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Soul of Searing Steel

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Author: Gloomy Sky Hidden GodTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


3.92 (348 ratings)

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Joshua woke up in the middle of a battlefield one day only to discover that he has been transmigrated into a popular MMORPG, Continental War. Discovering that he has not only been displaced in space but also in time, Joshua realizes he has knowledge of the events unfolding around the world as he had played through them as game events. Read on to discover how Joshua forges his path toward becoming a legendary warrior embroiled in the struggle of Order and Chaos!

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    Finally MC with Western name now i can remeber your goddann name. Im already waiting this so long since RTW. Finally finally i can remeber the character name easily

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    Sounds interesting. No offense but I hope he's not an mc who suddenly gets a weak female lead and feels an urge to protect the d*mn weight with the girl having nothing to contribute to the male at all. I wonder whether knowledge is his only cheat though. 🤔

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    I've read a decent amount of the raws. The MC is a complete badass fighting maniac who doesn't give a **** about anything other than whopping ass and taking names. No stupid romance distractions, some political intrigue and territory building here and there, but the main focus is always on the MC and him stomping his opponents into the ground. VOTE FOR IT!!!

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    Wow!!! How many more novels will have this Synopsis...............................................................................................

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    Website: Qidian CN Rating: 9.2 (291) Chapters: 797(Ongoing) Word count: 3.16M+ Comments/Discussion: 3048 Year started: 2016 Author rank: Lv5 No. of works: 2

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    Honestly, I want to rate this 3 star but all those 5 star reviews reading it with high expectations and finding out that is just a decent novel with too much sparkling colour painted on top of it. Only reason why I rated it 2 star and not 1 star is because I try not to be biased unlike those flipping 5 star reviewers... While some of them are genuine, but most of them are straight bs.....

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    THE SOUND OF THE WINDDDD. i dont know if there's a phrase that could be more edgy or chuuni than this but lets just say it gets repeated here a lot. Also, there's a lot of things i could saw about MC's IQ so far, but he seems pretty happy to just leave everything to luck, or plot armor depending on who you ask, so i won't care either, because anyone who likes this kind of brain dead, berserrrrkkkk, chargeeee, bloodlustttt, stomp stomp stomp, story, probably isn't going to have enough IQ to appreciate what i want to say anyway. Also, being overly descriptive, and talkative is a very real prolblem with this guy. Count it yourself, if you move all the actual plot related stuff to one end, and the chatter/random tidbit/useless nonsense to another, a little less than HALF of the goddamn 21 chapters so far.

    Reveal Spoiler
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    Descriptive novels is a quality novel but this novel while beginning is done really well I gets a bit over board as plot progressed. While the mc seems full with emotions and personality, it is really empty as mc seems to be a programmed robot with each decisions and actions done without any real thought. Also different perspective being jumbled without any structure and flow, felt like reading this and that jumping between back and forth... Is like watwatching a movie made with best visual technology and plot but without colour and sound at the same time with random rewinding and forwarding.

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    Great start until chapter 20, guess what happen? We have completely muscle-head MC!!! Will review again after hundred chapter.................................................

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    Not having any good novel to read I came and check out the 'decent' novels to kill time.... Browsing through the reviews to get some constructive info to see whether is worth adding to my library Seeing all those blind 5 star ratings just kill my mood to read it again.... This novel while is definitely not good it have a charm of its own. But all these BS 5 star ratings making many readers filled with expectations then realised that they were cheated. It makes their reading experience a horrible one. Congrats to them, cuz I wont be touching this novel any more as they basically ruined the reading experience without actually reading the novel..

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    Is A Rainbow Of Disappointment and Cringed Nananannanananannananananannamamanmanananannananannananannananannananananananannannannannanananannanannanaa

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    I have seen bad translations and edits on this website - this one TOPS all of them. Read this is only if you want your eyes to bleed and your brain to melt.

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    Another crappy novel words are missing here and there in chapters, Over Glorified mc that talks crap to everyone he fights, author stating mc has never retreated from a fight in his entire life of gaming etc and never will here later on mc says he could retreat but doesn't have to, so mc already had a thought process of retreating, also author says at certain power lvl injuries that aren't at the lvl of severed limbs can heal in seconds next chapter a few broken ribs and a crushed hand will take days when chapter before his arm was almost severed healed in seconds etc crap novel

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    After just 5 more chapters... it just get ridiculous more and more... The only good point of this novel is its descriptions. ..'...............................

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    I Lord Touch Me, am looking forward to this novel! I am interested to see how he uses his knowledge to conquer the world.. Let us watch as our MC becomes an ultimate warrior!

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    Amber Sword? But probably not as good as that. Hmm... Descent of the Magic God and Night Ranger. This book is gonna have some serious competition. I hope author treats the world as a real world and the 'ex' NPCs like humans or monsters... Or whatever their species is. MC acting like the whole world is his gameboard is outdated and well, impossible. Since ppl are real can we have proper effects of The Butterfly Theory and also his affect on timeline. His every action will suposedly be against the actual plot. So please... Give us some plot clashes and unexpected events. Now for the much awaited rating. Honestly, I can't see the book. Is it a bug??? So I am giving a one star to all of it. I am really sorry here. I tried to read and give proper ratings, but the books is probably too high tired for low levelers like me. I can see nothing! *sob* So one star. Really sorry. Maybe when I am able to see it again, I will start editing it. Cya. Hv fun. And qidan still doesn't has an 'edit' function. Wtf...

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    worst mc i've read so far.worst mc i've read so far.worst mc i've read so far.worst mc i've read so far.worst mc i've read so far.worst mc i've read so far.

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    It feels really awkward to read it.. And all characters including mc feels two dimensional with bright colours pianted on them. QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ

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    Don't bother reading this because the author who wrote this is total BS. He always give SO MANY explaination and examples that are unnecessary in developing the story, not even bother to keep it short and ******. Using foreshadowing and fillers while blocking the MC from doing what he decides. Its like watching dragon ball z when son goku tries to throw the energy ball to the enemy but it 2-3 days before the enemy is dead.

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    Translation quality is a good 5 stability of updates is 3/5 - because i rarely see this update that much, quality of translation is great but i think quality affected quantity today Story development 3/5 - the premise of the story is very good i was excited reading early chapters but later on i saw that behind the excitement there was really nothing that great about the story Character design 3/5 - at first i thought "oh cool.. badass mc" later on all i saw was an edge lord muscle brained mc that author tries to hind behind funny sounding thought process that the mc displays World Background 4/5 - showed enough details that i consider it having a great backgrand and established power levels. dropped this story... because i dont like musclebrained edgelords that much... you might say that ive read to few of the chapters but for me even if his character develops at later chaps i still wont pick this up again... story just aint for me, but i understand that there are a lot of people that like this sort of story and mc, i have nothing against it, i even recommend this story for those types of readers..

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    Author Gloomy Sky Hidden God

    Translator EndlessFantasy Translation

    Editor EndlessFantasy Translation