Thank god! what is with people these days giving bodies to and fucking creations of their own sub concious'

[Yog-chan doesn't understand]

'You don't need to' Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

[Master should probably move now as he is about to be hit]

'Wha-' before he could finish that though he was bombarded by winds strong as tornadoes and was sent flying into the ground and was then hit with a giant hand that came out of nowhere.


No she is not a love interest I added her for a bit of eventual humor, only he can talk to her, she's not like Ciel and will stop existing if he tries to give her a body. also like her name says she's all knowing, pretty broken

YourWorst_Nightmar YourWorst_Nightmar


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