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Chapter 109: Chapter 109

A/N: Well, I decided to rewrite that chapter. However, I'll also delay that scene for the future since I feel that my actions were a bit too abrupt. This chapter is something completely different.

"What are you doing?"

Ha Luosa had a grim expression on his face as he gently floated in the skies.

At this very moment, there were three people surrounding him in the form of a triangle.

Seeing the Ω symbol printed on the sides of the green clothing of the shoulders of these three, Ha Luosa was especially sure that these people were from Nox.

"Didn't we agree that I would find you? Besides that, how did you find me in the first place?"

A snort emerged from a large man, whose body was akin to a mountain's. "Hmph, is our King someone you can meet anytime you want? Our King wishes to see you now, so your only choice is to follow us."

"Oh? But what if I don't want to go with you? You're being awfully rude don't you know that?" A smirk appeared on Ha Luosa's face as he said this.

A soft laugh came from a beautiful girl with long, blonde hair as she covered her mouth with a hand.

"In that case, I guess we'll have to take you by force."

Opening her large eyes, a chill appeared as a massive force exploded from the bodies of all three Bishops of Nox.

The Heavens and the Earth trembled as the skies parted under the force of the three Bishops of Nox, namely, Xiao Chen, Guang Biao and Romario respectively.

Ha Luosa let out a sneer as he sensed the levels of cultivation of the three Bishops of Nox. 'Merely three Rank 97s… where did they get the confidence to deal with me?"

HIs thoughts were rather natural for any Limit Douluo, let alone one that had reached the realm of Quasi God.

The weakest Limit Douluo was called the Quasi Demigod. They were ones that had yet to truly leap through the Dragon's Gate as they still had to stabilise their cultivations.

However, once that was done, they would become Demigods, beings far superior to a Quasi Demigod.

And to go even further was the Quasi God realm, a state only achieved by those at the apex of the world.

The gaps between Hyper Douluos and a Quasi God like Ha Luosa was enormous.

A Quasi Demigod could easily defeat tens of Rank 98 Hyper Douluos with ease. And to add on to that, the ratio of difference between the three small realms in the Limit Douluo was 1:2:6.

Although that was a very… questionable set of numbers once said out loud, facts were facts.

This wasn't even mentioning the fact that Ha Luosa was a Evil Spirit Master, and was stronger than most other Quasi Gods.

Perhaps on the continent at this moment, only Yun Ming, the Sea God Pavillion Master, and some of the other members of the Holy Spirit Cult were his opponents.

"Ha Luosa, we'll give you another chance. Will you come with us?"

Shifting his gaze to Romario, Ha Luosa let out a laugh. "Make me."

"As you wish."

That was the only thing Ha Luosa heard before he found the world spinning around him.

"What— BLURKH!"

A wad of blood came blasting out of his mouth as a scaled fist, as large as his waist slammed into his gut.

Ha Luosa was sent flying hundreds of metres away, leaving a trail of blood in his path.

"Asura Shockwave.'

Hurriedly circulating his spiritual energy, Ha Luosa gritted his teeth as he forcefully righted himself.

With a burst of strength, he equipped his pseudo-four-word battle armour as he dodged this devastating beam.

An explosion reaching up to the clouds detonated behind Ha Luosa as his clothes were ruffled by the shockwaves.

Letting out a deep breath, he stared at the three Bishops of Nox flying above him.

"Y-you…" Ha Luosa began as he looked up at the floating figures of the Bishops of Nox

The lot of them were still dressed as normally, showing that they had not yet used their battle armours.

Not only that, Ha Luosa knew that these Bishops all had beast-type martial spirits. Not using them was akin to be holding back over fifty percent of their strengths.

Clenching his fists, drops of blood emerged from his palms as madness filled his eyes.

"You mongrels… very good…"

"To be able to force me to this with your meagre cultivations… you can be said to be the first… how utterly humiliating for me..."

Ha Luosa let out a deep breath as he put aside his disdain for this group of dogs.

Just from that brief collision just now, Ha Luosa was incredibly sure that they were at the strengths of Demigods despite their cultivation.

And so, he would have to take it up a notch.

A deathly aura suddenly emerged from his body as he let out a deep breath.

Raising an arm, the world was instantly covered in gray as a strange deathlike mist pierced out of random points in space.

"The lot of you like to bully with numbers right?" Ha Luosa asked with a hysterical smile on his face. "Now let's give you a taste of your own medicine!"

These bits of mist turned into strands of mist as they converged.

"Underworld Death Domain!"

At this moment, Guang Biao shifted his gaze to Xiao Chen.

"Do it."

Nodding, Xiao Chen gave a bright smile as her body instantly turned grey. Protrusions jutted out from her body as her eyes turned pure white.

A fingerless limb was raised at this moment, along with a glow of green.

The laws of the world seemed to be distorted around this tentacle-looking limb as Xiao Chen muttered,

"Kabbalah Gevurah(Judgement)."

"Seal all Evil."

As these words entered Ha Luosa's ears, his eyes narrowed as a feeling of strangeness welled up within the depths of his soul

It was swiftly replaced by a bone-chilling fear as Ha Luosa suddenly felt something that should be impossible.

The World…

It was attempting to suppress his very existence!

As the laws of the world condensed, Ha Luosa felt his martial spirit slipping.

It was only when Xiao Chen swiped her limb downwards was Ha Luosa left completely bare.

Looking at the transformed Xiao Chen at this time, he saw the appearance of an orange ring behind her body.




Those were the emotions that slammed into the depths of Ha Luosa's mind as he looked at Xiao Chen.

"You… Xiao Chen…"


Xiao Chen's voice at this moment was like nails scratching a chalkboard, sending goosebumps down Ha Luosa's spine.

Nevertheless, he continued.

"How are you doing this?"

"I'm sorry."

Madness filled Ha Luosa's eyes as he roared out, "Don't screw with me! How are you making the world seal my Underworld!"

"My Underworld is a supreme existence formed from the will of the plane itself! Mankind has developed too fast and has been bringing about the end of the world."

"And so, the world had chosen me to cleanse this world of some of its filth! So how are you doing this?!"

"I am the chosen one!"

Ha Luosa's mad shouts left Xiao Chen, Guang Biao and Romario standing there with their eyebrows raised.

A raspy laugh emerged from Xiao Chen's throat as she looked down upon him with her pupiless eyes.

"Aww… is our little 'Loser' throwing a tantrum? Maybe your mommy should come and give you a hug?"

A spurt of blood left Ha Luosa's mouth as he took a step back from anger.

Seeing this, another laugh emerged from Xiao Chen as she shook her head. She returned to her original form, slightly exhausted from the overuse of vital energy.

"Jeez, you've got no chill. But to tell you the truth, the reason I was able to do so was…"

"Fuck you. That's how." said Xiao Chen with her middle-finger raised at him.


At this time, Guang Biao chose to cut in. "Xiao Chen, let's not waste time on an infidel like this. Let's just capture him and send him to our lord quickly."

"Huh? Why? I wanna break him in a little more. This heretic is so fun to rile up."

"Is your enjoyment more important than our King?"

Xiao Chen's eyes widened as she clenched her teeth in realisation. "Oh no, I didn't mean that! I was wrong! I deserve a thousand deaths for my crimes."

"Don't worry about it Xiao Chen. Our King is a benevolent one. I'm sure that he will forgive you for your sins should you confess." Romario placated.

"Aaaaahhhh, even if our King forgives me, I still can't get rid of this guilt in my heart. What do I do?"

Guang Biao sighed at this. "I believe I have a good solution for this."

Xiao Chen suddenly appeared in front of Guang Biao's face with sparkles in her eyes. "Oh? Tell me, tell me, tell me!"

A thumbs up and a glittering smile appeared on Guang Biao. "All you have to do is redeem this heretic in front of us for his sins."


Seeing the dumbfounded look on Xiao Chen's face, Romario laughed. "Xiao Chen, what he means is that you should show the heretic da way. That he has been living the wrong life all this time."

At those words, Xiao Chen went silent briefly before a look of realisation appeared on her face.

"Oh! I get it now! Don't worry guys. I have a ton of ways to show this man the error of ways!"

Turning around, Xiao Chen's bright smile disappeared.

"Guys… he's gone."

"I've noticed."

"So why didn't any of you stop him?"

Guang Biao and Romario just shrugged. "Meh. it's fine. We've already weakened him. Someone else will be the one to capture him."

— — — —

Horror filled Ha Luosa's face as he blasted off as a grey wisp of energy.

Although his martial spirit had been sealed tightly, he had managed to loosen the seal a bit during the little idiotic charade of the few Bishops.

Hence, he could use a bit of his powers to run away.

He couldn't face them with Xiao Chen there, but he sure as hell could run.

And run he did.

A look of unwillingness appeared on his face as he looked behind him.

Gritting his teeth, he shouted out, "You fucks, mark my words. I'll take my revenge one day!"

"I'll be back!"

"And you will be a lot sooner than you think you will."

Ha Luosa suddenly froze as the domineering voice of a man entered his ears.

Turning back around, Ha Luosa was met with a muscular figure with long black hair along with a strand of yellow hanging.

With this figure's sharp golden eyes, Ha Luosa felt as if all his secrets were laid bare before this man.

"Who are you?" Ha Luosa asked warily.

"Me?" the man said with a laugh. "You can call me Di Tian."

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