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83.78% Sin System, Life in another world / Chapter 30: War Of The Best(3/3)/ End of The War

War Of The Best(3/3)/ End of The War - Sin System, Life in another world - Chapter 30 by TheGodSage full book limited free

Chapter 30: War Of The Best(3/3)/ End of The War

"Ignore the Old Geezer" I say " I wanna fight him!" I yell out and lunge at him

(I'm going all out old bastard!)

"Ahhh!!!" I yell out as I push my sword against his Naginata

"It's you..."

" That's right old man... Let's fight"

(Ekragei: 20x Explosion)

The surrounding around Whitebeard explodes but whitbeard doesn't even have a scratch

As I'm about to comment on that I see Crocodile try and sneak attack, I rush behind and grab crocodile by the neck " He's mine!!" I yell and toss croco boy in the water

"Well now that we have no interruptions... Where were we?" I turn around with a crazy look in my eyes

" Let's make this quick Devil Brat"

"Yes... Let's!!" I the Air and aim a punch at him only for it to be blocked and he swiftly kicks me away

"Is that all Brat!"

(Devil Form 2 Wings)

The wings come out of my back and flames sworl around me " Stupid old man..."


The flames rush towards whitebeard, He tries to extinguish them but still gets burned before they go out

" Is that all White Mustache" I say mockingly with blood running down my mouth

"Guahah let's go kid!!" He hits the ground causing it to break down

I fly up only to be knocked back down by the old man's fist

(Damn it... where is he) I try to use Haki to find him but he's no where around

I get hit from the left Then the right and start getting pummeled by Whitebeard

I'm on the ground coughing out blood and Whitebeard is looking down on me " I spent years training to be the strongest after I lost to you... Is this all" He says condescendingly

(Don't do that... Don't look down on me!!!)

(Flash Back)

(What if I get to 100% on a special Lucy?)

((Well that would mean you had complete mastery over it and also the last Skill will be special, I can't tell you what it is, But it will make you a lot stronger... But it takes a toll on your body))

(Well I'll worry about it when that happens)

(Flashback End)

" Don't look down on me!!!" I start to get larger towering over the old man and I know that I've transformed

(Sin of wrath 100% Skill 5: Dragon Transformation)

I say in a deep raspy voice " I'm the embodiment of the seven sins... So don't look down on me you damn human!!!"

I spit fire at him only for him to block it, I flap my wings and go up then transform back to human form and manipulate the wind to push me down fast

" Original Move: Nuclear Bomb!!!!"

I crash into the old man at highspeeds hitting him in the face and making him back off

All around us the surroundings are destroyed and were the focus of the battlefield

" Haha I guess your more of a dragon brat right now" He smiles but then his face gets serious " But I need to save my son... I don't want to kill you, So will you move?"

I'm breathing heavily (How much longer can I keep going Lucy?)

((You used yourself to make a large explosion... You internal organs are destroyed, They will heal but you shouldn't fight anymore))

I smile weakly " I guess I lost..." I fall down on my back and smile into the sky " What a good fight..." I say and close my eye's

(3rd Pov)

Whitebeard smiles as he sees Orion flop on his back " Good fight kid" He then turns his attention to the battle field where everyone has continued fighting

" You bastard!!!!" Boa Yells rushing toward Orion after seeing him fall down

She turns toward Whitebeard with tears in her eyes " I'll kil-"

" Quiet Brat!! He's fine" Whitebeard says and starts walking onto the battlefield

Boa turns her attention back to Orion and smiles and gives him a lap pillow ignoring the rest of the battle

On the Battlefield Koby is standing in shock watching the destruction as a vice admiral falls in front of him dead

"Im scared! I can't do anything... Even the strong soldiers didn't stand a chance against the rest" Koby says as he runs off with helmeppo away from the battle field

Whitebeard stands tall on the battlefield with squard next to him " We've got no choice to make one final change"

Squard puts his head down and you can't see his eyes " This is a battle to protect family right?... Whitebeard could never abandon family..."

they start walking " And it would be nice... if there was a place for us in that family" He finishes saying and jumps in front of Whitebeard stabbing him in the chest

Everyone looks at them in shock as Squard takes the sword out

" Squard!!!" Marco flys down and punches squard down into the ground " Why would you do such a thing!!"

" He's betrayed us!!!" Squard yells out " You made a deal with the Navy, Didn't you!?" He screams out at Whitebeard " A deal that Sce and your Whitebeard Pirates would get out of this Alive!!....I had no idea Axe was the son of Gol D. Roger"

He continues " You could have at least told me that ace is his son... About your plan's to make him the next Pirate King!!!... About your deal!!!! All the pirates allied will die as a price to keep Ace and The Whitebeard Pirates Alive!"

(End Pov)

" Ah damn My head hurts..." I wake up to the feeling of heaven, It's nice and soft

I look up and see An angel that looks like Hancock " Ahh so I died... But how'd I get to heaven?"

The angel smiles at me and kisses me " your not dead were still at the war"

I jump up and look around and then everything comes back to me " I need to save Ace!!" I yell and kiss her before running away

" Meteor Volcano!!" I hear Akainu yell as I make it to the battlefield

((Your still not at 100 percent...))

I grit my teeth and summon the fountain of youth " This heals all injuries right?"

((Ok the fountain of youth is a bit overkill...))

I unsummon it and buy a divine healing pill and pop it in my mouth and feel warm energy spread throughout my body (That should be fine right?)


I walk on the ice as it starts to melt and just summon my wings and fly up to listen to their conversation

" Whitebeard your era is at an end..." Akainu says to whitebeard

Everything is burning including the moby Dick and all the other ships

"Forgive me..."

I look ahead and see Luffy running through explosions to get to Aces platform

" I guess I can lend a hand..." I fly and swoop down scooping up luffy and flying higher towards the platform

" Orion!!! You can fly?"

" This is not the time idiot, Let's save your brother..."

We start to go before A meteor hits my wing and We free fall down " Damn it!!!"

I catch Luffys arm and drop down safely on Jinbei

" I'm too young for this war" I say and take another healing pill

" Jinbei Help us!!!" Luffy yells and jinbei uses water to cool down the magma and propell Luffy forward closer toward the platform

(3rd Pov)

" Quite an entrance Son of Dragon" Akainu says to Luffy who has landed in front of the Admirals

" Give Ace... Back!!!" Luffy yells and throws the wooden mast that he had in his hands toward the Admirals only for it to be turned into ice and shatter

" Gum Gum... Stomp Gatling" Luffy jumps and attacks the Admirals again destroying the ice and turning gear second and flying off towards the wall

Kizaru appears in front of him and kicks him away " Too Slow"

" Damn it..." Luffy says and looks at ace as the swords are coming down on his head

" Ace!!!!!!!!!"

The swordsmen get blasted back by Crocodile who somehow got our of the water

" Crocodile!!"

" I don't want to see you guy's enjoying a victory" He says with a cigar in his mouth

(End Pov)

As everyone is distracted by Crocodile they don't notice me slowly get closer to ace woth a bloodied form

(Damn that Old man... I guess he isn't the Marine hero for nothing) I think to myself walking away from the battle with Garp (I'm pretty sure he ket me win... After this I'm training, And getting stronger!!!) I think to myself as I'm behind Ace and sit down to catch my breath

" Hey let's... get out of Here" I say to Ace

He keeps his head down " No... Just leave me and protect Luffy

I widen my eyes and clench my fists in anger (This bastard!!!! All my hard work would go to waste if I don't save you right now)

// Quest Updated// Ungrateful Bastard Ace

Rank: SS

Objective: Beat Aces ass, Cure Whitebeard, Help Luffy get over Aces death

Rewards: Six Powers Training book's

Penalty: None

(Lucy Why did my quest change)

((The quests are tied to you, Since you decided that you didn't want to save Ace that means it changed to suit you))

(So I don't need to save this bastard anymore?)


I stand up " Suit yourself... Ungrateful Bastard" I say before kicking him in the head making him fly then catching his leg and slamming him in the ground " See ya!" I say and slip away from the platform

(I feel refreshed haha)

((Yah, all you need to do is cure Whitebeard and. then help Luffy during his 2 Years of training))

(Wait... they trained for two years?)

((Yah in the original... well you'll see))

I rush towards Boa and pick her up and take her to a random ship " Get out of here and go back to Amazon Lily... I'm gonna end this war"

She just nods and starts sailing away

(Time to end this war, Then announce that I quit, and finally getting some servants hehe)

I come back to the battle field to see Luffy on the ground looking at Ace who has Akainu's arm through his chest

"Ace!!!" Luffy catches him and starts crying

" Ace!"

"No Ace!"

The whitebeard Pirate's all start crying out and I see Whitebeard with tears in his eyes, I walk up and felt conflicted( there is still time to save Ace...)

//Quest Updated... again//

Rank: SS

Objective: Save Ace, Cure Whitebeard

Rewards: Six powers training book's, Whitebeards Favor

Penalty: None

I decide to just save Ace and rush next to Luffy shoving A healing pill down Aces throat

" Orion?" Luffy says through tears " What are you doing?"

I was about to answer before pushing them out of the way getting hit by a large magma fist

" Is this a betrayal!!!!" Akainu yells

I just spit blood in his face and look towards the snails where they are streaming the war and smile

I then turn back towards Akainu " Your really damn annoying..." I shove my fist into his chest making an opening then summon the minotaur horn

" Absorb Magma Magma Devil Fruit!!" I yell and hope it works

It seemed that my prayers were answered as Akainu's magma dissapears and he flops on the ground

" Now your just and everyday joe... Have fun in hell"

(Ekragei: Meteor toss)

A large ball of condensed Wrath Aura appears behind me making the wind swirl and I smile as I send it down on the screaming Akainu completely obliterating him

The battlefield is silent and everyone's staring at me " The War is over... If you want to keep fighting However... I'll gladly do it!" I yell out and look towards the Marines

" The war is over!!! Take care of out wounded!!" Sengoku yells out and gives one last hateful look toward me

I turn around ignoring Luffy And the now Awake and healed Ace and walk back towards where Whitebeard who is standing there looking at a fat man with a blackbeard

I just walk past them and throw a pill to whitebeard " Take it or not I don't really care... Damn this war was annoying" I say and continue to walk off

In another side of the island a man with red hair is looking over the battlefield " Man... that was my line" He mutters and gets back in his ship with his crew and sails away

(A/N: War Arc is now Over, There will be some training and explaining stuff next chapter... also a small lemon hehe stay tuned!)

Orion's Status

Host: Orion Sylvers(MorningStar)


Lv. 6 (700,870/ 2,500,000Exp

Bloodline: High Human, True Devil(Free Use)

Title: The worst sinner, Son Of Evil, Son Of Eve, Future Devil King

Profession: Assassin,Pirate(New profession available)









karma: 1,789,654 (Bad and Good mixed)

LifeSpan: 10,000 Years



Stat Points:100

(Accumulated)Exp: 5,880,924

Weapons: leviathan Blade, Assassin's Daggers, GOB(Devil's version) Reapers Scythe, Horn Of The Minotaur, Thor's hammer,Heaven's gate, Fountain of youth, Orion's Divine Bow, LBOS

Territories: Alabasta, Amazon Lily

Concubines: 3

Servants: 1(Will explain next chapter)


[Ghost Steps]-S

[Full Blood control]-S


[Swordsman] (lv.8){Quarter Grand-Master}

[Elemental manipulation]- S

[Fast mastery]-SS

[Original Martial Arts]- S

[Abnormal Temperature Resistance]-S

[Midas touch]- Divine

[Yggdrasil's Blessing]-Divine

[Creed of the Sea Devil]-Unknown

[Observation Haki]-B

[Calm Aura]-B(A passive aura that makes people calm down around you)

[Armament Haki]-C

Special Skills-

(Sin of Wrath)-{100%}(Mastered) Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

1. Wrath aura( Materializes your intense. feeling and turns them into a black and red aura)

2. Divine cuts( Yell (any number here) Divine cuts and that many cuts will appear on opponent, these cuts can't be healed unless they have holy element(Uses your own reserves*)

3.Heavens Fall( Uses Wrath aura to quickly make small spears in the sky that fall down on your opponents)( Number depends on mastery of Wrath aura)

4.Total Annihilation(Release your wrath upon others and destroy everything) (Warning: can get out of control if you don't control your emotions)

5. Dragon Transformation(Do you really need an explanation?)

(Sin of Gluttony){49%}

1. Insatiable hunger( Anything you eat can be used to gain back energy)

2. Devour( "Devour" your opponents energy... can give you their strength added on and one skill of your choosing{ Special skills not included}




( Sin of Pride){49%}

1. useless(When you are stronger than your opponent their attacks won't effect you)

2. Breakthrough(When injured all stats and attacks gain a 90% boost)




(Sin Of Envy)(49%)

1.Load Armament (why should your opponent have that, take it for yourself, When fighting an opponent shout Load Armament and change to fit their fighting style)

2. Transform ( change your appearance to any person you have seen before, No limits)




(Sin Of Lust)(52%)

1.Wet dream( Put people in a dream of their most inner sexual desires)( Doesn't work against people with a strong will)

2. Scent of the Incubus( Release a scent that makes everyone of the opposite gender get "In the mood")( can direct it to make people attracted to you)




Transcendent skills-

[Dragon sins Bloody cry](Can kill Immortals)

[Seal]-B(Can kill immortals)

[Hellfire Blaze](Can use 5% in Base form)

[Divine Dagger]-S(can kill immortals)

[Divine Jeabongchim]-A

[Ekragei](Can Kill Immortals)

[Full Submission]-Unknown(Can "Defeat" Immortals)

[Nuclear Bomb]-SS

TheGodSage TheGodSage

Hope you enjoyed the chapter!!

Creation is hard, cheer me up! VOTE for me!

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