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87.5% Skoll's Journey / Chapter 7: Greed for Power

Greed for Power - Skoll's Journey - Chapter 7 by OdinEatsBooty full book limited free

Chapter 7: Greed for Power

"Come little dog, we have much to discuss"

The Ant King declares as he makes his way into our home leaving his vast army outside.

Hearing him call me little dog angered me greatly, but I held down the anger due to my greed for knowledge.

Welcoming our new found guests, I sit upon my throne as if a king descended to look upon the masses. As 3 kobolds all surrounding my throne, so nothing dares touch their king.

"What do we have to discuss? Little..Insect." i say while resting my chin upon my palm.

The Ant King getting mildly annoyed at being called "Little Insect" he loudly declares his name.

"My name is Sahar!" as Sahar declares his name, dark reddish smoke rises from him, causing all to know of his power..

Feeling his power, I become more wary as he potentially has the power to defeat me in combat.

The Kobolds next to me all withdraw their weapons and prepare to defend their king.

Raising my paw and signaling them to lower their weapons, the kobolds do so immediately.

"Your stronger than I expected..Sahar." I mutter as i am much more interested in what he has in store for me, due to his power.

Sahar flashing me a knowing grin, gets straight to business and begins telling me the information. "Skoll, we have a tournament every 10 years to choose a new chieftain for all of us."

"In these parts of forest, there is a ruler. Who rules these parts. The name of this region is Ebonstone."

"In this tournament every creature joins, it is tradition for the hands of the previous chieftain to sponsor a creature. "

"Hence why I came here, as I see great potential in you" The Ant King proclaims

Listening to the information he just gave me I am filled with questions, but there was only one i needed the most answered.

"Hmm, What do you earn for sponsoring me? I say as I slightly sit up in my throne.

Sahar noticing this begins to speak up, " I become a lord of a region. I earn a much higher status, but only if you win as losing means death."

"So a gamble for power?" I smirk as I find it quite funny.

Not trying to hide or anything the Ant King nodded his head.

"Yes, I'm tired of being under someone. I want to become a lord.. a rulee of a area. And you are that treasure to allow that."

Shocked at his openness I laugh out loud showcasing my massive fangs.

"Hahahahahah" Wiping away my fake tear as my expression quickly turned into something of horror.

"You think you can play with me?! Sahar?" I roar as I get out of my throne and walk towards the Ant menacingly.

The Ant King not backing down meets me face to face while clenching his mandibles.

"Think about it Skoll..You want more power too. Dont play the fool..little dog."

Hearing him call me little dog I roar in his face as my fangs extend wildly.

The Ant King not even flinching screeches out as the two roar at each another as salvia flies out.

"Your lucky your right little insect..for if not I would have ripped your head off." i say as i proceed back to my throne while licking the edges of my claws.

As I sit upon my throne I act as if nothing happened.

"This tournament..sounds very interesting. I can level and kill to my hearts content" I grin as my fangs leak from my lips.

As a vast emptiness is within me for the lack of wars. A Greed for more war and violence overwhelms me as I wish to fight and kill whenever I can.

The Ant King looking towards me giving a knowing grin as hes the same type of person as me.

Tired of talking with this insect, i wave my hand towards the insect.

"Leave me, I need to talk to my subjects." I declare while getting mildly annoyed at this insect.

"Skoll we will meet again, soon" Says Sahar as he begins walking out the doors.

Rubbing my forehead to ease my oncoming headache, I tell the kobolds.

"Come, little ones, kneel before me" I order as the 3 kobolds including Rowan kneel before me.

"Chief!" they shout out awaiting their orders.

Seeing their frantic loyalty I nod my head feeling happy for having such good subordinates.

"Today the rest of you will be getting names." I declare looking towards the kobolds as I feel their auras expand widely in excitement for names.

I get off my throne and walk towards the kobolds. I walk directly in front of a kobold looking similar to a dash hound.

"I name you "Tuthan" I loudly proclaim as magic from the universe transfers into Tuthan and changes his body similar to Rowan.

"Thank you chief! Thank you!" the dash hound named Tuthan mumbles while holding back his tears.

I hold my hand up hearing him cry,as he sees my hand he stops. "Warriors do not cry, Warriors fight and die for their beliefs. Never let me see you cry again little pup."

Tuthan hearing these words from his chief try to hold in his tears as he yells "Yesh.. Chh.. chh.. chief!!" as he slurs his words.

Moving past the crying pup I stand in front of a Chi wawa looking Kobold.

"I name you Akan!" I shout as the same thing that happened to Rowan and Tuthan had happened to him.

"Thank you chief" the chi wawa Kobold half bowed and acted respectfully.

"Your welcome" I declare as smiles enter its ways upon there faces.

As I begin to feel exhausted from using the Naming skill to much I earn a reward.

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Sitting back on my Throne as I ordered the Kobolds to go hunt and farm for XP, I give a toothy grin.

"Tournament? I hope there is blood there.." I mumble out as my voice echos across the empty throne room.

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