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80% Slayers: Tales from the Shadows / Chapter 12: Nicolai chats with Alex...

Nicolai chats with Alex... - Slayers: Tales from the Shadows - Chapter 12 by Scarlet_Cross full book limited free

Chapter 12: Nicolai chats with Alex...

(Alex's P.O.V) 

 Ok, so I got up early after we spent the night in one of Sophie's vampire friend's penthouse, while this dude was trying to dig up some info on this mystery demon. The rest of the gang was still asleep but I decided to check out the place. Honestly, I got up early just to raid the kitchen before we left for Atlantis. Hey, I have a fast metabolism and I have to carry around a fifty pound piece of sharpened silver on my back everywhere I go. But this freaking place was so damn big that I got lost and was passing the same suit of armor that I had passed not only ten minutes ago... yep, I'm lost. I let out a sigh then I saw that damned Bloodsucker's sister walk around the corner.


       [What was her name... Danielle! That's right!] I thought to myself. Now I was going to have to do something I hate having to do… ask for directions.


       "Excuse me," I called out.


       She stops and turns to look in my direction, "Ah! There you are Mr. Walker…"






       "Just call me Alex."


       "Oh, well… Alex, you have been summoned to big broth- I mean Master Chase's studies right away." She bowed, then said, "If you would be so kind as to follow me, I will gladly show you the way."


       With that said,we walked down the long hallway, took a right turn, then left, then right again.


       [Damn this place is huge! A guy could seriously get lost in here.] I thought to myself as I looked around while I walked.


       She then stopped in front of a door and said, "Now,I must ask you to stay respectful to my brother despite the position you currently hold over him as a slayer. Please remember your goal and that there is no rank to be held here, only friends to be made." And with that she gave a slight smile that kind of warmed me up but I shook it off as she opened the doors and I entered the room.


       The room was dimly lit and the only source of light was that coming from the fireplace at the far end of the room. I jumped slightly as the door slammed shut behind me.


       "Mr. Walker,I presume?" I turned my attention towards the fireplace to see Nicolai sitting in a comfy looking armchair with a book in hand.


       "Like I told your sister back there, just call me Alex." I said casually as I lazily picked up a book off a nearby table and examined it, "So, what does a three hundred year old blood sucker do to pass the time around here?"


       "Now, now, if you want to do something while you wait I can always put you on cleaning duties with Danielle."


       I put the book back down and didn't say another word. Didn't want to risk being stuck cleaning, God knows what mess this fang face had made.


       "Now then, I summoned you here to ask you a few simple questions," He said casually as he slowly walked towards me, "And I suggest you answer them truthfully if you still wish to seek my help in this matter of yours."


       "Ask away." I said as I crossed my arms in a bored manner. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


        [Not like I've got anything to hide.]


       "My first question is;do you think you and your team are strong enough to face the task ahead of you?"




       He stared at me for a moment then looked away, "My second question;do you have the slightest clue as to what you're up against?"


       No," I said, "But I truly believe we can beat this thing straight back to hell."


       "Ok, ok,  just one more question…... Are you really that dense? You honestly think you can beat this demon? HA! Maybe Sophie can, but you? Not a chance."


       My eyebrow started to twitch at his remark, "So are you saying that we should just give up, let this demon cause chaos and destruction in the world and not do a damn thing about it?!"


       "Goodness, no! That would be bad for business on both ends." He said casually and waved it off as if it was nothing, "What I'm trying to say is that you and your teammates need to be properly trained before going against a demon of this caliber. Also, my bodyguard can help you and your team with that. That is if you want help from a 'blood sucker' as you so call me."


       I clench my jaw. I have just a few moments to think about this. I guess I have to swallow my pride and accept help from the dark side… just this once.


       "Alright, I'll accept your help." I said grudgingly.


       "Excellent!" He said a little too cheerfully and showed off a pair of razor sharp fangs in the process, "Let me introduce you to him. He should be right down this hall."


       He then, as quick as his vampire speed would let him, dragged me out of the room, down a series of hallways and then stopped abruptly in front of a large wooden door with carvings of roses around the frame.


       "He should be in here and I should tell you… are you okay?"


       I staggered a bit from the head rush of being dragged at high speed by an over excited vampire, but I regained my balance and gave him a thumbs up saying I was alright.


       "Good." He chuckled as he began to open the door, "Remember,first impressions are very…"


       Just then, he stopped talking and just stood there. I looked over to see what made Nicolai go quiet all of a sudden and what I did was just unexplainable. First,I see Sophie and some guy getting way too close for my comfort, then the next moment I'm throwing my axe at the guy's head. He dodged it and my axe got lodged in the mantle of the fireplace.


       "HEY!" The guy shouted, "What's your problem?!"

       Just seeing that guy next to Sophie got my blood boiling. Don't ask me why or how, but there's just something about Sophie that makes me want to protect her.

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