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81.73% Soul Land 3: Legend of the Jade Emperor / Chapter 93: The Blade...

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Chapter 93: The Blade...

A/N: My biggest chapter, 3.1k words. I enjoyed writing it and I hoped you guys will enjoy it too.

At this moment, Gu Yue arrived at the snowy mountain along with her three companions.

"Di Tian, open up a portal."

"Yes, your excellency."

A black strand of energy emerged from Di Tian's arm as it wrapped all around it. The arm quickly morphed into a black dragon claw that held great ferocity.

With a swing of his claw, space ripped apart. A portal opened up, leading to the Dragon Valley.

Just as Gu Yue was about to step through it, she was interrupted by a voice.

"I'm sorry, but will you please not go in? Our king doesn't want to be disturbed."

Turning to the source of the voice, Gu Yue was met with a dark-skinned man. Looking at the design of the clothing, she muttered,


"Here to please."

Gu Yue didn't care about the dark-skinned man anymore after that. "Xiong Jun, Zi Ji, take care of him."

"Yes, your excellency."

Gu Yue tried to enter the portal once more, but she was halted by a barrier.

"Sorry, but our king's desires are absolute. No one is to disobey his words."

A yellow haired woman spoke up at this time. Her skin was slightly grey as she made use of some of the powers of her martial spirit, Kabbalah.

A sigh left Gu Yue's lips as a staff appeared in her hand.

– – – –

"It's a trap."

"Heh, so you're aware."

The Dragon God's voice echoed throughout the world as it stood in the air in all of its seven-coloured brilliance.

"Be proud. This formation you're trapped in is called the God Killing Sabre Array. many Gods died to this back then."

Huang Yu just kept silent as he stood there, slowly waiting for his wounds to recover.

At this moment, there was an indescribable look on Huang Yu's pale face. It was impossible to tell what he was thinking of.

Seeing this, the Dragon God snorted.

"Dragon God Raging Domain."

A domain spread out across the entire world in an instant.

Every dragon in the vicinity roared in glee as they felt their strengths increasing. On the other hand, Huang Yu felt a strange energy try to suppress him.

He wasn't affected however, as his bloodline swiftly eliminated all traces of it.

The Dragon God noticed this but chose not to comment. Raising a claw, it spoke,

"Begin, God Killing Sabre Array!"

All at once, the colours of the rainbow emerged from all of the remaining resentful dragons.

They converged above Huang Yu's head, slowly forming a shape as it did so.

Looking up, Huang Yu raised an eyebrow as he watched the energies coalesce. It formed a blade that hung over the sky like a guillotine.

"A sabre?" Huang Yu muttered.

As soon as those words left Huang Yu's lips, tens of thousands of similar sabres formed in the sky.

Each one contained the grand powers of heaven and earth. They all contained the ability to destroy worlds.

Nonetheless, Huang Yu wasn't intimidated. He painted an emotionless look on his visage as he faced these sabres.

Jabbing the side of his head with his fingers again, Huang Yu let out a deep breath.

Limiter Removal * 75

Pain instantly wracked Huang Yu's body, nearly forcing him to his knees.

In response, he poked the location where his heart would be.

No Pain

As of this moment, Huang Yu would be fighting this battle without being hampered by pain from injuries.

"Are you done?"

There was a hint of boredom in the Dragon God's voice at this moment. It seemed as if it believed that this battle was already over.


Huang Yu instantly found a sabre in front of his eye.

His Godspeed activating once more, Huang Yu disappeared in a crackle of lightning.

Twisting and turning, Huang Yu dodged each one of these multi-coloured sabres that fell like rain from the sky.

To him, it felt as if he was in the world's most horrid bullet hell as he pushed his body along with his brain to the utmost limits to dodge.

Despite this, Huang Yu found himself with countless wounds on his body.

He was unable to dodge every single attack in this horrifying God-level array.

There were just too many sabres going at too great speeds!

In this battlefield littered with multi-elemental sabres, Huang Yu was completely on the defense. There was only enough time for him to use the King's Wisdom that way.


As those words entered Huang Yu's ears, he suddenly found that the sabres on the ground were increasing in brightness.

Realisation appearing on his face, Huang Yu gritted his teeth.

His third eye glowed as he made use of the King's Wisdom once more.

Space-and-time warped around Huang Yu as he took a step back, allowing him to escape just in time before tens of thousands of explosions rocked the dimension.

A shockwave that levelled mountains and shook the seas was released from it, causing the world no small amounts of destruction.

In the skies, the Dragon God frowned.

It could feel that Huang Yu's capability in space wasn't necessarily inferior to its.

In that case, it would prove to be extremely troublesome to take care of Huang Yu.

As Huang Yu reappeared thousands of kilometres away from the spot he was at, he let out a breath of relief.

The shockwave of the explosions reached him at this moment. Nonetheless, he didn't flinch at it.

Huang Yu knew that he wasn't out of hot water yet despite having traversed far away.

There was no way an array that killed Gods was this easily to escape from.

And as if on timing, Huang Yu had to tilt his head to dodge a sabre.

A rain of sabres once more fell from the sky. WIthin this formation, Huang Yu was like a monkey playing on Buddha's palm.

Huang Yu instantly used the King's Wisdom once more, manipulating gravity to affect space.

Noticing this, the Dragon God sneered.

"Space Blockade"

The moment those words were uttered, Huang Yu felt as if a massive wall was set up to prevent his escape.

He could break this blockade. However, with the sabres falling on his head, he didn't have the time nor the excess attention to do so.

Hence, he would have to find some way to destroy this formation if he wanted to win.

That was easier said than done, but Huang Yu had confidence.

Clasping his hands together, Huang Yu closed his eyes before a thick layer of jade-coloured energy surrounded his body.

He then unclasped his hands, pulling them apart with some difficulty.

Between them, was a ball made of pitch black darkness.

There seemed to be a soft white glow around it, giving a sort of illusory feel.

A low, guttural voice emerged from Huang Yu's throat. His breathing was slightly heavy as he opened his eyes once more.

"Planetary Devastation"

Huang Yu didn't waste any more time as he slid his foot back. Then, he cocked his arm to the back as if he was about to pitch a baseball.

In a swift movement, he blasted the ball up into the air, roaring loudly as he did so.

As the ball collided with the elemental sabres, an irresistible gravitational attractive force filled the world.

The earth rumbled and the skies shook as a gravitational pull similar to a blackhole.

Every sabre in the vicinity found themselves unable to proceed as the pull from the black orb was just too powerful.


A red and yellow sabre were the first ones to be pulled into the black orb.




More and more clangs resounded as every single sabre fired were being drawn into this irresistible force of nature.

Trees were uprooted and mountains crumbled as bits and pieces of them joined the black orb, forming a celestial body.

It was so powerful that some of the dragons in the array were pulled free from it.

Existing as merely bits of resentment without a physical body left, some of them just couldn't resist this incredible force.

The Dragon God watched all this with a grim expression on its face. It really didn't expect that Huang Yu would still have a card like this up his sleeve.

It felt the strong pull from the ball as well, but it was nullified by the element of ruin surrounding it.

Perhaps it was time to take the array up a notch.

The Dragon God opened its maw. It opened its arms as it lifted its claws to the sky.

All of the other dragons noticed the action of their God. A gleam of excitement entered their eyes as they stopped their attack at this moment.

They bent down into a bow as they gave their utmost reverence, along with their strength to the Dragon God.

Millions of tiny lights of nine colours, two more than the seven basic elements, coalesced above the Dragon God's maw.

It slowly formed a giant sabre as space-and-time broke around it.

Naturally, Huang Yu noticed the halt of the attacks as well.

Sweeping the skies with his eyes, he was quickly made aware of the Dragon God's actions.

"I won't let you!"

Huang Yu rose his right hand to the sky, grasping the air as if grasping an object.

Then, he pulled.

A rumble resounded through space at this time.

With it, came the rough movement of the celestial body that had been formed from that small dark ball.

It started a bit slowly, but quickly gained speed.

In a matter of milliseconds, the Dragon God found a small planet being hurled at it.

Normally this attack wouldn't harm the Dragon God. Even a Limit Douluo could destroy a celestial body of this size without much difficulty.

However, this object had a lot, and I mean a lot of energy in it from all that it had absorbed.

It was in a completely different ballpark in terms of mass and durability to a normal lump of stone.

The Dragon God let out a sneer at this time.

"It's too late."

It pointed its maw towards the satellite flying towards it at speeds approaching that of light. Along with it, the massive sabre formed was pointed at the satellite as well.

"True God Slaying Sabre!"

All the colours of the world seemed to disappear at this moment as the True God Slaying Sabre began to move.

The moment its tip touched the planetoid formed from the Planetary Devastation, it was simply…

Erased from existence.

Seeing this, Huang Yu's expression finally changed.

On his face, was a look of complete helplessness.


His voice was weak, as if unbelieving of what he was seeing. It looked as if his world was collapsing.

The Dragon God who fired this attack, felt a sense of satisfaction watching this child squirm in fear.

Don't think that just because it didn't react to Huang Yu's taunts that it didn't care.

It absolutely did.

Especially that part about him fucking its daughter. Did that actually happen?

The Dragon God was suddenly broken out of its reverie at this time as a laugh entered its ears.

"Hahaha, was that the expression you hoped I was going to show?"

Instantly, a sense of unsureness popped up in its heart. Turning to look at Huang Yu, it saw that unlike how he was like previously, Huang Yu had a smirk on his face.

Closing his eyes, Huang Yu held up a hand.


And the sabre obeyed.

Silence filled the world as this moment as everything stopped.

Be it time.

Be it space.

It didn't matter.

Everything in this world that had magnitude and a direction, none of it was capable of continuing as they were all set to zero.

Horror filled the Dragon God's heart as it saw this. Despite that, the Dragon God kept a stoic expression on its face, not wanting to show weakness.

'What is this?' the Dragon God thought inwardly in shock.

At this time, Huang Yu's voice rang out. His voice was soft, yet it seemed to contain the secrets of the world within it.

"Dragon God…"

"Did you really think that you outsmarted me?"

"I admit, that your array is horrifyingly powerful, and I really was skittering on death's door at all times… but..."

"You didn't realise that the only reason I was trapped in that array…"

"... was because I allowed it."

At this moment, Huang Yu flicked his finger.

"And this…

"This is requiem."

A nine-coloured light filled the entire world in an instant.

– – – –

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Standing there, Huang Yu faced the Dragon God.

It wasn't in very good condition. One of its claws were destroyed as it was missing several chunks of its body.

The Dragon God let out a bitter laugh. "I'll admit, I was outsmarted by you boy."

"I aim to please."

There was a small smirk on Huang Yu's lips displaying the amount of confidence he had.

A sigh emerged from it. "To think that you had an ability like that up your sleeve. No wonder you were so passive in letting me set up that array."

"But since you chose not to abuse an ability like that, there must be limits correct?"

"If I were to assume, I would say that it had a very heavy stamina cost and had rough conditions to use it, maybe like, you can't use it on too many things at once."

Hearing this, Huang Yu's confident expression remained, but he couldn't help but praise the Dragon God in his heart.

The Dragon God's thought process was actually terrifying.

Its hypothesise was spot on. His trump card, vector manipulation, required intense blood essence output to use it.

Not only that, unlike Accelerator, Huang Yu was incapable of calculating so many calculations at a time.

As a result, he couldn't deal with all of those laser beams shot by the dragon army nor did he have the stamina to deal with 48000 dragons.

Hence, he made up a plan. He would bet that the Dragon God in front of him would use a super big attack that he could reflect perfectly.

This bet was calculated of course.

The Dragon God in front of him seemed to be containing a lot of madness, so it was very likely that it would be brash.

If it was a more calm Dragon God, this battle would have been a lot more hardfought for Huang Yu.

Without warning, the Dragon God suddenly pounced at Huang Yu with its claw glowing seven colours.

Huang Yu didn't dare to block this as he redirected the blow with a kick.

However, a sharp pain suddenly struck his tibia, informing Huang Yu that the time limit for No Pain was up.

And next came the rebound.

Agony filled Huang Yu's body as his body felt as heavy as lead. Nonetheless, his healing factor did its magic as Huang Yu resolved the effects of the rebound in no time..

"Boy, you miscalculated. I can tell that your body is reaching its limit right now isn't it? Unfortunately for you, I can still fight."

The Dragon God spoke up at this time. It realised what was going on with Huang Yu's body as glee filled its heart.

It wasn't wrong.

Huang Yu was physically exhausted and was quickly reaching the time limit before the rebound of Limiter Removal hit.

The only way Huang Yu could increase the time he had was to use Limiter Removal again.

But that would undoubtedly kill him, not to mention that he couldn't use No Pain again for a while.

Despite this, he was still calm. The time that he had left…

It was enough!

Huang Yu jumped back, removing himself from the close quarters combat with the Dragon God.

Summoning his broken martial spirit, Huang Yu threw the broken hilt into the air.


Seeing this, confusion filled the Dragon God.

Nonetheless, its instincts informed it that it was a bad idea to allow the human in front of it to proceed with his actions.

Pointing a claw at Huang Yu, seven-coloured tornadoes coalesced before they all charged.

Arriving a metre away from Huang Yu, they stopped their movement before they were swiftly dispersed.

Vector Manipulation.

This was the point of Huang Yu continuing to fight the Dragon God after he had realized its strength.

Huang Yu wasn't going to hold anything back anymore. His goal was in sight!

All the wisps of resentment in the surroundings chose to make themselves known at this instant.

Naturally, these wisps of resentment were the dragons formed by the Dragon God and Huang Yu was going to make full use of them.

You don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

The broken hilt was like a magnet at this moment. All of the resentment that formed those dragons poured into that hilt, giving it an ominous aura.

The Dragon God paused briefly before it realised what Huang Yu was doing.


None of those dragons were real ones. Just images of them created from its own resentment so it didn't care much for them.

However, letting Huang Yu use it as he wished was a completely different matter.

A single step from the Dragon God created a mountain as it arrived in front of Huang Yu in a burst of speed.

With its lone claw, it constantly bashed towards Huang Yu, the seven elements acting with it as well.

Huang Yu didn't care.

Every one of the Dragon God's attacks did nothing, having been turned to zero.

He didn't reflect the attacks, preferring to save stamina.

As the resentment of the 48000 dragon spirits poured into the hilt, a blade was slowly being formed.

It was slow, but the forging process was occurring nonetheless.

The Dragon God tried everything it had left.

It attacked Huang Yu. It attacked his blade. It tried to take control over the resentment.

None of it worked.

Eventually, all the resentment in the small world was absorbed by Huang Yu's blade. It looked exactly as it did before, but there was an invisible pressure that hadn't been there.

Seeing this, a grim expression appeared on the Dragon God's face. It retreated hundred of metres in a hurry, knowing that it was too late.

On Huang Yu's face there was a gentle smile. He held up his hand, a soft voice emanating from him,

"On this day, you have been completed."

"You are no longer just called Sharp Blade. You're no longer even just a martial spirit"

"You have become a true sword, a true divine weapon."

"And your name is…"

Huang Yu's hands grasped the hilt of his blade at this time.

"The Blade of Tathagata"

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Have some idea about my story? Comment it and let me know. Creation is hard, cheer me up! VOTE for me! They all give me the motivation to write my story.

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