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82.75% Sparror Volume 1 / Chapter 48: Duel with The Distrunian

Duel with The Distrunian - Sparror Volume 1 - Chapter 48 by JJ_Prakoso full book limited free

Chapter 48: Duel with The Distrunian

Ketsueki Valley, the once lonely crystalized red ground was now met by a teleporting presence of Gunvalian who carried a paralyzed Sparror above him. The Flaming Hero was freed by the paralyzing state and fell down to the ground, beneath The Distrunian foot.

Sparror slowly raised his head in panic and urgently called forth a flaming twister by his side. The effort of teleportation was proved meaningless as a misty green aura, latched on the whole armor body and electrocuted him without haste.

The Flaming Hero painfully screamed throughout the whole valley till the flaming twister vanished from existence. Therefore, Gunvalian gazed down at Sparror with an obsessive grin before he landed a swift kick right on the jaw, caused him to flew distance away from him.

The Distrunian glared at his victim who sluggishly raised its body and gave an intriguing smirk of further studying towards the helpless victim. Luckily, Sparror didn't easily back down as he already regained his stance immediately with the help of an instant blazing field on his armor. Moreover, he began to scan its surroundings and discovered that he was inside the green barrier especially when he looked up to the sky above.

"I think...this barrier was the main reason that I couldn't teleport away from here." Sparror mumbled within his mind.

Afterward, Sparror clenched with his frightening yellow eyes as the thought of losing very badly when facing Gunvalian, invaded his mind. He nodded down in despair, venturing into one of the most dangerous possibilities he would feel when facing The Distrunian.

Such a possibility was that Sparror being blasted by a single sword blast reduced him into an undetectable atom as a process. It shivered through The Flaming Hero veins as his yellow eyes twitched a tear of fear.

Gunvalian tilted his head for further observation about the new hero and attempted to draw his attention by aiming at the violet sniper. After quite some time being drowned by pessimistic thought,

Sparror blew a sigh from the black void face and opened his fist that began to become molten in a split second. A more thoughtful look emerged within his yellow eyes when he glared at Gunvalian.

"Is this the time I am going to die?" Sparror asked within his mind before a more confident answer revealed, "No, that's incorrect."

"Mistress Foreseen till desperately trying to save me from this." Sparror added, "For now, I am just going to keep fighting with everything I got and hopefully I can win this if I try hard enough."

The once pessimistic Flaming Hero had become a confident warrior that would keep fighting until the end. Therefore, Sparror bravely took a step forward that made Gunvalian grin in satisfaction.

The Flaming Hero noticed that he was being studied due to him tilting up his head towards Gunvalian, sinister-looking grin. A molten hand raised up in front of Sparror said as he stopped a further movement and prepared himself for upcoming things from Gunvalian

"Anyway before we have our bloody fight, may I ask you a favor?" Sparror firmly asked, "Can we have a small conversation first?"

Gunvalian took the respond very well with a satisfied, closing lips before in a sudden way, green electricity from his index finger blitzed into Sparror head at almost equal to a light speed. Thus, The Flaming Hero agonizingly screamed and held his dizzy pain head.

Eventually, the zapping pain was finally over-influenced him and his eyes widened with unrelenting surprise. The Flaming Hero saw a word bubble popped out above Gunvalian like a Superhero comics word bubble he loved to read.

The word bubble said, "Sure, why not. I am interested with you, Sparror." A chuckle was released by Sparror and he sighed in relief, knowing this was the first enemy who accepted his offer to have a conversation.

"Okay then, let's start now." Sparror spoke in a relaxing tone before a question was let out, "Why did you want to destroy this world, wasn't your instinct that my Ozmonian friend told me or did you have another purpose?"

Gunvalian blankly smiled as the sentence on the word bubble rolled up like a slot machine. Sparror was also cautiously pinned his eyes onto The Distrunian and waited for the answer he would roll.

"This comic book talking guy is quite creepy and unpredictable at the same time." Sparror uttered within his mind, "I must be very cautious for his next movement."

Blue Winter restfully lied down in the gloomy dark room that even a single light didn't exist. The Shaolin Warrior swiftly got up from the ground and surveyed the surroundings that were being clouded by the darkness inside.

Till suddenly, a golden light blinded Blue Winter's eyes and in a split second, the darkness inside the room vanished in an instance. The Shaolin Warrior opened his eyes and gazed upon a room that the whole material was made of gold.

The golden color itself sparkled its shininess like the expensive gold that could be found in the museum. Blue Winter relaxingly chuckled and sighed in relief as he expanded his feet to the front. Then, he pointed his open, right grip near his sight as a detector of the unseen enemies.

Jakon, still in his human disguise, emerged from beneath the ground with the aid of his teleporting hands. The Blond Distrunian glared at Blue Winter who steadily awaited his presence with an enthusiastic grin.

"At least, I already have an opponent right now." Jakon uttered within his mind.

The Blond Disturnian opened up his grip and omitted hundreds of golden sparkles that rapidly got longer in each of the seconds spent. Thus, a golden staff entered Jakon's grip after all the sparkles became a fully-fledged tribute material.

The golden staff had a blood-red line in the middle, a shiny gold head with a wide, desperate mouth similar to a hole on the above edge. The head's eyes were completely black as if there were no eyeballs left and the short hair was almost real even though it was painted gold.

"Interesting weapon you got there." Blue Winter excitedly praised as he pinned his eyes onto the staff before he tilted Jakon itself, "So, are there any more surprises you wanted to give? I am quite excited to see it."

Jakon grabbed his chest and easily removed his human skin as if his human disguise was just a normal cloth. The true form of the Blond Distrunian entered the scene that raised a heating excitement on Blue Winter's glare.

His true form was fully dominated by a golden color on the skin, but his upper body was filled by a line of scars. Ranging from a small line of scars below till one, giant X-shaped scar on the middle of the whole middle part of his body.

While both of his golden arms had a large, X shape scar too with the crimson enlightened from it. He only wore dirty, long brown parts with a shining, golden stick logo on the front side of each left and right.

Jakon's face was similar to a middle 40"s man with a V shape scar on the right cheeks and his eyes were bloody red. The Golden Distrunian also had, crimson line of tears tattoo beneath his eyes and short, curly golden hair. His true form was even more muscular and bulkier than his human form.

"Please satisfy me, human." Jakon spoke with a deep, yet a distorted voice

As the staring contest with the two began, Jakon clenched his fist that engulfed, the bold golden aura on his wrist, and the same golden hand that teleported Blue Winter appeared from the ground. The Shaolin Warrior immediately dashed to the right, successfully avoiding himself being crushed to death by the hand.

The frontal assault wasn't done yet with Jakon dashed at lightning speed and raised up his staff in a stabbing position similar to a spear. Blue Winter tightened two of his fingers before he smoothly closed his eyes as The Golden Distrunian began in his near sight.

A greyish misty vision was regained by Blue Winter and Jakon unleashed a hundreds barrage of stabbing staff onto Blue Winter. Even though in actuality, The Golden Distrunian just swung the staff very fast.

However, each of the barraging attacks was swiftly dodged from left to right by Blue Winter fluid movement. Therefore, The Blond Distrunian increased the speed by channeling out, striking golden energy on his staff. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Unfortunately, the result was still the same as Blue Winter dodging also became faster that he literally moved as if there was no mass involved in his body. Jakon was in the heat of frustration with the continuously dodging and The Shaolin Warrior saw a window of opportunity on The Blond Distrunian chin.

Therefore, Blue Winter gracefully kicked Jakon's left ribs that discontinued the further movement of barraging attacks, and bit his lips to ease up the pain. Moreover, The Shaolin Warrior launched an uppercut to his jaw and The Distrunian got no time to defend as he still tried to stabilize himself from the hard impact kick.

The uppercut sent Jakon flying to the up and Blue Winter jumped till above him with a punching fist being prepared. The Blond Distrunian regained his balance and urgently summoned a golden barrier that pushed The Shaolin Warrior till he dropped down to the ground.

Blue Winter indeed felt a harsh landing as his body legs at first were heavy to move. Nonetheless, The Shaolin Warrior propelled his body with the help of his hands and he was even more enthusiastic to face Jakon as an excited grin appeared.

The duel continued with Blue Winter placing his open hand with the fingers being tightened up in front of his chest and a straight punch landed on the palm. A gusty, yellow aura was pulled off by his punching hand that caused Jakon to nail his staff on the ground.

Afterward, Blue Winter heaved his yellow aura like a professional baseball thrower and the aura morphed into a human-size monk in a punching position. The head-on the staff dropped its jaw in horror.

Thus, a golden pressuring wind prevented the yellowish monk from moving further towards Jakon direction and immediately fell down to the depth of the mouth due to the intense pulling force from the wind itself. The mouth closed its jaw when it already got the meal.

Blue Winter thrillingly chuckled with his failed attack that made Jakon raise his eyebrows in annoyance. Hence, The Shaolin Warrior sighed in relief as he was ready to implement the effective way of fighting The Goldan Distrunian.

"Interesting, interesting." Blue Winter mumbled with thrill scorching his eyes.

"I have a question, why didn't you fear me, human?" Jakon argued in an irritated voice, "After you witnessed your powerful attack being absorbed just like that."

"Instead you became more exciting and thrilling tp face way," Jakon added.

Blue Winter presented his squeezing fist to Jakon sight till a sound of bone being pressed was shouted out loudly. Nonetheless, The Shaolin Warrior rapidly boiled his eagerness to fight a strong opponent in the form of a smile.

"Simple reason, I found another way of defeating you." Blue Winter said in chilling confidence.

"Fine then." Jakon replied while he twirled his staff momentarily, "Show me more."

Both fighters glared their eagle eyes toward one another, ready to land a devastating hit. Blue Winter smoothly started the first move by dashing Jakon with a punching fist took the lead. The Golden Distrunian also declared his move by initiating a counter dash right onto Blue Winter in a position of swinging his staff.

The clash began when The Golden Distrunian staff collided with The Shaolin Warrior punch that echoed a gust of yellow aura. After the shocking clash, both fighters retrieved distance away for preparation of the other moves.

Blue Winter exhaled a burdening wind and closed his eyes as well as Jakon. Both of the warriors were indeed exhausted, but they also prepared to prolong their fights. Therefore, The Golden Distrunian rushed forward, being led by his staff in a stabbing position.

Moreover, Jakon hopped on and slammed the golden staff, but Blue Winter smoothly dashed to the left by pressing one of his elbows, causing the staff to make a shockwave that almost crumbled his enemy stance. The Golden Distrunian immediately lashed his staff to the left for casting out, a gold, lightning blast from the head on the tip of the spear, screaming mouth.

The thunder striking blast was effortlessly caught by Blue Winter's open hand and froze the entire surface of the blast into a qualified ice sculpture. Then, the ice sculpture forged to an icy aura ball in less than a second before it finally being consumed by fist, resulting in his fist being covered by an ice shell like a boxing glove.

Without hesitation, Blue Winter vastly ran in a straight direction to Jakon and launched a poking punch on his stomach when he got near his distance. The Golden Distrunian steadily blocked the incoming punch in a crossguard position with his staff.

The Shaolin Warrior didn't stop yet as he dashingly took a step back and poked another attack right on his face. Jakon rushingly swung his staff to Blue Winter ribs. But, Blue Winter gracefully dodged it by jumping on top of the ground with a flipping position.

Then, the flipping kick immediately landed on Jakon's head that caused him to drop his staff. Furthermore, Blue Winter launched another flipping kick more than one that turned his body similar to a car wheel at a rapid, lightning speed.

The continuously flipping kicking on the head made Jakon find it hard to avoid even though he wasn't being crushed or having a heavy injury. Instead, he strongly endured the never-ending suffering of being kicked.

After Jakon received a lot of flip kicks, Blue Winter dashed onto his jaw with his kick that omitted a mixture of blue and yellow energy. As a result, The Distrunian was being pushed distance away, almost losing his balance if he didn't stab the ground with the golden staff and Blue Winter gracefully flipped and jumped like a dolphin.

Afterward, Jakon raised his staff above and it quickly spun like a wind turbine. Bold golden energy wrapped around the staff due to the spin was getting faster for each second being spent.

Therefore, Blue Winter dropped his missile movement kicked with an electrified spear edge, covered his whole feet and Jakon anticipatingly slammed down his. Both immersive attacks clashed, creating a massive shockwave throughout the room.

Both fighters didn't bounce off as they were pushing their limit to win the class as Jakon strugglingly tried to put down his staff and Blue Winter attempted to land his thundering kick onto his opponent's stomach.

All of sudden, the clash ended with both fighters bounced away from one another and still remained in a standing position. Hefty exhaustion overwhelmed Jakon as he placed one of his hands on the knee, to cooling off his whole body

However, Blue Winter already catapulted himself by tapping on the ground with his feet. Hence, a straight kicking foot led the charge in a straight direction like an arrow that was ready to initiate an assault. Jakon still in a tired state, swung his staff one more time to avoid the hard kick landing on his stomach.

Unfortunately, Jakon quickly got hit by the hard impact kick that caused him to fly away. Moreover, The Golden Distrunian dropped to the nearest ground with him gritting his teeth for not letting an agonizing voice announce to the whole room.

His stomach was also let out a steaming smoke and he barely lifted his whole body to even get up. Blue Winter smoothly landed on the ground before glared upon the fallen enemy who now managed to lift half of his body.

"This human is quite a formidable opponent." Jakon bickered within his mind, "The worst thing is I don't even deal a single damage to him"

"It seems I am the one struggling." Jakon added, "Because he swiftly dodged and blocked all my incoming attacks. All I can do right now is landing one fatal blow."

After the bickering was over, a smirk arose on Jakon's lips. Furthermore, he glared at Blue Winter who could stand a chance against him that brought him a satisfaction feeling, and maintained an exciting grinned even though he realized the table had turned.

"Besides that, I seemingly enjoyed this fight." Jakon mumbled within his mind, "So, his head is worth enough to be put on my staff."


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