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50% Soul Land: Transmigration of the supreme GodKing (Rewriting) / Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Meeting Tang San and the offer to join Nuoding Academy

Chapter 2: Meeting Tang San and the offer to join Nuoding Academy - Soul Land: Transmigration of the supreme GodKing (Rewriting) - Chapter 2 by Rahooli full book limited free

Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Meeting Tang San and the offer to join Nuoding Academy

As we walk through the village we can see many happy faces. Even though these people are living in poverty they don't let it stop them from achieving happiness. "OLD JACKKKK" Feng Mo shouts out loud. This causes a lot of eyes to turn to us. After a few seconds, we can see an old man coming running towards us with a huge smile plastered on his face. As he comes running towards us he shouts out "FENG MO, LEI WU YOU GUYS CAME". he stopped a meter away from us with his hands on his knees and gasping for air. "old jack you know you shouldn't run that fast since you that old". "Nonsense" spoke old Jack as he continued with "My body is as healthy as it gets", "Yeah right it is" Spoke Lei Wu. 'so this is the village head huh. he seems very nice and a selfless person' though Ragnar as he stared at the village head. "Who's this little fella overhear, is he your grandson by chance?". "That's the reason we came to the village old Jack, can we speak in private please". "Ahh so that's the case, yes let's go to my house and speak". Old Jack spoke those words as if he knew exactly what Feng Mo meant. "Yes, lead the way old Jack" spoke Lei Wu..

After reaching old Jack's house "Little Ragnar wait outside for us for a bit while we discuss with the village head". Ragnar nodded his head as he replied "Okay, Grandpa Mo". While the old couple and Old Jack were inside the house discussing about Ragnar, Ragnar was thinking about something else 'I wonder if people need to kill spirit beast for Spirit Rings I wonder if I can just create my own using the Creation ability of my GK powers, though that would be cheating. I have sealed my powers so I can only harness and access about 2% right now, Although that's plenty enough I should be able to unseal more of my powers as I rise in ranks'. while Ragnar was thinking this he saw a particular Dark blue-haired boy. 'This must be Tang San, Though what is that energy I am sensing from him, well whatever everyone as their secrets, even if I can look into their memories, but I would have to be in physical contact with them to do so'. As Ragnar was watching the kid, he quickly snapped his head towards Ragnar which surprised him a bit 'Did he feel my aura, but that would be impossible since I've sealed it and it's practically impossible for those below the rank of God-officer to even feel it, he must have felt Grandpa and GrandMa aura inside grandpa Jacks home'. As Tang San was staring towards Ragnar he heard him speak and say "Hello my name is Ragnar, I am six-years-old and it's rude to just stare at people like that". When Tang san heard this he quickly apologized and said: "Hello my name is Tang san and I am also six years old, are you new to this village I haven't seen you before". "Actually yes, I just arrived a few minutes ago with my grandparents, they're speaking with grandpa Jack inside the house right now and they told me to stay outside while waiti-", Ragnar was cut off by the door of the house opening and hearing Feng Mo say "Thanks old Jack we own you one". As the old couple walks towards Ragnar, Old jack sees Tang San and walks to him "Little San, Little Ragnar will now be living with us in the village so please help him out when you can". This confused Tang San "what about his grandparents", Old Jacks turns his head around and sees that Feng Mo and Lei Wu are talking to Ragnar about something. "You see Tang San, Little Ragnar is not their Blood related to them at all, you see". Old Jacks tells Tang San a shorter version of Ragnar to him. "So he will be staying with us, so please do help him". Tang San turns his head towards Ragnar 'So he lived his whole life alone with no one, and in a forest where spirit beast live'. Tang San was also thinking that was suspicious as living all alone in the forest there was no way he didn't get killed. He was bought out of his Thinking when he heard the old couple and Ragnar come near them. "Old Jack we leave Little Rangar in you're capable hands, we've already explained to him to listen to what you say and not cause any trouble which I doubt he would", "and Little Ragnar" spoke Lei Wu, which grabbed the attention of both Ragnar and also Tang San "Remember to behave and if we hear anything bad from old Jack you will be disciplined, got it". "Got it grandma Wu". 'A GodKing being disciplined HAHAHA if the other gods heard that they would make a living mockery out of me'. "it's good that you understand that then...." then the atmosphere turned sad as both of the old couples said "Take care of yourself and don't get into trouble, and when you grow older and stronger in the future maybe we will meet again, but until then..." a few seconds later they spoke again "please take care of yourself" as a few tears left the eyes of both the old couple and most surprisingly Ragnar "I will grandpa Mo and grandma WU, but please also take care yourselves as well", "WE WILL" shouted both the old couple as they hugged Ragnar.


Ragnar stood at the gate along with Tang San and old Jack as they bid farewell to the old couple. 'So this is what true love for family feels like huh, Brother Celestra I wonder how you're doing' thought Ragnar. when the old couple was out of sight old Jack spoke and said "Alright, Little Ragnar you will be staying at a spare cottage we have near my house". "Thank you, grandpa Jack. You taking me into the village when you know very little about me means a lot". "HAHAHA, nonsense little Ragnar you're more than welcome to stay as long as you like here at the village.

Now it's been a few days since Ragnar moved into the Holy spirit village, he has been learning a lot with the available books, and with some information from Tang San and Old Jack, he had more than enough until he got to Nuoding City for more books. 'With my godly mastery ability, I was able to learn everything from all the books which are available in the village, I'll just have to wait until I have a chance to go to Nuoding City where I'll be able to buy more books and learn much more'. Ragnar was bought out of his thinking when Tang San approached him and said "Grandpa Jack told me that the awakening ceremony will be in three days so be ready", "Okay, thanks brother San". "No problem Brother Ragnar". After talking about things for an hour and a half Tang San was walking back until he stopped in his track as he heard Ragnar say "Brother San, wait", Tang San turned around and said, "yes, what is it, brother Ragnar". "your father is a blacksmith right?", Which Tang san nodded to confirm Raganrs claim. "May I come to your house, I'd like to ask your father if he could make me a double edge sword". "umm sure why not, Farther should be home right now anyways" Said Tang San. "okay, thank you Brother San". As both of them walked to Tang Sans home which took about a few minutes with both of them running there. this surprised Tang San as he as never seen Ragnar train before and he was able to keep up with him. 'Even though I use my purple demon eyes I am unable to see his aura or any spiritual energy from him. As they both enter the house they are greeted by a man who is dressed in Rags. "Little San, quickly go prepare dinner I am hungry". As Tang San nods he replies with "farther, Brother Ragnar wishes to commission you to make him a weapon" and then walks off to make his father's dinner. "Hmmm, this little brat. I see. Hey kid", he says while looking down at Ragnar "yes" replied Ragnar nonchalantly. This surprised Tang Sans Father as he realised that the boy in front of him was not intimidated by him, but he kept his calm and demeanour manner and said "If you can pick this hammer up and hit this metal 100 times I will make your weapon for free. "okay, you're on" said Rangar. He walked towards the furnace where the metal was and picked it us using Tongs. He walked towards the anvil and placed the metal on top of it, he looked at the hammer as he realised that it's not something a normal six-year-old would be able to pick up. "let's go", Ragnar said as he picked up the hammer, which not only did it surprise Tang San but also his Farther. 'This kid is raw strength must be monstrous and he is only six' "okay now let's see what you got kid". Ragnar lifted the hammer and known to him he used the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer technique which shocked not only Tang San but also the older man. 'T-T-This the Clear sky sects technique, how does he know it' though the older man. a few minutes pass as Ragnar was able to hit the metal 100 times exactly without breaking a sweat which again shocked both father-son duo as they thought 'what type of heaven-defying talent does he have. "okay, you won, what type of weapon do you want me to make". "Here you go this blueprint I made had everything on it". "My name is Tang Hao", he said while looking at the blueprint. which bought a smile to Ragnars face as Tang Sans farther finally introduced himself to him. "Come pick up your weapon in a week it should be ready by then". "okay, Thank you, uncle Hao". "But kid I have one question and you must answer me honestly". "Okay, Uncle Hao I will, what is your question". "where did you learn that blacksmith technique from?" Spoke Tang Hao in a serious manner. That was when Rangar answer greatly surprised him and his son Tang San, "when I used to come to fetch Tang San to show me around the village and also to ask about things I had seen you Smithing using this technique and just watched how you did it and copied it". little did they know that because of Ragnars ability 'Godly mastery' he was able to learn everything he sees with a glance. and the greatest advantage of this ability was that it fixed any disadvantages and bad things about the technique and make it much more refined and perfect where there were no flaws to be found. "I see, well looks like your one hell of a monster kid", "hehe, thank you for the compliment Uncle hao".

Today was the day of the awakening ceremony, Tang San had come to fetch Ragnar and were now walking down to meet up with Old Jack who greeted them. "Good morning you two are you both ready". "yes," both Tang san and Ragnar said together. "Okay, lets's go now and not keep the great master waiting". As the three of them walked towards the Hall, they saw a lot of kids waiting patiently for the village head. when they got near a person who was dressed like to noble. Grandpa Jack spoke and said, "Sorry to keep you waiting great master". this made the person puff his chest in pride and say "Let's get this over and done, I need to go to the other villages to awaken their children's martial soul as well". 'Rude much' thought Ragnar, but was bought out of his thinking when grandpa Jack said "yes of course, now children this person is a great spiritual master and he is the person who will help to awaken your martial soul so please listen to what he has to say". "yes" replied all the children at the same time.

Now everyone except the old Jack was in the hall. "My name is Su Yuntao and I am a Rank 26 spirit Grandmaster and I will be helping you awaken your martial soul". He activates his martial soul but shouting "Martial soul enhancement" when shouted those words his body was changing and taking on characteristics of a wolf which was most likely his martial soul. his body increased in size and now had fur on his arms and chest which were grey in colour, his fingers grew longer and his nails became sharper. This caused some of the children to stare at him in awe and some in fear. Then the children except for Tang San and Ragnar who weren't distracted from his transformation to be bought out of their trance when they heard him speak "Now who's first I don't have all day". After awakening, some martial souls who were mainly tooling spirits like a hoe, pickaxe, shovel, and one of the children among them even awakened a handkerchief.

It was now Tang San's turn to awaken if martial soul, "Come forward, I will help to awaken your martial soul", as Tang San walked forward he stopped in front of Su Yuntao and nodded. As Tang san Martial soul was awakening Ragnar noticed his left hand twitch behind his back. 'Don't tell me he has a second martial soul, he doesn't want wolf guy to know that he has twin spirits then'. Then in his right hand what looked like a few strands of grass. "hmm Blue silver grass, trash spirit" Said Su Yuntao harshly. "Okay go back". But was interrupted by Tang San who said "you have yet to measure my soul rank". Su Yuntao looked at him for a few seconds and then replied with "okay put your hands on the blue Crystal orb then". When San when to put his right hand onto the crystal it suddenly shone bright blue covering the whole hall. But Ragnar again noticed that he was clenching his fist meaning he was trying to hide his second spirit which he noticed was a hammer. After it was over Su Yutao said in shock "Lord, oh my god you have Innate Full Spirit Power, but unfortunately you possess a blue sliver grass martial Soul which means you will be able to become a spirit master at most in the future". "Now you" while pointing at Ragnar "It's your turn now, and you're also the last one so let's hurry this up so I can get out of here". Ragnar nodded and walked up to him 'this human actual is really blind, he wasn't even able to notice Brother San's second martial soul'. "I'm ready," said Ragnar. As Yuntao helped Ragnar to unlock his martial spirit there was a sudden pressure that came out of him. This pressure was strong that it made Yuntao kneel straight to the floor and made the rest of the children collapse on the floor, while Tang san was doing his best to stay on his knees and not fall onto the floor like the other children. 'I-I w-wonder w-what brother Ragnar's martial soul is to be able to inflict such pressure just by it being summoned'. Then a pair of majestic gauntlets started to appear in Ragnar's hands. They were both golden in colour but what stood out the most was the glowing pattern which was red in colour on them. when the gauntlets fully appeared. Both Su Yuntao and Tang San were shocked at the sheer pressure they felt from it. On both the gauntlet on the backhand side, there was a circular orb that seemed to posse unfathomable strength. "O-o-o-okay w-w-withdraw y-y-your s-spirit," said Yuntao who seemed to be shaken up by the pressure. "okay" was the simple answer Ragnar gave. when he put his hands onto the crystal orb. it shone bright, very bright. Greatly surpassing Tang San. Then they heard the trembling voice of Yuntao "F-F-F-Full P-P-P-Power I-I-Innate F-F-Full S-S-Spirit P-P-Power" Yuntao gained his composure and said "Not only that but awakened at rank 20" which shocked Tang san. 'Does brother Ragnar have Twin martial souls like me' he thought deeply. "Okay, good very good, Boy do you want to join spirit hall", he waited a few seconds and followed with "We will help you rise to the peak of cultivation and maybe even become the most powerful titled douluo in the future". He waited for Ragnar's reply "Apologies Mr Su Yuntao, but I'll have to respectfully decline your offer". "Are you sure, we can help you can provide you with anything you desire", "yes, I am sure Mr Yuntao, but I appreciate your consideration". I see then that's a shame, well then I'll be going, I need to go to the other villages to help with their soul awakening" said Yuntao.

They all walked out of the hall and saw Old Jack waiting for them outside who saw them and walked towards them. "How did it go, respectable master". After a pause, Su Yuntao replied with "ahh most of the children awakened their marital would none of them had any spirit power, however, these two here they have both awakened their martial soul and also they both posses Innate Full Spirit Power." This led Old Jacks face to light up even brighter as he said, "I see thank you for your hard work respectable master". "I will be off now, need to go to other villages now". As Su Yuntao walked away. old Jack walked with San and Ragnar. "so both of you have awakened not only your martial soul but also awaken at Innate Full Spirit Power". "grandpa Jack I have awoken at Rank 10 and my martial soul is a blue silver grass" said San. Then he looked at Ragnar, which also made old Jack look at him and said "what about you Little ragar?". "well grandpa Jack, my awoken marital soul is called the Heavenly God gauntlets" this shocked both Old jack and Tang San as things with the name god in it was bound to be powerfull beyond measure. This greatly shocked Tang san as Ragnar didn't say the name of his gauntlets when inside the hall, and Yuntao had forgotten to ask for his martial soul's name due to the shock he experienced. "and just like brother san I also awakened at Innate Full Spirit Power at Rank 20". This news shocked Old jack as he had two young boys who had become the pride of their village. "Little san, Little Ragnar, how about both of you attend Nuoding Academy", said Old jack. "But grandpa Jack don't we only have one quote", replied Ragnar. "That, don't worry about such trivial things, you see I'm great friends with the surrounding village heads and can ask to borrow their quotes for Nuoding Academy", old Jack immediately said. "okay, I will attend, what about you brother San", said Ragnar as he looked towards Tang San. "I will need to ask my father", he replied. "okay, Let's go now and ask him, I also want to know how much progress he made on my sword". said Ragnar. "Alright then let's get going," said Tang san. Ragnar, Tang San, and old Jack walk towards Tang San's house.


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