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66.66% Soul Land: Transmigration of the supreme GodKing (Rewriting) / Chapter 3: Chapter 3: Onwards to Nuoding Academy and meeting a particular Rabit

Chapter 3: Onwards to Nuoding Academy and meeting a particular Rabit - Soul Land: Transmigration of the supreme GodKing (Rewriting) - Chapter 3 by Rahooli full book limited free

Chapter 3: Chapter 3: Onwards to Nuoding Academy and meeting a particular Rabit

As the three walked towards Tang Sans Home they notices that the home was very quiet, that was until old Jack shouted "Tang hao, get out here your son has awakened as a spiritual master, and not only that. He has awakened with Innate Full Spirit Power". a few seconds later we can see an old man who looks very rough due to his ragged clothes. It was none other than Tang Hao, Tang Sans Father. "So what, what's so great about having Innate Full Spirit Power, even the greatest spiritual masters are still weak", Tang Hao said. Old Jack angrily shouted, "what do you mean so what huh, if Tang san goes to the Academy he will be able to get a good education and even become a powerful spiritual master in the future". "Little san", spoke Tang hao. Tang san responded with a nod. "Go make me some food I am hungry", said Tang Hao. Old Jack says "Tang San be ready in two weeks you along with Ragnar will be going to Nuoding Academy" while walking away from the home leaving behind Ragnar. while Tang San goes to the kitchen to prepare his fathers food Ragnar ask Tang Hao "Say, uncle Hao how's the progress on the weapon?". Tang Hao looks at Ragnar and says "It's going well, the double edge weapon choice was an excellent choice for those who are fully intending to disarm and cut their opponent's arms and legs off with, leaving them crippled" said Tang Hao in one breath and continued with "say what is your martial soul and spirit rank?". Ragnar Nonchalantly said, "ahh yeah. my martial soul is a pair of gauntlets called the Heavenly God gauntlets and I've awakened at Rank 20". This Shocked Tang Hao greatly, first due to the fact that Ragnar's martial soul had the word God in it, which means it was a combat spirit tool that could most possibly cause a lot of damage and destruction, and secondly that his spirit rank was 20 which not a lot of people in the whole of Douluo Continent were awakened with. .

A few seconds later Tang San came back with his father's food. "Alright, I should get going now," said Ragnar, as he was walking away he heard Tang Hao say "wait" here little Ragnar", as Ragnar turned around Tang Hao looked at Tang san and said, "what is your martial soul and spirit rank little San". Tang San glanced towards Ragnar who was just starting at Tang Hao waiting for an answer. "It's okay little San you can tell us", "my martial soul is blue silver grass, and I am Innate Full Spirit Power" replied Tang San. This caused Tang Hao's eyes to widen as he thought 'He has your spirit dear', completely ignoring the fact that Tang san said 'Innate Full Spirit Power', but he was then bought out of his trance when Tang San asked "Father can a person only have one marital soul?", Ragnar wasn't faced by this question as he had already seen Tang Sans Second martial soul. "of course, a person can only have one martial soul", replied Tang Hao as he walked to his bedroom which was past a blanket hung up on a door frame. "But if that's the case then why do I have a second martial soul than", Tang san said. As Tang Hao heard these words he quickly rushed back and looked at Tang San who had his left hand raised and summoned his martial soul which appeared to be a little hammer. Ragnar looked at Tang Hao face as he could sense a trace of sadness and happiness and killing intent in them. Then Tang Hao quickly rushed towards Tang San and pulled him into an embrace with tears in his eyes. Tang san soon had teary eyes as he heard Tang Hao say "Look dear our son has twin martial souls, he has the same spirit as you, the blue-silver grass". When Tang San heard those words he instantly was overcome with tears as he thought 'I have the same martial soul as my mother'. But then they were bought out of their trance as they heard Ragnar speak "So that's what the Hammer of Wu looks in its infant stage". this socked Tang Hao as he hurriedly asked Ragnar how he knew that name. It was then that Ragnar said, "The library in the village has a particular book which talks about all major clans in the last 100 years, and in one of them it doesn't mention the name the clan but it had mention of a hammer which matches the description of Brother San second martial soul". This information shocked Tang Hao as he never knew that there was such a book in the village. And Tang Hao looked at Tang Sans confused face he spoke and seriously "That hammer of yours is indeed the hammer of Wu but Whatever you do never use that spirit in front of anyone else, and only bring it out when you're in real danger and lastly do not add any spirit rings to it". as he said these words Tang San nodded in understanding. "Little San do you wish to become a spiritual master and attend Nuoding Academy along with little Ragnar", continued Tang Hao and Tang San Nodded his head indicating that he did. "ahh alas you will walk the same road as this old man did in the past, I only wanted you to be a normal person. But I guess fate and destiny work in mysterious ways". This confused Tang san, but Ragnar understood his words as he wasn't just an ordinary six-year-old, he was a GK. he was a being that governed over multiple universes and hundreds and thousands of true gods. Then Tang Hao called both Tang San and Ragnar over and said "watch extremely carefully as I refine this metal and carefully examine the technique I will only show you once". Both the six-year-olds nodded at the same time saying they were ready. As Tang Hao was hammering away using his technique Tang san had his 'Purple demon eyes' active while Ragnar was using his 'Godly mastery' and he could instantly master the technique. but what surprised Ragnar was that the technique that Tang Hao used had very little to no flaws. After an hour Tang Hao was done perfectly refining the metal with no impurities to be seen. "Did both of you look carefully at the technique I used" both of them nodded to confirm what Tang Hao had said, the day went on as Tang Hao kept on teaching both the boys the art of Blacksmithing.

[Timeskip 1 week]

Ragnar was in a desolate area practising with the sword which was forged for him by Tang Hao, This sword was 1 metre in length and had a curved edge. The handle had no guard and was black in colour just like the blade. Ragnar's blade also came with a sheath that matched the colour of the sword. During this week Ragnar has mastered a lot of the swords skills which he had memorised due to his 'godly mastery' ability. These were basic sword skills that he found from books and tattered scrolls around the village. "The most sword skill can destroy anyone if mastered to perfection," said Ragnar as he swung his blade for the 10,000 Time. As he finished his daily routine he saw Tang san walk towards him. Stopping in 1 metre away from Ragnar he said "What more do you know about my second martial spirit", Ragnar looked straight into Tang San eyes and said "I only know of its name due to it matching the description in the book I had mentioned, other than that I don't know it's origin", And instantly Continued on with "Though I know that uncle Hao 100% knows the true origin of the hammer if he's unwilling to tell you now it means right now it means either it is a burden for you or to bluntly say it you're too weak right now to know". As Ragnar Spoke those words Tang San naturally knew his father would've told him if he wanted him to know of this second spirit then it means that the little hammer represents something big. with his newfound conviction he said to Ragnar "brother Ragnar, let me train together with you", and Ragnar replied with a smile and spoke "okay, but it won't be easy, and I won't go easy on you", instantly Tang San smiled and said, "I'd expect nothing else".

[Time skip 1 week]

It was now time for both Ragnar and Tang san to head of to Nuoding City to enrol for Nuoding Academy. They had also made a plan that within the first three weeks of being enrolled in the Academy that they would get their first Spirit ring while Rangar would also try and get a second one as well within those three weeks.

when they reached Nuoding Academy they were stopped at the front gate by a young man who seemed to be in this late '20s. "Halt what brings you to Nuoding Academy, state your business and make it quick", the man said quite arrogantly. old Jack replied with "we've come to enrol these young ones into the academy, we hale from holy spirit village". "Holy spirit village, never heard of it before, let me see your certificates". As the young man was checking their certificate he said "This is fake how dare you show me fake evidence". "Dear sir, I can guarantee that It's real", said Old Jack. The Garud now angry said "shut up you filthy peasant", while going to push old Jack away. Unlucky for the guard he was met by a fist coming straight to his face. while the guard was on the floor the boy spoke "how dare you call grandpa jack a peasant and how dare you even try to harm him" said Ragnar" while the guard was getting up after being punched in the face. Ragnar tried to throw another one. "What's going on here" spoke a voice that came from behind them. The guard quickly took this chance and said, "These people here are trying to enrol with a fake certificate to try and get these kids in, and when I confronted them that kid over there with white hair", He pointed at Ragnar while speaking the last sentence. "let me see the certificate" spoke the man. "Ahh yes" replied old Jack. As the mysterious person was looking at the certificate he glanced at Tang San and Ragnar. "This certificate is not fake, no one can forge or even have the guts to forge the stamp on this certificate", said the man. The guard paled at this and looked down in embarrassment. "Then can both these children enrol then", spoke Old Jack. "yes, yes they can", the man said and continued with "I'll take them inside to personally get enrolled". "Thank you good sir", old Jack said as he bowed. He turned his head and looked at both Ragnar and Tang San and said "little Ragnar, little San, make sure to study diligently and become the best spirit master you can become", And both the boys instantly replied with "Yes grandpa Jack we will". They ran up to hug him and said their goodbyes.

After their parting with old Jack, Ragnar, Tang San and the mysterious man were walking into the academy until the silence was broken by Tang San who said "Thank you teacher for helping us", as the man looked at him and smiled and replied with "what made you think I was a teacher here". Tang San paused and a few seconds later he said: "well the guard at the gate was being careful when talking to you and he looked quite scared as well". This made the man chuckle as he replied back with "well I am not a teacher here, but I am also known as the grandmaster", he then replied with "Tell me Tang San, do you have twin martial spirits?". This question had surprised Tang San while Ragnar only had a smirk on his face like he anticipated this question to be asked. This made Tang San ask in turn "What made you think I had a Twin martial spirit". The man instantly replied with "Well not people born with Innate Full Spirit Power, and when looking at your certificate it says you have a blue silver grass marital spirit, so that made me realise that you have a second martial spirit, am I correct?" said the man. which put Tang San on guard, while Ragnar replied with "Wow, now that what you call a deduction". "hahaha" the man chuckled at Ragnar's comment and said, "I would like to take both of you as my Disciples, what do you say?". This confused Tang San, but Ragnar was smiling. "oh I haven't introduced my self, my name is Yu Xiaogang, I am also known as the grandmaster", "So what do you say" grandmaster continued with. Ragnar and Tang San looked at the teacher and replied with "Student's great teacher" while bowing slightly. 'wow if the other heavenly Gods saw me bowing like this they would make a mockery out of me' thought Ragnar. "Hahah, good, good, I am very happy you both accepted". The grandmaster looked at Ragnar and spoke "You are one of a kind just like Tang san, on the certificate It says you also awakened at Innate Full Spirit Power", "well teacher your are correct, however i awakened at rank 20", said Ragnar. This revelation greatly shocked the grandmaster who looked at Tang San for confirmation who just nodded to confirm Ragnar's Statement. "okay, okay great, this is great", said the grandmaster who laughed wholeheartedly. "Follow me you too, we will get you enrolled straight away". As they walk towards the admission office they encounter who looked like teachers within the academy bowing slightly to teacher Yu Xiaogang, which made both Ragnar and Tang san realise that he had a lot of influence within this academy.

when they were finished with enrolling grandmaster said "Alright both of you, I'll see you both later" as he walked away. Both of the boys were shown where they were staying which was the dorms where the working students would stay. As they entered to room Ragnar saw a boy flying towards him. 'Woah, a flying human' though Ragnar as he simple move out the way for the person to fall onto the floor and shout "Noob, I am the current boss of this dorm", he continued with "all-new working students who come into this dorm must fight for the boss position". As he finished his words he lunged straight at Ragnar, which was the biggest mistake he could have made, unfortunately for him he didn't realise that Ragnar was awakened at rank 20 and just needed to get his spirit rings to breakthrough. As he got closer to Ragnar, He pulled his hand back and tried to send to straight hook to Ragnar's face, however, this was simply counter by Ragnar who swiped his hand to the left and counted him with a right uppercut which sent the boy flying towards the entrance of the dorm room, as the boy flew towards the entrance he was met by a dropkick by a girl who looked the same age as Tang Sans and Ragnar. Ragnar looked at the girl and thought 'why does she have the sent of a Rabit'. As both Tang San and Ragnar stare at the girl that was standing at the entrance of the dorm the girl says "Hello my name is Xia Wu", she followed it by saying "let's fight" with a big smile plastered on her face.

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Thank you, everyone, for reading this chapter, hopefully, it was good and you guys liked it.

See you all in the next chapter, yours truly Author-san.

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