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84.81% Solitude's Requiem / Chapter 67: The Battle Progresses

The Battle Progresses - Solitude's Requiem - Chapter 67 by Jelle4Novels full book limited free

Chapter 67: The Battle Progresses

'Dammit, how did he get there!' I yell mentally, trying to keep my cool which is quite the challenge thanks to the glaive in my chest.

Using my dark magic, I create spikes of darkness out of my wings. Aeron dodges easily, but that was to be expected. He had to pull out his glaive from my chest which was the goal of my spell. I fly backward as Aeron tries to go in for a finishing blow. It seems I'm still more mobile however as I manage to parry and dodge his attack, giving my regeneration a chance to fix the hole in my chest.

I decide to use some distance spells to keep him at bay, he manages to dodge most of them pretty easily. A fireball does manage to hit but the damage seems rather minimal.

'Why doesn't he use his ethereal form to dodge those? Is it simply not worth it or is it because he's flying?' I ask myself, hoping that he doesn't have anymore annoying tricks left.

I can't wonder for too long as Aeron comes to attack me once more. I use blood magic to enhance my physical attributes to give me the upper hand in the clash of our weapons. As soon as our weapons clash, I use my dark magic to try and devour Aeron.. He deflects my clash and strikes my dark magic, dispelling it in one expertly executed swoop.

'His glaive can dispel magic? Then why hasn't he dispelled my spear yet?' I ask myself trying to find a solid plan of attack against the wraith knight.

Using my enhanced strength and mobility I manage to strike Aeron. He of course uses his ethereal form to dodge it.

'Got you.' I think to myself a smile appearing on my face. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-requiem_20734975506459205/the-battle-progresses_56732526160433761">;s-requiem_20734975506459205/the-battle-progresses_56732526160433761</a> for visiting.

"I stop the movement of my Bloodbound spear in the middle of Aeron's ethereal chest. He's unable to strike me whilst in this form as his weapon has also taken an ethereal form to match that of his appearance.

"Let's see if you could have used your ethereal form on my distance spells, shall we?" I say out loud towards the wraith knight called Aeron, a devilish smile upon my face as there is a chance that I could finally land a strike upon my opponent.

My throat starts to heat up, a familiar metallic taste could be tasted. I open my mouth wide agape as I spew fire mixed with blood magic towards the wraith knight. The dark red flames actively try to destroy anything in its path as they engulf the wraith knight.

I keep spewing fire mixed with blood towards my opponent, unaware of the result yet hopeful that my hypothesis is right. An ethereal singed hand reaches out to me, going towards my throat before facing through it.

A screech of agony could be heard coming from inside the colon of fire I have created. A spectral body could be seen crashing towards the ground, getting devoured by dark red flames resembling the colors of roses.


Aeron impacts with the ground almost like a burning boulder being thrown off the castle wall. His ethereal form fades as he stands up, the flames still attacking his essence.

'Well, that seems to at least have done something.' I note to myself looking at the singed spectral body of Aeron.

Aeron drops his ethereal form as he immediately dispels the flames with a simple flick of his glaive. Damage has already been done however and it seems that I have the edge in the fight now.

I spew fire imbued with blood once more as Aeron holds out his glaive to stop the storm of fire before it reaches him. I dive in the storm of flames, The beautiful dark red flames start burning my exposed skin.

'If you're blocking the flames then that means your not in your ethereal form.' I think, having decided on my plan of attack.

I rush through the flames that scar me as I dive slightly to the left to avoid going headfirst in his glaive. I know roughly the distance as I prepare my Bloodbound spear to strike the wraith knight. Coming out of the fire, I immediately managed to notice Aeron and strike him with my Bloodbound spear.

His ethereal form hasn't dropped yet as I manage to put my spear through his abdomen piercing the armor he wears. Another loud unnatural screech comes from his mouth, a scream of pure agony and hatred.

I control the flames around my body, stopping myself from getting burned any further. Aeron tries to stab me with the glaive which I manage to block with my left hand. My strength is still enhanced thanks to the altering of my blood flow and it seems I'm capable of matching that of the 2 meters tall wraith knight.

His other hand reaches for my throat once more as he manages to grab ahold of my throat. Seeing how he hasn't tried to stop the spear from doing even more damage, I decided to counterattack. I twist my spear throughout his abdomen, clearly doing quite a lot of damage whilst Areon has my neck in a choking hold.

'Do you truly think that you will be able to choke me out before I manage to cut my way to your head?' I start to ask myself mentally, trying to think if there is some other grand plan I'm missing.

The wound on Aeron's abdomen widens as I make my way upwards even managing to reach his chest. A sizing sound can be heard as the fog of illusion starts to leak from his wounds.

'Can I finish this before it enthralls me?' I mentally ask myself, seeing the fog spread at an incredibly rapid pace. It quickly rises towards my knees, making it clear that it will engulf me before I manage to slice Aeron's head.

I start to curse in my head as I dispel the Bloodbound spear and summon a Bloodbound dagger, stabbing the hand that's keeping me in place. His grip loosens keeping me from getting choked however it's not enough to let me go.

The fog has risen considerably as It engulfs us completely, visions begin to cloud my mind.

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