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99.54% Soul Evolution System / Chapter 219: Chapter 217 Battle at Gaia (Part 1)

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Chapter 219: Chapter 217 Battle at Gaia (Part 1)

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(POV 3rd person- Barl)

At night, in a building that served as the headquarters for an organization, several men were gathered. They were all seated around a table, and all of them were leaders of other organizations smaller or slightly larger than this one.

A few days ago, the rumor that someone had found an area with an energy level of 10 had become known around the Eltin Forest. Unfortunately for the one who discovered it, it was almost impossible for something like this to remain hidden for a long time, and even more so because that place was quite frequented by adventurers.

So when this rumor reached the ears of organization leaders, they all also wanted a slice of the cake... the only thing that stop them from getting it, was that the one taking possession of that place was someone with a great influence behind them, but after investigating, they found that these lucky people were only a small group of women... very beautiful ones at that.

Knowing this information, it wasn't long until someone decided to take the initiative to try to take over that place. Sadly, any leader around Barl knew that even if he could take that place from those women, it most likely wouldn't be long until someone else did the same to them.

After all, all the surrounding organizations didn't have a very big difference in strength between them. So if a single organization took the propriety from that place, it wouldn't take long to have to hand it over to someone else. So whoever takes it at that time, he couldn't keep it for himself for long.

The good news was that the place wasn't small, so if they weren't overly selfish and demanding, then various groups could share it. And furthermore, ensure they could keep the place for themselfs.

That was the reason why all these leaders were gathered now, all of them had set their sights on that area and already considered it their property.

"Okay, so all of us here have come to an agreement about how to divide the place between ourselves... does anyone have a complaint?"

"No, that's fine with me. "

"I also agree"


After discussing with each other, it seemed that all of them were satisfied… or so it was for most of them. The only exception were two people who raised their voices once the others had expressed their agreement.

"... I retire from this, I will not participate in this plan"

"…me either"

The ones who speak, contrary to what the other leaders expected when they saw them shake their heads in denial, it was not to demand more for themselfs and instead announced their departure from this plan, and that surprised them.

Especially seeing the former one that spoke. Since he was the leader of one of the most bigger organizations gathered here, perhaps surpassed only by the person who had led the conversation so far... in fact, if it were not for the group women they would have to face was not very great, their departure would undoubtedly greatly affect their plans.

" What's up Jurnel-san? Do you really don't want to take a part of that territory?"

"Sorry... but I don't think it is necessary for our group to take possession of such a place... it is too early for us"

Unable to resist it any longer, another of the leaders asks the reason for his decision and obtained such an answer. Hearing that, everyone there knew that those were just silly excuses, plus, he was practically slapping a lot of those leaders in the face since if his group wasn't worthy of such place, then they could practically only dream about it.

Unfortunately, no one was able to answer him anything, as was mentioned, he was still the leader of one of the largest organizations there. So the only one who could say anything was the man who was now squinting at him, but since he now had more important things to deal with, he just let it go.

So, instead, the attention of the others went to the other man who had refused, and this time the speaker was the one who had led the conversation so far.

"What is your excuse for not wanting to join us?"

"I-I... I'm afraid it won't be as easy to get that place as everyone thinks..."

Seeing that the leader of a group much larger than his was watching him with obvious displeasure, the other man who had refused had no choice but to respond submissively while cursing in his head the person who had left him in such an awkward situation.

"…why do you say that?

From what we have investigated, they are only a small group of women. Besides, is apparently that the only thing they have done during the time they got here was to recruit other women… and those new recruits of them are all simple women, nothing for us to worry about.

If there is a problem, it is that they apparently have some strong magic weapons... that will certainly be a small inconvenience, but as we all know, all magic weapons need large amounts of energy to lfunction. So we just have to wear them down a bit, and then everything will be easy "

"... no, I do not talk about rumors of such weapons. My fear is due to another reason...

I don't know if you all saw it but around the protective walls that were built, there was a plant that was spread all around it… "

"Hahaha... s-so, your fear is due to a simple plant?"

"Damn, and I was starting to worry..."

Idiot, if you're scared because one plant, then how the hell are you even an adventurer now? We regularly have to go to places full of those! "

The first words of that man had made all other men's frown and so they began to wonder if they overlooked something, but then, after listen to him, several taunts rain down on him.

Because of this, a little upset and with his face reddened by the mix of shame and anger, that man raises his voice trying to explain himself better.

"That was not a normal plant! I had never seen it, and I had only read about it in some books... is true that the plant itself is something scary, but the scariest thing is something else!!

According to those books, that plant must have been a Luciferian Venus… a somewhat rare plant, and its main characteristic is that it practically devours everything that comes close to it… "

"Well… it may not be a normal plant, but it doesn't sound that scary either. After all, there are many ways to take care of it without taking any risk. "

After listening to the man continue, the teasing stopped a bit, but as the man who had taken the leadership of all of them said, it was not something so scary either. But then, his next words caused everyone to frown and some even trembled a little.

"That was not all the book said... written in its pages it said that this plant grows stronger by swallowing everything it can, but by doing that, it only causes that its vines are more resistant and its mouth digest its food faster…

The problem is that if that plant gets to eat humans, then it begins to spread little by little... t-the damned plant that was there has practically covered the entire walls!! A-According to the book, in order for it to grow that way, then it would have to swallow several hundred thousand people! Hundreds of thousands, do you understand?!!

T-The fearsome thing is not that plant itself... what scares me more is the person who has been feeding it with so many people!! That person must treat others as fertilizer for his damned plant! "

This time no one says anything and only silence invades the room where everyone was. If we talk about numbers, probably that number of people for the population of Gaia is something insignificant that it is not even worth mentioning if that number of people dies, after all, the disappearance of whole cities or towns were not an unusual thing here.

But to think that a single person took that many lives, that was a totally different matter... if someone knew a person who had done such a thing, then most likely, people would want to be as far away from him as they pray for don't disturb him.

"M-Maybe it's just exaggerations from that book you read?"

"I-It is true! Feeding it with monsters like goblins may have the same effect too... although that is still a large number of monsters to feed that plant, that type of monster is an endless plague and with sufficient money it is not impossible to buy the bodies of a number like that "

"Yes, yes. He is right, also from what I've heard, that group of women seem to be quite rich. So, that possibility is even greater. "

After a time of silence, the other men begin to speak and trying to find more reasonable excuses for the possible explanation of the size of that plant, the more they talked, the more convinced they were of their own words thus reducing the fear that had arisen in them.

"... no, that book said that it was necessary that they be humans or humanoid creatures... apparently, the brains of advanced races were the best fertilizer for this plant"

"Well, that doesn't matter. Even if the cause is what you say, what we want to take is a level 10 zone, therefore, some risks to achieve it are justified. "

Seeing that man was going to insist on his words, the most influential leader here speaks to stop him. Although he believed that his group was capable enough to take that area by themselves, he needed more groups to be able to keep this in his possession despite having to spread it out a bit.

So if more organizations desisted from this alliance, that would end up being disadvantageous for him and therefore he had to intervene to prevent that from happening.

"Well ... since this matter has nothing to do with me, then I will retire. I wish you all luck… "


Then, after all this, the other leader who had rejected the offer to join, stands from his chair and then begins to walk to the exit while saying that. Seeing this, the man who had spoken about the plant also takes the opportunity to withdraw.

With them leaving, the other leaders take up the previous topic and begin planning how to take over that group of women.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------

" How was the meeting, leader?"

The leader who had one of the largest organizations in Barl and who had refused to participate in the plan of the alliance of several organizations, upon reaching the building of his HQ is questioned by his second in command.

"As we had thought, that meeting was to take control of the area that the group of women discovered recently. That bunch of idiots was already handing out that area before they got it… it was kind of stupid, so I just rejected their offer to join them. "

" Leader… is that really okay?

That area is still quite valuable and probably there are not many from these throughout all the Kingdom of Delna... if we miss this opportunity, we may not have another "

"…that's the problem. That area would not only attract the attention of the nearby organizations of the city of Barl and at a later time this will spread throughout the Kingdom... therefore even if all the organizations in this entire region were united, they couldn't do something against only one of the largest organizations in the capital.

Also… "

Nobody in their right mind would not want to be able to have their base in such good space, but this leader knew very well that to be able to do that, then he first had to have the strength to do so.

So after hearing him say that, the sub-leader was thoughtful while also waiting for him to continue with what he had to say.

"You should have recently found out that another of Barl's organizations was exterminated in one night, right? As far as I know, that has to do with the witch from the alchemy store… that woman must be at least at 8th limit to be able to exterminate all that group in just a few minutes..."

"O-On the 8th limit?"

" … And I think I am making a modest evaluation. Most likely that woman is on the 9th limit. Also, the problem is that apparently she has some relationship with these women… so, annoying that group mean to annoy her too "

Hearing that, the sub-leader could only swallow his saliva loudly. Although a person at that level is not invincible and there are even cases where they are killed by people weaker than them, the normal in Gaia was for a person with a higher limit to kill the weaker one more easily.

So, a person like him who was only in the 4th limit and who hadn't even opened his energy nucleus to think to face someone who has twice the limits than he, that would only be considered as suicide. The only way to do that was to possess a magic weapon or strong items, but unfortunately with his strength he did not have access to them.

"Haaa... it's a shame, this would have been a great opportunity for our organization"

"Don't be so discouraged. This does not mean that we cannot profit from all this... who knows? It's even possible that we can still get a piece of that space for ourselves… and in more secure way too. "

With the words of his leader, the spirit of this man returns and then begins to watch him with enthusiasm as if inciting him to continue and not leave him in doubt. Seeing his subordinate acting in this way, with a smile on his face, the leader pleases him by replying.

"It is something simple, information has always been something with quite high value, so we only need to sell this one to an organization in the capital, and then we can get some advantages... even if the other party is a bit stingy, maintaining a close relationship with someone from the capital still it worth it. "

"Hehehehe, that sounds great! We can earn good profits and with much less risk than having to deal with this group of women... especially to that witch. Also, as the leader says, the group we contacted may be generous and give us a piece of that space!!

With a group from the capital protecting property that field, it would be almost impossible for someone else in this kingdom to decide to take it away from us!! "

"Well, then we should prepare for a little trip. I have some acquaintances in the capital who will make things easier for us. "

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------

Very early in the morning, the city of Barl looked much more hectic than normal… several adventurer groups from different organizations had gathered here, and all of them seemed to be preparing for a fight.

With the shock that all this had caused, it did not take long to reach Lena's ears who was now outside her small store observing all this.

"Haaa... seriously, it seems that the boy and those girls won't let these old bones rest..."

The rumor that a group of women had found a level 10 zone was now running in everyone's mouth in the city of Barl, so after hearing the keywords from it, Lena was quick to relate it to Alexander and his group.

It really seemed like a small army had gathered here, so Lena couldn't help but frown. She understood well that Alexander and his group were not weak but facing this many people, even for her would be very annoying... so, she thought that without a doubt to overcome this would be a test for her two disciples... well, for her disciple and the boy who decided to teach in passing.

"The store will be closed until further notice, some things have come up that I have to do!"

After making a decision, she drives off people in her store and then closes to go ahead of this small army.

"Well, let's just think that it's hard to find a good disciple these days, so it would be a shame to lose Shisuka... really, that girl is good at winning people's affection."

"Great!! My debt may be canceled because of this!! "

"You are a witch… I will tell Alexander-sama when he gets back to Barl. I can't believe that you sold weapons and other items to that group of people! "

"Business is Business, you should remember that Celi. That was the first thing I taught you when I took you on as a disciple… plus, you shouldn't call your Master a witch. "

"Fuck you bitch! I can't believe you still want me to call you master after what happened before... "

"Th-Those are the difficulties of being a merchant, Celi-chan..."

Saying that to motivate herself, Lena begins her journey with hurried steps towards the place Shisuka had told her that she would go for a few days while listening to that when passing by a small store... apparently, each person had their own problems. At least, her disciple treated her with a lot of respect compared to that girl who looked at her master with resentment.


Written By: Drack

Edited By: XArezzX

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