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45.94% Sin System, Life in another world / Chapter 16: Bounties

Bounties - Sin System, Life in another world - Chapter 16 by TheGodSage full book limited free

Chapter 16: Bounties

We were all sitting on the deck, I was just sitting down watching everyone in their antics. Zoro was sleeping, Nami is reclined on a chair and relaxing, Luffy is trying to steal some fruit off the tree, and sanji is keeping him from doing it, Kaya is trying to perfect medicines, and Usopp is making new pellets for his slingshot

We were all sitting down before Nami while she is reading the newspaper and 2 papers slide out




In the Navy head quarters

A man with green hair is talking to other people sitting down

" don't you think that bounty is a bit much"

" yah and his friend too, he doesn't look that strong'

"Gentlemen, this pirate defeated marine captain axe-hand Morgan, singlehandedly at that... They also worked together to bring down buggy the clown, Also Don krieg, both these pirates had a bounty over 10 million, and their latest win... Against 'sawtooth Arlong bounty 20 million... these bounties are big for east blue in fact these are some of the strongest here and these 2 pirates took them down" He slams the 2 wanted posters on the board " that's why it's necessary too give these starting bounties"

on a small Island in the east blue

" everyone!! look have you seen these flyers" Merry Kaya's old butler tells to the guards as they pass it around laughing and cheering

" haha these guy's are big shot's now"

" hey isn't this the guy who took mistress Kaya"

"oh yah it is, he better take good care of her"

"wow look at these bounties"

At a marine base in the east blue

a boy with a broom is staring at 2 posters on the wall

" finally finally finally, Luffy, Orion your'e living your dreams... but if we meet again we will meet as enemies."

On a ship with a cat figure head

A man looks at 2 flyers

"captain!" the man runs to the captains quarters

in a floating restraunt on the east blue

2 flyers hanging up on the wall and a man looking out to sea reminiscing something

Back too the Going merry

" hahahaha! Alright guy's were wanted crimanals!!" Luffy yells out holding his flyer

"30 million berries"

"that's a whole lot of berries"

as they're laughing I pick up the other flyer and smile at what I see then my smile turns into a frown

Wanted Dead or Alive "Orion" 15,000,000 berries

Information: No devil fruit, Amateur swordsmanship, If spotted attack, not a big threat

(what the hell?... do they think i'm a joke) I continue looking at my wanted poster with a frown and Zoro comes up to me and snatches it reading everything

"Hahahahaa!! your not a threat... and they say your an Amateur, this is worse than even getting a bounty!!" Zoro laughs in my expense

"Whatever... who cares what some Marines think, if you need me i'm training so don't bother me" I say before walking away and heading to my cabin

(Lucy do you have any tips on how to get me recognized as dangerous?)

((you could quit being dumb and maybe buy some skills... or weapons))

(hmm maybe your right... Buy me some good stuff i'll let you pick, you can use all My SP don't worry)


[Elemental manipulation]


Description: Control over all elements(when mastererd you will be loved by all spirits)


(x50 Iron spears)

Rank: B

Description: 50 iron spears


[Fast mastery]

Rank: B-Divine

Description: Master anything 5x faster ( speed to master goes up each rank)

((There are these good enough for you))

(hmm they are good for now... especially the fast mastery that will be extremely useful later)

As i'm looking at my new skills and weapons I hear commotion outside and when I walk out I see a pink haired man yelling for his crew to aim a cannon at us

"I got this" Zoro says as they shoot and slices the cannon ball in half

"there is plenty more where that came from pirates"

"uh oh this is bad" the cannon explodes " that cannon had cracks in it"

"hey guys what's going on?' I say as I walk out and join them staring at the marines " Can I fight?" I say excitedly

" no they already lost"

The pink haired man rams the ship into Merry " you wretched little brats never mock a former marine captain, Men follow me!!!"

The marines rush onto our ship

"your head is mine" the pink guy says and punches Luffy

Luffy's head flys off and comes back " Gum Gum Bow!" He screams and headbutts him

We quickly finish off the marines and stand there staring at them

Sanji comes out " you've got a lot of balls coming you wanna die" The marines scream and run off at the sight of Sanji

" what a load of wimps"

At an Island to the west

"hey what's that" a man looking out to sea

"Ahh!! that's Hawk-eye"

Mihawk walks onto the Island

" what are you doing here Mihawk?" They all looked scared and hold swords and gun's pointing to him

"Relax, where's your boss... my business is with him" They run to go get their boss " hmm camping out on an Island... what a carefree man"

"Boss!!!" The man comes and picks up a mug of sake downing it " h-h- hawkeye!" he says frightened as hawkeye appears behind him

" hey there hawkeye" a man in the shade with red hair says " to what do I owe the pleasure... have you come to fight me? I am not in the mood right now"

"heh no ever since you lost your left arm i have no interest in settling the score" He starts walking towrds him " I recently ran into a couple of interesting pirates that reminded me of a story you used to tell... a story of a boy, a strange boy from a village" He rolls down the flyer

"haha Luffy you made it... alright hawk eye I'm afraid I can't let you leave"

He pours some sake into a mug and hands it to Hawkeye " so what about that other flyer you seem to be fond of that kid... don't tell me you swing that way?"

"hell no... he was just interesting... he managed to crack yoru using a strengthening technique i've never seen before" He drinks from the mug " H said he's going to be the strongest man in the world" He says with a rare smile

" haha he cracked yoru?? looks like old whitebeard will have some trouble keeping his title" Shanks lowers his mug and looks at the poster (Luffy where did you find this kid?)

A few days later on the going merry

"it seems the only way to enter is this reverse mountain"

"what this looks dangerous"

"heyy let's just go straight into it... but first we need to go to an island... we need meat, lot's of meat"

"there's and island right here called loguetown"

Zoro speaks up " oh yeah i think i've heard of that island, it's the city of the beginning and the end"

"it's the town where gold roger was born and killed"

Luffy looks serious "This is where the king of the pirates died, Let's go I need to see it, where the man who had the one piece was born and executed"

"well that's that then let's go to Loguetown!!"

I sit there listening to what they are saying ( hmm we'll be entering the Grandline soon I'll train hard before we enter... i wanna be atleast level 5 before we go there) Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

// New Quest// Reach level 5

Rank: B

Description: reach level five

Rewards: [Gacha Function} unlocked, 100,000,000 Exp, 100,000 SP, [Crafting function] unlocked

(Hmm what's Gacha?... whatever let's do this, i'll hunt lot's of pirates in Loguetown and earn more exp to level up)

We reach the Island and I hop out

"i'm going to find a good place to train so see ya guy's" I say before I run off

(Lucy is there like a dreamscape training that I can do?)

((yes but you don't have enough SP to get it))

(ok just tell me when I have enough) I run past a dojo and then stop and look up at the sign

[Original Martial arts]

(hmm) I walk inside and see that it's empty " hello? is anyone here?"

"huh?" and old man suddenly comes out " what do you want lad"

" I need to get stronger but I don't have a good foundation,so I thought martial arts would help even me out"

"Well of course i'll teach you in just 30 years you'll be the only one to know the Original martil arts" He says with a smile clearly happy to have a teacher

"What!!! 30 years i don't have that long old man I need to leave the Island later today"

" geez youth so impatient... fine i'll give you the books to do the more advanced stuff, but i'll teach you the basics atleast"

"Thanks old man!!"

"Now watch this is the first stance in Original Arts" he drops his weight looking like he's about to fall

"Sloth stance" he says " this stance makes you look like your tired but opens up your energy ways to heal you quicker and allow more power in your attacks... There are seven of these, there is dragon, serpent, boar, lion, sloth, wolf, and goat"

(wait... are these just based on the 7 deadly sin's)

"old man is there something special that keeps people away from this dojo" I say suspiciously

"Well... ther is a curse if you aren't the right type to learn this so people stay away"

"hahahahaha!!" I start laughing " don't worry old man I was literally born to learn these techniques" I say with a smile and we begin training

At the very end of the day he gives me the special technique and advanced techniques of the original Arts " thanks old man... when I master these i'll make sure to return these books"

"don't worry about it lad, just promise to teach another student so these martial arts can live on... that is my only wish" I nod and run out

The old man burst into blue flames and out stands a youthful figure wearing a suit and having blue hair ( that damn Mephisto forcing me to teach this kid... this kid better fight me later or i'll kill him) And with those thoughts the man disappears

I run towards the way of the ship and notice the weather is really bath it's raining and lightning is striking ( what the hell is going on it was perfectly fine earlier)

(( someone is using their devil fruit to make the weather like this))

( wait really... who would do this i wanna fight them)

((stupid battle maniac))

(hehe you know me to well)

I continue running and notice Luffy running towrds the ship a man who is half smoke is chasing him

"get back here Straw hat"


I run faster and jump through smokie

" outta the way!" I grab Luffy while using GOB to send spears at him I notice that my GOB has a red portal instead of a gold portal like Lucy said it had

The man seems surprised at the spears but none of them hurt him " what the hell..." I mutter and bring back the spears

I let go of Luffy as we get to the dock and notice the ship is far away Zoro Sanji, and Usopp are standing there looking at it

Luffy runs back and jumps on the stairs and stretches back " Gum Gum"

"oh no"


"he can't"

"i'm not gonna like this"

"rocket!!!!!" Luffy screams and hits all of us and we fly to the ship

We land and see Nami and Kaya smiling at us

"I think we should say something to mark the occasion" Sanji says and we all agree

"I'm going to the grandline to see the all blue"

"I'm gonna be King of the Pirates"

"The world's best swordsman

"I'm gonna draw a map of the entire world"

"to be a brave warrior of the sea"

"to be the world's greatest doctor"

"to be the strongest man in the world"

All: To the Grandline!!!!

(the blue devil is BeezleBub For those who want to know)

Orion's status

Host: Orion Sylvers(MorningStar)


Lv. 4 (973,100,000 Exp)

Bloodline: High Human, True Devil(sealed*)

Title: The worst sinner, Son Of Evil, Son Of Eve, Future Devil King

Profession: Assassin,Pirate(New profession available)








karma: 2,000 ( Bad and Good mixed)

LifeSpan: 568 Years



Stat Points:15

(Accumulated)Exp: 10,600,678

Weapons: leviathan Blade, Assassin's Daggers, GOB(Devil's version)


[Assassin Steps (lv.5) {245,10,000xp}

[Dagger mastery] (lv.6){25,100,000xp}

[Adrenaline Rush] (lv.3)(567,700xp)

[Sneak] (lv.3){0,700xp}

[Swordsman] (lv.6){master}


[Elemental manipulation]- F

[Fast mastery]-B

[Original Martial Arts]- C

Special Skills-

(Sin of Wrath)-{50%}

1. Wrath aura( Materializes your intense. feeling and turns them into a black and red aura)

2. Divine cuts( Yell (any number here) Divine cuts and that many cuts will appear on opponent, these cuts can't be healed unless they have holy element(Uses your own reserves*)

3.Heavens Fall( Uses Wrath aura to quickly make small spears in the sky that fall down on your opponents)( Number depends on mastery of Wrath aura)



(Sin of Gluttony){42%}

1. Insatiable hunger( Anything you eat can be used to gain back energy)

2. Devour( "Devour" your opponents energy... can give you their strength added on and one skill of your choosing{ Special skills not included}




( Sin of Pride){38%}

1. useless(When you are stronger than your opponent their attacks won't effect you)

2. Breakthrough(When injured all stats and attacks gain a 90% boost)




Transcendent skills-

[Dragon sins Bloody cry]-Release your wrath upon the heavens(This skill can even kill immortals)

[Bondage](97%) (No explanation necessary)

[Hellfire Blaze]( Only used in Devil Form)

TheGodSage TheGodSage

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