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75.67% Sin System, Life in another world / Chapter 27: The Sadist/Start Of The War

The Sadist/Start Of The War - Sin System, Life in another world - Chapter 27 by TheGodSage full book limited free

Chapter 27: The Sadist/Start Of The War

" I miss my body" I quietly mutter as I'm standing in line of Marines

When Luffy First got to the Island Boa wanted to make him leave, But one word from me and asking her to helo him put an end to that

Our plan is to have Luffy sneak on a marine ship with us and our cover is for Boa wanting to see the prisoner Ace

We decided it would be suspicious if 2 Warlords were to visit the same prisoner at the same time so I had to disguise myself as a marine

We are nearly at Impel Down where Ace is apparently being help, Truthfully I only came because Luffy begged for an Hour (Hah my life suck's) I think to myself

((I'm sure all the reader's would want to take your place...))

(Stop Lucy No breaking the 4th wall)

I sigh as the ship slows down and we see a large circular Island (Finally)

(Inside Impel down)

" Hey Ace" A man in Marine attire sitting on the floor facing Ace " It seem's the marines have made the King of the sea... Mad as hell"

Ace clenches his teeth and look's at the old man " What are you doing here Grandpa Garp?"

Garp ignores the question and continues talking "*Sigh* I wanted you and Luffy to grow up and be marines like your grandad... But hopes be damned you both turned into pirates"

He pauses for a second and sighs " Notorious Dangerous ones at that...I'm sure you've heard about what he's been up to, I like to give you guy's freedom with your decisions, But challenging the world government and wreaking Enies Lobby is over the line..."

Garp continues to talk for a while before standing up and walking away

(Back to Mc)

I change into a mix of differnt faces to pretend to be Boa's body guard and walk with her

" They will be doing a full body check, And you are also required to wear sea stone handcuffs inside to ensure you don't try and rescue Ace or any other prisoner"

Hancock whispers to Luffy whi is hiding in her gown " Very well"

We continue going forward and I have to ignore the Marines gawking at Hancock (The second we don't have to hide anymore they are all dead...)

((Aww what a jealous little boy))

I ignore Lucy and continue walking through the corridors of the prison

A slightly fat man carrying a trident and a blonde women who I can just tell is strong( She wouldn't be bad to turn...)

((Do it you won't)) Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

I had already talked with Lucy about getting More people to join the crew and she agreed this would be a good place to do it

" Sorry but after this point you aren't allowed to go with your mistress" The Blonde haired women say's

" I see I will just go back outside than madam" I say respectfully and Start walking back, Once I get out of their sight I use imperceptible and Follow them From farther

I had already tested that I can be sensed with Observation Haki so I needed to be careful and stay out of their range

Once we got to the 3rd floor I stopped following and placed something that will help raise havoc later...

After priming all the cell's on the 3rd floor I make My way to the exit of the 3rd floor only to be met with a whip

" Naughty boy trying to sneak around" a women in a pink devil horned outfit and long Blonde hair reaching to the end of her knees says

" What? I'm not sneaking around... I'm just lost" I make up the best excuse I can use at the moment and hope she believes it

Unfortunately she wasn't like the people I've met before she just straight up attacks me " Yah right... I need to punish you"

" I don't do that on the first date~" I say and jump back dodging the whip again which I can barely see with my eyes " What's your name?"

She stops for a moment " It's Little Sadi"

" Well Sadi-" That's as far as I get before she suddenly lunges at me with her whip

" Little Sadi!!" She say's and attacks me with more force

(Damn it l, Is this how strong the guard's are supposed to be?)


I Enhance Myself But it's still not enough to overpower her strength and speed (That's it I'm making her submit...)

(Incubus Scent+ Goat stance: Full Submission)

Using undying pleasure along with incubus scent to arouse her I send the attack and she immediately freezes

"W-what" She says with a red face " No I won't submit... I'm at the top!" She continues moving forward slowly, Trying to supress her moans but failing miserably

" Oh I get it now, Your a sadist... Well I'll turn you into a masochist after this is over!!" I give my best sadistic smile

(Jeabongchim: X200)

(Seal: Chain dance)

I boost the skill to make her feel more pleasure and tie her up

" N-no I'll never become a maso- Ahn!" She moans at the end

" what was that?" I say smiling down on her (I know I'm scum to think about this but after looking at her she's not half bad...)

((That's ****...))

(I'm not going to act on it... yet)

The whole floor is shaking as Sadi is moaning full force now, The whole point of this technique I made is to make people submit to me so I can add them to my crew, After this I'll get that other strong girl Domino

Some Guard's come due to the interaction but I easily take them down, And finally after a few hours of taking down marines and continous moaning I claimed my prize

(Concubine added: Little Sadi)


I put her in the system space and Head down to the 4th floor Simultaneously exploding the locks on the floor

" Huh?"

" Were free!!!"

The prisoners scramble out of their cell's as fast as they can as I enter the 4th floor, What I didn't expect was to see Luffy With a Giant man and several other prisoners including Buggy, And Crocodile (What's going on and wheres hancock?)

I look around and realize what happened(Lucy did I accidentally slip into the parallel dimension?)

((Yes You weren't paying attention and everyone close enough got sucked in with you... Hancock has left already to go to Marineford, And It seem's Luffy is handling things here... I suggest you head to Marineford also Ahead of Luffy...))

(Ok I will but I need to get the Domino girl first)

((Is this for your crew or for your sexual fantasies?))

I blank out for a bit and then counter(Is there a difference?)

((Good point))

I quickly ignore everyone and find Domino who is barely staying awake

" Full Submission!" I yell to her and immediately boost up to 200x To make it faster

It only takes a couple minutes and I put her in the System space also

I run past the battle headed for the stairs before yelling " I'll see you in Marineford Luffy!!"

I wasn't sure if he heard me so I also used Ekragei to help them out a bit and then head up to the surface

I quickly return to my original form as I come out and tell a ship to take me to Marineford for the War, They are Reluctant at first but then recognize me as the new Warlord

" How come we didn't see you come in?"

I freeze " Because you were all watching Boa Hancock to notice me"

They nod since it made sense and I sit on the deck and we head out

(I guess I'll practice...)

I train My Armament Haki for a bit along with Observatinal while simultaneously practicing the Original stances

*2 hours later*

We finally get to Marineford and I see all the people lined up ready for war, I quickly head to where Boa and the other Warlords are

" Finally your here" Boa hug's me but I'm looking at someone else right now

" Hello Mihawk" I say calmly to the man standing there staring at me

" Hello Orion... I didn't think you would join the Warlords, I thought you were interested in being the strongest man?"

" Yah you're right, But I needed ti do this for a crewmember so they would leave her alone" I say With a slighly sad smile

" Well then It's fine" He then goes back tk standing in a relaxed but aware position and I lean into Hancocks soft bosom

" Hey Orion..."

I look up to see her red-faced " Yes Boa?"

" C-can you not do that right now I-it's making me ah!" I shut her up by pinching her butt a little

" Sure of course let's wait til we get back to The island~"

I hear Sengoku talking about thing's like the pirate king's bloodline but I'm too busy playing with Boa to pay attention

We wait for a while before seeing Large ships pop out of the water and out comes an old but muscular man with a bull horned mustache

" It's been a long time Sengoku!!... You better tell me that my son Is alright" He say's calmy but anyone can here it

" Pop's!!!!!" For the first time I look over to the execution platform and see Ace there

(Once I get the chance I'll help him get out of here...)

((It's time... For the War of Best))

(A/N: So the war Arc will take a few chapters, and don't worry after this War Orion will Publically go against the world govenrment, He is just trying to steal from their vaults and also save Ace, I know that All the women are actually huge in the anime But I made them a little smaller, The tallest will be around 7 feet at most except for giants and Mc will be able to change his size at will anyway so get ready for them Lemon scenes Muahaha)

Orion's Status

Host: Orion Sylvers(MorningStar)


Lv. 6 (256/ 2,500,000Exp

Bloodline: High Human, True Devil(sealed*)

Title: The worst sinner, Son Of Evil, Son Of Eve, Future Devil King

Profession: Assassin,Pirate(New profession available)









karma: 1,789,654 (Bad and Good mixed)

LifeSpan: 800 years



Stat Points:20

(Accumulated)Exp: 4,898,091

Weapons: leviathan Blade, Assassin's Daggers, GOB(Devil's version) Reapers Scythe, Horn Of The Minotaur, Thor's hammer,Heaven's gate, Fountain of youth, Orion's Divine Bow, LBOS

Territories: Alabasta, Amazon Lily

Concubines: 3


[Ghost Steps]-S

[Full Blood control]-A


[Swordsman] (lv.7){master}

[Elemental manipulation]- A

[Fast mastery]-SS

[Original Martial Arts]- S

[Abnormal Temperature Resistance]-A

[Midas touch]- Divine

[Yggdrasil's Blessing]-Divine

[Creed of the Sea Devil]-Unknown

[Observation Haki]-C

[Calm Aura]-D(A passive aura that makes people calm down around you)

[Armament Haki]-E

Special Skills-

(Sin of Wrath)-{87%}

1. Wrath aura( Materializes your intense. feeling and turns them into a black and red aura)

2. Divine cuts( Yell (any number here) Divine cuts and that many cuts will appear on opponent, these cuts can't be healed unless they have holy element(Uses your own reserves*)

3.Heavens Fall( Uses Wrath aura to quickly make small spears in the sky that fall down on your opponents)( Number depends on mastery of Wrath aura)

4.Total Annihilation(Release your wrath upon others and destroy everything) (Warning: can get out of control if you don't control your emotions)


(Sin of Gluttony){42%}

1. Insatiable hunger( Anything you eat can be used to gain back energy)

2. Devour( "Devour" your opponents energy... can give you their strength added on and one skill of your choosing{ Special skills not included}




( Sin of Pride){49%}

1. useless(When you are stronger than your opponent their attacks won't effect you)

2. Breakthrough(When injured all stats and attacks gain a 90% boost)




(Sin Of Envy)(45%)

1.Load Armament (why should your opponent have that, take it for yourself, When fighting an opponent shout Load Armament and change to fit their fighting style)

2. Transform ( change your appearance to any person you have seen before, No limits)




(Sin Of Lust)(52%)

1.Wet dream( Put people in a dream of their most inner sexual desires)( Doesn't work against people with a strong will)

2. Scent of the Incubus( Release a scent that makes everyone of the opposite gender get "In the mood")( can direct it to make people attracted to you)




Transcendent skills-

[Dragon sins Bloody cry](Can kill Immortals)

[Seal]-B(Can kill immortals)

[Hellfire Blaze](Can use 5% in Base form)

[Divine Dagger]-S(can kill immortals)

[Divine Jeabongchim]-A

[Ekragei](Can Kill Immortals)

[Full Submission]-Unknown(Can "Defeat" Immortals)

TheGodSage TheGodSage

Hope you enjoyed the Chapter

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