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8.33% Snowfall adventures / Chapter 1: Spin the wheel

Spin the wheel - Snowfall adventures - Chapter 1 by Smithsonian86_ full book limited free

Chapter 1: Spin the wheel

With a *krack akoom* a loose soul was dragged into a room filled with white marvel, the soul remembered its death. A lightning strike! And just after it finished rewatching full metal alchemist no less! *inhale* am I being reincarnated to FMAB!!!! Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"That may be a possibility!" "Agh!!!!! Who is that!" The soul screamed out startled. It began spinning around to locate the source of the response. It was then he gazed upon the mightiest beard he had ever seen. The man attached to it raised his hand and rubbed the back of his head. "Geez thanks, I put a lot of care into my beard yet no one ever seems to notice".

I noticed right away that he had golden eyes, almost as if lightning was trapped in them. Wait lightning? "Are you perhaps Zeus?" The man bellowed "indeed I am boy, it's surprising you identified me so quickly."

"You are kind of iconic though you don't really match the versions I'm versed with". He then said "oh and which versions are those?"

"God of war version, Percy jackson version, dxd version, Disney version, god of high school version though you have a similar beard, DC version, Dan machi version, theres also-". He then waved me off "alright boy I get your point, I've invited you here because my pantheon or should I say I personally am experiencing a problem".

"What's the issue doc?" "The problem is another god of a different pantheon has been isekaing a lot of people lately and they are all becoming power houses once they ascend. She has exquisite luck when picking them." I nodded along before asking "so hows that a problem".

"The issue is that she recruited them to form a personal pantheon for herself, normally gods come together and form their pantheons due to similar nationalities or shared history like myself and my siblings. However she is creating one for herself with her champions to form it. This will make her much more powerful and would upset the balance, she doesn't even realise it too! She's only doing it cause she wants lovers!"

"You jealous?" "Incredibly I mean no! This is all about maintaining balance among the gods. A change like hers has all the gods scrambling to recruit humans to form their own pantheon. Even my own children have begun doing it, my daughter Artemis has been picking humans and making them all female before shutting them off into the multiverse. There's also that monkey bastard with all his champions who are killing machines. I won't even address what Hephaestus and Dionysus are doing with that little bar of theirs in a naruto world."

"So what's that got to do with me? I take it you want me but I don't exactly have a killing machine mentality." "Not yet but I'll make a man out of you!" "I just said you weren't like the disney guy, you start singing and I leave".

"Calm down boy it was only a joke, don't get your beard in a twist. *exhale* well because of that goddess we all held a denatus". "Danmachi". "Yes like danmachi, we decided our champions have to spin the wheel created by the gods of magic, technology, culture and games. Tet was the main voice in its creation". "No game no life."

"Correct again boy, so you spin the wheel and it makes you look like a character and then again to gain powers. Or you can spin to gain the appearance and abilities. Some chump got mineta hahahaha. Anyway after that you can be sent to any world you request, but this only applies to your first world in my situation."

"Why are you different?" "I'm a head of a pantheon so I got some privileges as well as drawbacks. Which means your going to be different than the other reincarnates." I gestured today explain.

"Your going to be able to go to multiple worlds but only after you complete the main story of that world. You will get a helper per world because of my powers. Your task is to complete the story, recruit one person for your peerage and grow stronger."

"Peerage? Don't tell me!" Zeus grinned and held out his huge palm. On it was a blank set of chess pieces.

"One of my alternates exists in DXD, his world continued the azazel cup and changed the system a little in regard to peerages. Every race had a peerage system with most being blank but the biblical races pieces could convert species along with a few others. Anyway your helped will take up one slot per world, fifteen pieces means you have to visit seven worlds. As a trial after you complete your peerage your fighting in the azazel cup. Should you win your included in my pantheon. Shit has to be harder for the guys I pick~ but they get more help."

"What kind of help? I'm going to go through with this so I want to know my options." "You ever heard of nasuverse boy?" I deadpanned him. He coughed into his hand "well you'll get a servant per world, they don't carry over per world because they'll stay in your personal dimension. It's like the camp from Percy jackson with their houses being the worlds you visit. Your body will also have the ability to adapt to each world though you still have to adjust your abilities."

Hmm so I get servants, a peerage system, a random power and world travel as long as I ensure plot happens. Doesn't sound that bad though I'm curious which worlds I'm going to.

I then asked "how is the servant picked?" "They are chosen based on the world you go to, they would relate to it somehow."

That's vague, does it mean if they have a counterpart in that world or if it's the same nationality. Most stories I'm familiar with are

Japanese which means Japanese servants. I then pulled a homer "mmmm raikou". "You truly are the right choice for the job, come boy! Spin the wheel!"

I then floated over to the wheel of powers that manifested out of mist. This thing is huge, covered in gold and the letters keep morphing on the prize options. Zeus looked giddy so I reached for the wheel and prepared to spin. Zeus then froze and said "uh oh". Why did he make the noise of a child that made an oopsie?

The wheel began to spin rapidly as I spun it pretty hard. I turned to him "what's wrong". He scratched his beard "the wheel may have connected with me, meaning your options are going to be based on my preferences." "Why is that a bad thing?" "I'm reaaaaaalllyyyyy into nasuverse, fics included".

Oh fuck, the wheel began to slow down before the letters began to change to something I'm familiar with. <jon snow <fate verse>. Wtf!!!! I turned to him "what kinda shit where you reading!!!!" He just sucked his lips into his mouth and made an expression like he just smashed a priceless vase on accident.

Suddenly my head began to pound and memories of the life of Jon snow cane flooding in. I screamed at the pain from all his experiences shaping my soul. A fate version of Westeros was much more dangerous than the TV version. Magic was more common and the white walkers were much more aggressive than the ones in the show. Plot was similar to the show but magic was much more present.

Sam had spells?!?! Ygritte had an enchanted bow!?!? Bran was even more bullshit!?!? I no jon had magic circuits like in fate. He had mana burst as a skill and his swordsmanship was much stronger than the shows version. My real name being kinda underwhelming, Aegon Targaryen.

The same ending happened but I had to experience everything jon did. Growing up as a bastard in Winterfell, joining the nights watch, going beyond the wall and mingling with wildlings, being betrayed and killed! Fucking olly! Fighting the white walkers!! Resurrection! Meeting Sansa and dealing with the Bolton! Rickon dying! Becoming the king in the north! Meeting Danny! Meeting Drogon! The meeting between everyone where we showed one of the zombies. The trial to get the fucking thing!

The massive battle to end all the white walkers! He lost so much that day, no I lost it. Memories of combat flooded into me showing me how to survive in the harshest climates and how to wield a sword to the best of what the world could offer. I also gained memories of ghost, messing around with edd and Sam.

The raid on kings landing! I killed danny and the throne was melted by dragon fire! My imprisonment by the unsullied and my brother/ cousin being made king. My sentence to rejoin the nights watch and bidding well to my family. Arya, sansa, bran and the rest of the starks who came after them.

I remember leading the wildings beyond the old wall into the haunted forest and my beginning of exploring the entirety of the true north. It took years! I laid with more wildlings and cane to terms with my guilt of killing Danny. I met supernatural creatures who tutored me in their ways. I found the corpse of hodor, I gave him a true north burial.

As I grew older my body weakened, I felt the pains of it. I was visited my by my sisters once, they introduced me to their sons. Rickon and robb, I laughed at how similar the two were to their uncles. My last memories were of returning to kings landing due to summons of king bran.

The kingdom went to shit once the golden bank came claiming their money. Excuses bought time and down payments were made. Soon another war began and I was called to serve, so that's what I did. I died on the battle field riddled with poisoned arrows and slash wounds. Fire didn't work on me after all. After that I blinked and was back in the marble room.

Zeus clapped "well jon snow, now you know true culture" I then chuckled and said "I understood that reference" which made the magnificent beard open and show a toothy grin.

He then read out "Jon snow, saber class meaning you possess the riding skill and the magic resistance equivalent to a dragon. Your personal skills include your charisma, battle continuation and lastly Targaryen blood which gives you immunity to flames, resistance to the cold and favour among dragons. Hmm can't read their rating but I assume their high.

Noble phantasm? Longclaw: a Valyrian steel blade originally belong to house Mormont but was passed to Jon snow. It accompanied him for most of his life after he received it. Received the blessing of the lord of fire making it extremely powerful against undead and evil creatures. Has the ability to cut magic and never rust.

Second phantom? King crows cloak: the cloak was a typical nights watch cloak built to withstand the lowest of temperatures and harshest of winters. After jon snow became the 998th leader it became modified. Jon kept this cloak for almost his entire life since he gained it, after he took his second exhile numerous magical enchantments were added to the cloak my the mystic folk beyond the wall. It will protect the user from harm, always keep the user warm, form to suit the user and can even change design."

Well shit! Those do sound epic. Zeus then looked down to me "hmm your a man now that you've experienced those hardships. You couldn't remember your first name so I'll just call you jon. Your surname can be snow, Targaryen or even stark. Now then I would ask what works you'd like to go to but I have a suggestion".

He is gifting me the opportunity so why not? "Which world zeus?" "Hows Harry Potter sound? Jon snow has experience dealing with magic but not much in terms of spell craft. I'll gift you a few things for letting me send you there."

I closed my eyes in thought, I can use magic but was never well trained in it. Perhaps he is right, that worlds magic is simple. There are also a lot of British servants. A knight of the round table would make a fine companion or astolpho would be fun, tricking hogwarts students with his trap would be enjoyable.

"Sure I don't mind". But after I said those words he front kicked me through another portal and shouted "good luck John!" I felt myself falling through the Abyss. I felt the ground approaching so my instincts kicked in.

I landed on my feet fully dawned in my battle gear with my cloak and armour equipped and long claw at my side. I heard clanking so I turned towards the noise. My eyes widened when I saw who this was "that armour!"

Smithsonian86_ Smithsonian86_

Hey everyone, decided to shake things up a little and try a different god. Was thinking of doing a HP fic so decide why not? If you any suggestions for the other worlds then let me know in the comments.

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