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68.08% Son of The Night / Chapter 31: Chapter 26: Teasing War

Chapter 26: Teasing War - Son of The Night - Chapter 31 by DaoOfGay full book limited free

Chapter 31: Chapter 26: Teasing War

Eny just came back when it was almost dawn, the sun was setting and he was walking to the cave with a 5-foot tall carcass of a Giant Scorpion that he was eating as a snack. He sighed when he saw the cave and thought of how awkward it will be from now on... And just as he entered the cave he saw Luke, Pruno, and Thalia around a campfire near the entrance of the cave. When both boys saw him, they blushed as he was still in his Minotaur form and only wearing a big silk skirt to cover his private parts that were dangling... Minotaurs have big dicks, or so they thought because of how big Eny was now...

Slowly his body began to shrink as he returned to his human form, his brown fur returned to his body as his muscles and horn began to slowly disappear, he was still muscular but not as much as his Minotaur form looked quite... "meaty".

Sighing, Eny crunched down the scorpion's tail and swallowed it as his mouth unhinged like a snake, this was one of the uses he could do with his partial transformation! Momentarily allow his body to take something from one of his forms and then use it, like claws, his teeth that now were sharper than before, his mouth and tongue, and his poison immunity. As he swallowed the tail of the scorpion that should be much bigger than his stomach, something happened. Using one of the abilities of his Giant Snake form, the tail began to be digested while entering the stomach, dissolving faster than its shoulder have. This was the highest metabolism together with the highest acid he could produce, just to eat a giant scorpion in his human form.

Burping satisfied, Eny looked at the mixed shocked/disgusted expression she had and smirked at her, for some reason Pruno snapped the stick he was using to poke the campfire seconds ago with just his clenched knuckle, and the branch looked a little thicker than his fingers, so the strength he used to snap the twig was too big. Eny raised an eyebrow as his brain analyzed this and smirked towards Pruno too, who, when noticing his stare, blushed slightly before giving half of the broken stick to Luke who had a thoughtful expression on his face.

Eny didn't know what both did but they seemed to be thinking about something because they not only looked at each other from time to time but also at Eny with a smile that made his heart flutter, he didn't know what they talked about but he felt like it would make his wait till they are 18 harder... He is sure of it.

And it did.

They started a full-on war against Eny.

How exactly? The seduction war. They would do anything to try and get Eny to at least kiss one of them like it was some sort of competition between him and them, a game of some sort. And he was losing... They knew what he liked and used it against him, so every time he would do something he liked they would be there together to try and spend more time together than they already do.

He would transform into his Nemean Lion form or Chimera form to lazily lie on the rocks and sleep like the big cat he was, they would be there to lie beside him and even do some massage to his mane, hands that comfortably touched his skin and made him relax... Until a hand would go lower and lower down his waist and make him uncomfortably aware of his nether regions as he gets up and runs from them.

He would take a bath on a river? They would also be there of course and offer to wash his body for him, he accepted like always did but he didn't know why their touch felt different than it normally would, like it was softer and felt more like feathers brushing against his skin than fingers touching his body. Maybe it was because his skin was thick and hard, or was it because he knew they wanted something more? He didn't know the reason but he was extremely aware of their naked bodies pressing against his own or how their necks looked a little bit... biteable. Like they needed a beautiful bite mark on their neck... But he always shook his head and fought his monster instincts to mate.


Not yet. He felt like it would be against the law if he does. They are minors while his soul isn't, his mind isn't, and his body is growing even faster than normal and he has the body of a young adult at the age of 15! Even though it is very enticing and feels like a forbidden act, which makes it even harder to resist. But he will, one of the reasons is that it is putting his [Skill] Willpower to the test, and if he continues like that maybe it will increase in proficiency. It is 97% now. And like that, February passed, March passed, April passed, and May passed.

He grew used to having Thalia in their group as she wanted to be a part of it to increase her survival, she just had to ignore some of the flirtings that happened between the three as although Luke was very shy, with Pruno's help he could flirt with Eny and make him a little surprised by the boldness of his flirting. He started to get used to their flirting and fought back, making them blush and sometimes even run away embarrassed.

If you're wondering, Eny was keeping a score.

Till now, he made both blush:

Luke: 153 times

Pruno: 52

Enter into a cute little panic:

Luke: 112

Pruno: 45

Made them run away embarrassed:

Luke: 33 (Because most of the time he couldn't move because he would just stay there, blushing and not moving, Eny had to touch him or even kiss him to make him run away.)

Pruno: 132 (He would just make some excuse to leave, most didn't make sense like: "I have to water the lake", he said that once)

And talking about kissing... Although Eny felt like it was somewhat strange at first, he soon got used to it.

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His first kiss was with Pruno when he fell, he tried to hold on to something but ended up dragging Eny with him. Well, Eny didn't fall, something made him fall by hitting his feet, and that something was a vine that grew from the ground. He remembers how he smirked and followed Pruno's plans and pressed him down to the ground, seeing that his plan "worked", Pruno had a small smirk on his lips.

He slowly approached Eny's lips with his own and right before kissing him, he whispered in his ear: "Sorry, i kinda panicked and tried to get a vine to help me..." It was at that moment Eny knew what his plan was, to tease him, make him expect something, and then do something completely different. "You're playing with fire, little boy," Eny growled annoyed at that, he expected Pruno to try and kiss him, did he want it? Did he want to kiss him? Oh, fuck it! "I guess I should teach you a lesson then, In how not to push me too far..." Grabbing Pruno's chin, he kissed him. Pruno's pink eyes widened in surprise as he felt Eny's tongue entering his mouth and pushing against his, he was surprised and could not try to even move his tongue when his mouth was already being explored.

Why does it feel like his tongue was getting bigger?

Well, because it was. Eny was changing his tongue to his snake tongue to wrap his tongue around Pruno's and fill his mouth with his own. Pruno felt weak to his legs, he could no longer move them as completely forgot why he was on the ground, eventually, as the kiss continued, he forgot who he was as all he could do was focus on the taste and feeling of kissing Eny.

The kiss only lasted for about 30 seconds, but it felt like minutes, he was gasping for air when Eny was done teasing him. He licked his lips and whispered on Pruno's ear: "Delicious..." Before getting up and leaving him there, on the ground, breathless and a blushing mess.

-Flashback Ends-

And if you're wondering, no, that did not stay in the same cave for months. They went around the country, fighting monsters and having fun, Thalia soon became part of the family in both Luke's and Pruno's eyes but in Enychta's... She was only a good friend.

Not in the same level as both Pruno and Luke, but he would fight alongside her and help her with what she needs... Talking about that, she recently asked for their help to follow a goat.

And they went with her.

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