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7.54% Soul Harvesting Is A Profitable Occupation / Chapter 4: Balanced Or Broken?

Balanced Or Broken? - Soul Harvesting Is A Profitable Occupation - Chapter 4 by Ri_Yen full book limited free

Chapter 4: Balanced Or Broken?

'Yo system. how can you talk to me like a human?' Daren asked in his head.

"Hehe. I was born like this. I could think for myself since birth and I spent most of my time waiting for someone to talk to. I believe that I have been conscious for about 5 years now ." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

'What did you think about while you were waiting.'

"It was mostly what you call an existential crisis. Other times I would just go through the functions I provide and try to understand the best I can. The system is me and I am the system so I want to know myself the best I can."

Daren felt that the system was quite mature for a 5-year-old but there's it wasn't going to surprise him anymore since he has seen a lot of strange things in the universe. He was just glad to have someone to talk to.

"Alright then. It seems like we are both kindred souls that have had quite a rough time but you are still young and now with this body, I am young too. So let's both enjoy our new lives and try to have fun in this world. Before we do anything, show me your abilities.'

"Sure but I'm not gonna explain anything for you. I feel like it's going to be more fun to see how you learn to use me. Your memories have intrigued me of your potential. " The system giggled like a little girl after saying this.

Her words made Daren feel like his privacy was robbed and his memories were defiled.

'You reading my memories makes it less painful as I don't get to explain my origins now or that would have taken quite the while.' Daren said with a smirk on his face. The system knowing everything there is to know about him makes him feel oddly close to his new companion.


The blue screen was once again visible with all the available system functions available at the time.


Assimilation of All Souls system

Ability 1- Soul Absorption

A passive ability that lets you see the soul of any organism that has been killed and whose soul has not faded away yet. This is also an active ability that allows you that devour the souls that you see. (Ability lets you see souls as they are not usually visible.)

Ability 2 - Infinite Memories

A passive ability that gives you unlimited data storage within your soul. You will never run out of space for new memories and knowledge. It will also make any memory you absorb become a part of you so you never feel too overwhelmed or affected negatively by emotions attached to the memories.

Ability 3 - X1000 Thinking

A passive ability that makes your thinking speed a thousand times faster. Currently, you have integrated yourself with the souls of others and have a 69x bonus on this ability. This bonus may increase based on the computation power of the soul that you absorb. (Warning! Try to limit your usage of this ability as over usage may cause permanent damage to your soul. )

Current Maximum Speed: 69000x

Ability 4 - Profound Understanding

A passive ability that gives a perfect understanding of the memories that the absorbed soul contains. Sometimes, you may also comprehend the knowledge even better than the original owner themselves.

Ability 5 - Soul Talent Assimilation

Active ability that allows the user to make the "forces" talent of the absorbed soul his own. Any talent works as long as it is considered a talent or skill of sorts. [Hint! Find as many talented souls as you can for an OP bonus!!! ;]

Peerless Soul Reader System

Ability 1 - Soul Memory Reader

Passive that allows you to read the memories within your soul with absolute ease.

Ability 2 - Soul Emotion Reader

Allows you to feel the emotions attached to absorbed memories with absolute ease. There are preventive systems in place to make sure that the user is not affected by the emotions.


Daren read through the abilities of his system. I appreciated how short but to the point the explanation was. He would figure out anything that wasn't mentioned by experimenting. He was curious about the second system that had only two abilities.

"System, can I give you a name? Calling your system seems like an insult towards your consciousness and it's too awkward for me."

"Hehe. I will pick a name for myself then. Let me just go through your memories and find one I like. Give me sec....."

After about 10 seconds.

"Celina." said the system.

"Huh. Oh. So that's the name you choose. It's beautiful."

"Thanks for the compliment."

"One final thing before we start getting out of here. What's with the second system named 'Peerless Soul Reader System'. Does it have a consciousness like you too?"

Ping! The system made a sad face using the interface and then said " That's my little sister. She has consciousness but it's been in slumber for the past 2 years. She was in a separate void than I was but I could still feel her presence and her relationship to me. Her mental strength was not as good as mine so she gave up waiting and decided to take a long nap."

Daren could hear the distraught in Celina's voice as it was heavy and quite depressing.

'We will look for a way to wake her later, for now, let's get out of this ugly a** forest. The mood here is too goddamn eerie. I don't know what monster could be lurking by.'

Ping! Celina displayed a GIF of someone nodding their head from one of the memes from Daren's memories.

Daren looked over to where he had originally slaughtered the tiger and saw its soul. The soul glowed green and was pulsating rhythmically every second. It gave off the feeling of a poisonous or acidic substance.

Daren only glanced at it before activating his ability, [Soul Absorption] by just thinking about it.

A red-colored vortex, only visible to Daren opened up. It sucked in the tiger's soul in an instant. Daren could feel mysterious energy start to flow through his body. The energy was cool and tranquil.

It felt like nature's cool breeze on a warm, spring day.


[Congratulations on absorbing your first soul through the system!. Achievement UNLOCKED.]

[Your reward is the passive ability (Worlds Greatest Map)]

"Yeeeeeessssss!" Daren had gone nuts.

Ri_Yen Ri_Yen

LOL. Our boys got a new ability already. Well i always liked acheivement functiosn in games o added on here.

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