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Chapter 11: 4 Months

Things were going pretty well and I was enjoying my time with Natasha. We would occasionally go to Stark tower to help Tony and Pepper, some time to time dates. And sometimes we would spar.

Today was one of such days were we would spar using daggers. In front of me Natasha was standing drenched in sweat wearing her training cloths with a pony tail and she looked quiet erotic in such state

She was having difficulty fighting me because of speed and my strength which were already greater than Captain america.

Speaking of which from the records it's seems that Captain is already awake.

Back to the training, I may be strongand fast but the only reason I am able to win is because of high endurance and stamina.

She is so skilled in fighting that she could counter with only using her pure skills. Now I could finally understand why she was able to fight with all those beings.

My level may be stuck but my stats and skills were slowly but still growing. Ending our spar we went back together to take a shower. Natasha was going back to S.H.I.E.L.D HQ seem like Fury already found couple of missions for her.

After Natasha went back i made started making a army of drones and made 50 or something to minimize the casualties from the Chitauri invasion.

They were just like those which Tony was going to build in the future but mine did not have projectors as it was a technology that has yet to be pioneered.


[P.R.I.M.E]: sir the S.H.I.E.L.D base has been attacked"." Thanks for telling me " . It seems it finally began. I completed all the necessary preparation and was thinking what should I say to join the team and a call rang.

I picked up the phone and answered " what do I own the pleasure of being called directly by director of S.H.I.E.L.D". " Well we are in situation i would like it if you could give us a hand Mr Anderson". "Well then i will come as i am also getting borden by just lazing around ". "Then Agent Coulson will come to pick you up with someone else".

The next say a Coulson apparen eithe a jet in front of my house."Long time no see Coulson how's job these days did Fury gave you a vacation"." I am doing very well and I don't think I will get a vacation any time"

"Well look who we have her soldier Jake Anderson reporting for duty sir" while saluting. Steve let out a chuckled and said "at ease soldier". While chatting we arrived at our destination and were greeted with Natasha.

I immediately took her into my embrace and said" good to see you" in return I heard "me too". Steve was quite surprised by this and I told him about me and Natasha being together.

After introducing with each other Coulson left us and we found Banner nervous looking around himself. We approached him and Steve introduced himself "Dr Banner i am Steve Rogers nice to meet you". Banner replied "They told me you were coming " heard you could find the cube". "Is that the only thing you heard?" "Only thing I care about"

Then it came to my introduction and said " Dr. Banner hello my names Jake I read your research paper and and also big fan of your other side." "Well hello this is my first time hearing about someone being a fan of hulk."

Natasha interjected " gentlemen you need to get inside it is going to be difficult to breathe " "Is it a submarine " Steve said looking quite exited and Bruce after hearing this said" so they want me in a submerged pressurized metal container " hearing this i and Natasha chuckled. Both of them went to take a look and then i heared Bruce saying " oh no no this is much worse"

The Helicarrier started levitating into the air we all got inside and went inside the control room where Fury was waiting for us . Fury went to Bruce and said "thankyou for comming Dr." "Thankyou for asking nicely"

While they were having a conversation on how to find tesseract I interject" Loki is in Germany" they looked at me dumbfounded except Natasha.

Fury " how did you know" " i hacked every single camera on the planet with internet access to do a facial recognition to find Loki , Barton and other and it seems Barton is also their."

"Well thank you Mr Anderson you are very efficient and Agent Romanoff show Dr Banner where he will we working and cap you are up" fury said and I said I also want to go and don't worry I can handle my self pretty well."


Things went just like the movie Loki surrenderd after Tony's arrival. We went back with Tony and Loki new additions to our crew.

Then a thunder Strom came "what scared of little lightning " steve asked. "I'm not fond of what comes after" loki replied. What does that mean". Thor arrived took Tony and Cap went after them things followed same as in the movie.

We reached Helicarrier Fury put Loki in the cell.

(Steve): Thor any idea what Loki's plan.

(Thor): He has a army name Chitauri not known to any world. He will give them the tesseract and they will give him earth.

(Bruce): so he's building another portal. Thats what he needs Erik selvige for.

(Thor ): Sellvige.

(Bruce ): An astrophysicist .

(Thor): he's a friend.

(Steve): why did then Loki let us take him.

(Bruce): we should not focus on him his brain is full of cats smells fishy.

(Thor): Think what you speak he still my brother.

(Natasha): he killed 90 people in a single day.

(Thor): adopted.

(Bruce): what do they need it for.

"It's a stabilizing agent" said me and a voive at the same time ot was Tony.

(Tony): means the portal won't collapse on itself and would stay open as long as loki need.

He started planting the bug in S.H.I.E.L.D database. And pointed towards some one playing games. "How does Fury even see this" " He turn's" answered Maria hill then he said " Barton could get his hands on the other things but he still need a major component" " a power source" both me and Tony said at the same time looked at each other and smiled. Maria than asked" when did two of you became expert in field of thermonuclearastrophysics " she got the answer at the same time last night/yesterday.

Same thing happen and he also told Bruce" i am huge green thing when you turn angry". Brucethen said"now this the second time someone told me they are my fans".

Fury came in the mean time and said " Dr Banner is just here to find the cube, you and Mr Anderson will help him.

Stark and Bruce started serching for the cube and Invited him to come to stark tower.

Tony gave a little shock to Bruce and said" look it's perfectly fine, what's your secret "

Then came Steve " hey you could put lives of several people on the line, no offense Dr.

"No problem if I could not even take this much i would not be even here".said Bruce.

"You need to relax" said tony. "And you need to focus on the work" told Steve to Tony. "You think I not , why do you think that fury called us and why now. What's he hiding from us." "What you think he is hiding something from us". "He is a spy captain, he is the spy even his secretes have secrets it's bugging both of them too" while pointing at Banner and me. Steve as asked" Dr." Then Bruce said " why do you think S.H.I.E.L.D needs a energy source what are they doing in this field in the first place ." "And I will get every little secret of S.H.I.E.L.D when the encrypted file will be done and i will know every single secret they tried to hide" Tony replied. Before Steve could say anything I said" I already did "

They all looked at me as it looked like their jaw will drop and I continued " S.H.I.E.L.D tried to hack into my database so I hacked them and I am monitoring their every single activity" all three of them said " you did what". "Well I don't like someone trying to spy on my daily life and I didn't want to be on a file in their database as like every organization S.H.I.E.L.D also has many rats lurking around " .

"Then what did you find out kid and good work but don't hack into my privacy."

"Well it's called phase 2, making weapons by harnessing the power of tesseract."

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