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89.09% Soul Harvesting Is A Profitable Occupation / Chapter 49: A Violent Daughter

A Violent Daughter - Soul Harvesting Is A Profitable Occupation - Chapter 49 by Ri_Yen full book limited free

Chapter 49: A Violent Daughter


Andrew's calm mental state was shattered when he had heard Duke Lystria utter that sentence. He was not sure if he had misheard. He was even questioning if he had gotten too old and was losing his hearing.

In the end, he decided he had not gone crazy but rather the world had gone crazy since he met with Daren and decided to gain his assistance in certain tasks.

"Well. I can't really tell you much about what happened. It's confusing enough for me so I'm sure you won't be able to handle the truth." said Daren as he looked at the marquess with a scrutinizing expression.

After yelling his heart out in that one sentence, Andrew calmed down and sat back in his red, comfy chair.

'Go ahead. Try me!" he said while giving his best attempt at a serious and confident look.

This didn't work out since his facial muscles could be held in the right way due to his scholarly looks.

Chanela let out a "Pfft" and covered her mouth quickly to hide try and suppress her laughter. The marquess was basically clowning himself

Celina and Daren were mere mature than this sister of theirs and kept a relaxed expression. Internally though, they were laughing their asses off.

"Heh. Ok then. That wyvern is the little girl that Yeon took to rest. She is also our daughter. The reason she was looked like a wyvern was because of an all-powerful being that sealed her memories and separated us from her. This supreme being did this because they were bored wanted to test us out for fun."

What Daren said had a healthy mixture of lies and truth. By doing that, it would only confuse the guy in front of you more as nothing would really make sense.

"If you don't want to tell me the truth then I'll let it be. Why would you even provide such a ludicrous story? I can believe that she's your daughter.

She looks exactly like her mother but has your eyes. I would be blind not to see the resemblance.

About her being a the wyvern, I don't want to believe it but I have to since there's no arguing what hundreds of soldiers saw." said Andrew after processing Daren's tiny story.

He would never believe the supposed bull crap that Daren was feeding him, Since the emperor was going to handle it personally, there was no reason for him to bite of more than he could chew.

He would just ignore Daren's background and circumstances as he has always been doing. This was, of course, written in the secret agreement that they had signed.

Daren scoffed slightly as he had expected that this educated man would not believe him. This was the guy that looked at facts and nothing else.

Since he had no proof that a higher being (aka - the system) was at play here, this guy would not digest the story he was trying to feed him.

"We don't want you to know anyways so it's better if you just keep out of crazy things like this. That being said, I would like to rest if you don't mind.

The spar against my daughter was tiring so I'd like to sleep for the rest of the day. Wake me up when it's dinner time."

Daren then got up from his chair and left the room. The maid that had originally been waiting for them outside the dining room was now in front of the study doors.

Daren asked her to show him a room in which he could get some shut-eye. The maid did as he asked and did not question him one bit.

All the servants had gotten used to Celina and his presence at the mansion as they often ate lunch or dinner at the estate.

The maids especially liked the beautiful, young couple coming over as they were able to provide the staff with lots of fantasy material. Commoner always like gossiping about the rich or beautiful.

Since they knew that Daren and Celina had both, they would always keep an eye out for the two as they made for great gossip material.

Since they were familiar with them, the maids listened to them without their master having to say anything. Since the masters did not show any objection to their favoritism towards the couple, the staff always put in extra effort to keep them happy.

The staff loved having a pair of fresh faces with the energy of youth radiating glamorously at them.

Daren was led to a decent-sized bedroom where the red sheet was all sparkly clean while the pillows looked very fluffy.

He thanked the maid while displaying his charismatic smile once again. He slowly closed the door and his face went to an exhausted expression as he jumped onto the comfortable bed. He took off all his clothes and tossed them to the ground.

They have been ripped anyways so there was no longer any use for them.

He shut his eyes while naked in bed. He slowly organized his thoughts and the huge mess of information he had just come to know. There were still some questions lingering on ut he was dead tired at this point.

Even though his physical strength was quite good and he could go without sleep for days, his mental fatigue was high from all the thinking.

It didn't take him long to fall asleep and drift into a dreamless slumber.


"Uack!" coughed out Daren as his nap was broken due to a sharp pain that he felt in his abdomen.

He lifted his eyelids only to find his cute daughter's fist jammed into his belly. She saw that her father was now awake.

In response, she stuck out her short and tiny tongue while placing a finger under the left eye She mocked her father and dashed out of the room like she was the wind itself.

Daren did not have time to protect himself and the system that was supposed to keep watch while he was sleeping never gave him a warning.

Even though he was Level 8 of Body strengthening, Chloe was only a level lower. Her full power punches could injure him gravely if aimed at the vitals.

"Thank god she held back. If not, I might have puked blood on her." he thought while lifting the quilt off his toned body and rubbing the part of the stomach where Cloe had attacked.

He knew that he told them to wake him up for dinner but never said they could beat him awake.

'Who even taught her to act like this? One second she's crying for her parents and the next she punching the living daylights out her dad.' Daren needed to interrogate his offspring.

There was so much he didn't know about his little girl and the system wouldn't let him have his memories back either. Getting to know his daughter is was now priority number one.

As Daren got off the bed, he felt a draft of cold air at his crotch. Even though the ice element made his body resistant to cold, he still felt exposed.

He looked around to see if they had left clothes for him as promised. He did a 36o degree scan of the room and found nothing of the sort and was unsure of what to do.

Before he could call out a maid for some clothes, a pair of young maids showed up in front of his door with clothes and towels in hand.

They looked at Daren's manly body and started to blush. The taller and slightly older-looking one had straight blonde hair. This maid scanned every inch of his perfection with excitement.

Her nose then let out two streams of blood that were spraying out like a powerful hose. She then fainted on the spot as this sight was too strong for her maiden eyes.

The younger, short blue-haired maid squealed slightly until she also fainted but without the nosebleed. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Daren wasn't expected the reactions of the two maids to be this extreme but he didn't mind. Embarrassed wasn't a word in his personal dictionary.

He was even proud of his god-like figure and lady-killing face so he thought it was only expected women to not handle the sight of his bare body.

'The only thing that can mighty conceal his this general down there would be some comfy pants.' he thought as his eyes were admiring his big dong.

He casually walked up to the maids that were laying on the ground unconscious and took the white clothes and bath towel.

He wanted to help the maids up and put lay their back to the wall or something but he decided not to. He was naked right now and touching a pair of unconscious young ladies would be an awkward situation to get out of if someone saw him.

That's why he left the two there and shook his head while closing the door to his room.

15 minutes later.

Daren walked down the stairs as his room was on the second floor. He paced through the over-decorated corridors and went into the recurring location of the dining room.

He was not the last one to arrive as Andrew and Margret were already seated and conversing quietly.

Daren heard the conversation with ease and learned that the couple was planning on going to the capital as well since they had family they wanted to visit. It had been quite some time since Margret had seen her father, the emperor.

With how freely and without restraints that Margaret talks and behaves, you would easily forget that she is a princess.

Andrew wanted to visit his parents and other relatives of the Hendrix family that lived in Asmodeus City.

The couple halted their conversation when they noticed that Daren had arrived. Andrew looked a little exhausted from all the paperwork he had to fill out due to the beast tide.

Margret looked energetic as always and started to take small sips of pre-dinner wine as that was her habit.

When Daren first saw the wine that they drunk in the marquess' mansion and got a whiff of its smell, he realized that it sucked.

As the technology lagged, wine-making methods were still somewhat crude and not as refined as the interstellar era. This was when he had received another fantastic idea for big and easy profits.

As he said down across from Andrew, Daren saw that he looked at Daren with a very minuscule amount of jealousy that was surprised by his calm eyes.

He thought why the marquess would have such emotion in his eyes was going to ask him about it until he internally shook his head.

'Right now is not time for boys talk.' he thought. There was a lady in front of him and he could sense Celina and Chloe walking toward the hall as well.

he wasn't going to make the mood awkward and was also in a hurry to eat. Food is something that he would never give up even if cultivation made it to where you didn't really have to eat.

Hunger is not something that cultivation could help with since it was a natural reaction.

Celina wore a shorter, light blue dress while Chloe, who was holding her mother's hand tightly, also wore a similar dress of the same color.

The dresses had embroidered white waves on them and made the two women look like angels or fairies. Whatever people considered being ethereal beauty, that's what the pair of mother and daughter are.

Daren almost lost control of his emotion and wanted to hug his adorable daughter but held back as he saw that she was planning on doing that for him.

Chloe let go of her mother's hand in a second and dashed towards her father who was dressed in a pair of loose white shirts and black pants.

Daren instinctively opened his arms for a hug but was caught off guard again as the girl shifted her stance midair and struck out her small, left fist.

Daren's reaction time and speed could easily let him dodge this time but for some reason, his body wouldn't move because his soul had made him stay in place.

It's like his soul wanted to accept the incoming punch. His soul was basically jumping up and down like a child when it felt Chloe's small yet destructive fist create shockwaves as it hammered down on his abs.

Daren wanted to puke again but for some strange reason, his face had a look of bliss. His soul felt emotions of nostalgia as if the punches from his innocent daughter were something that he endured often.

'It seems like I enjoyed the punches of my daughter and she did it quite a lot when backing then to punish me if I had made her angry. It doesn't make sense is why I would like though. It hurts too much for me to like it.' Daren thought.

[Idiot! Your strength at that time was at the Aura Formation rank. Your daughter was at still Body Strengthening rank. This means that any of her hits were not even a breeze to you.]

'Huh! I was that strong? How old was I then?'

[ You were 28. ]

"What the absolute fuck?" yelled Chanela's voice in his head.

She could also hear the conversation between him and the system. Her shocked voice spooked Daren and interrupted their conversation.

Ri_Yen Ri_Yen

Asmodeus City in the next chapter. We get an in-depth look at the Asmodeus Imperial Family as we delve deeper into the nation's politics.

Shout out to reader Shuishe for always correcting my mistakes!

Thanks for reading! Add to the library and send some of those shiny power stones to this story.

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