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92.3% Speedster in Multi-verse / Chapter 22: Chapter 21: Date, Desires and Confession

Chapter 21: Date, Desires and Confession - Speedster in Multi-verse - Chapter 22 by EZRED full book limited free

Chapter 22: Chapter 21: Date, Desires and Confession

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Blake was very happy with the war, always thinking about what he could do besides his mind on the way to class.

He intended to use his speed force against Mirio, but the environment they were in was not available. When he entered the environment, he saw a few cameras, which could be exposed if he used his speed power. That's why he didn't use it.

Besides, it would be unfair to use it against Mirio. His speeding was a kind of cheat. It wasn't a real cheat and he got that power when he died, but for this world, it could be seen as a cheat. And he didn't want to use his cheating skills against his friend who wanted to fight him seriously.

Finally, after a while, he realized that even if he used his speeding power against him, he couldn't do anything. If he didn't move at a speed that would shock him, which he didn't have at the moment, he wouldn't be able to beat him. As long as every attack went through him, even if he was the fastest in the world, he couldn't beat it.

For these three reasons, Blake didn't use his speed power.

In his head, he entered the classroom thinking about how he could use his speed power against Mirio and enemies like him.

"Blake-san, do you know the Big Three?" Nirengeki approached Blake and asked.

"Yes, We're childhood friends." Blake wanted to spend the rest of his time playing snake play. While answering Nirengeki, he opened the game on his phone at the same time.

''Can you introduce me to them? '' Nirengeki was embarrassed and nervous for some reason, and he spoke with his foot on the ground.

Blake stared at the boy. He continued to look at his phone as a grin was raised on his face.

"'It's a girl, isn't it?" Nirengeki's face turned red, frantically waving his hands and refusing. But when he saw Blake didn't believe it, he finally sighed and shook his head.

"Yes, it is. She's a sophomore and a fan of Mirio's, and I want to get close by giving her Mirio's signature." Nirengeki was afraid Blake would refuse. Every time he talked to the girl he was interested in, he was so nervous, he even screwed up a couple of times. But it would be easier to talk to Mirio if he could get an autograph.

"Okay, come tomorrow and eat with us. You can ask for your signature." He confirmed it because Blake didn't have a problem. Tamaki was going to be a little nervous, but he thought he could handle it.

"Really? thank you, Blake-san" Vlad King said as he walked in, while Nirengeki thanked him.

The lessons have passed and the day is over. Blake hung his bag over his shoulder before he left class.

"Hm?" When he opened the classroom door, there was a large crowd of people who greeted him. It was as if these people were trying to stand out more by pushing each other to go to a certain place.

He looked in the direction they were going. It was an open classroom with the door open and it said "1-A" on the side.

"They're curious about 1-A." Blake turned around and left.

It's been a few days. Blake was finally able to finish the snake game and was in the middle of the lineup, so now he's playing the game again for the higher ranks.

Also, in these few days, class 1-B worked quite diligently. As Blake later learned, the words of Bakugo of Class 1-A ignited these students even more. That's why they were working extra hard.

Vlad King was working a little harder these days, fortunately, he was still at levels he could handle. He prepared the programs of the students, gave them constant advice, and answered their questions.

Blake hadn't been to him much in those few days. The man was wandering absent-mindedly because of the burden on him, so he didn't think any advice he could give would be helpful.

He also offered to create a program for himself, but he refused. He dismissed it by saying that he had a program from the beginning and that it suited him. Vlad King already had a big load on him, and when Blake turned him down, he didn't chase his back too much and kept his job.


Blake finished preparing in front of the mirror. He checked in the mirror for the last time.

He was wearing a white shirt that clung to his body and a black jacket that fit his well-trained body. He completed his ensemble with a pair of black trousers underneath and comfortable shoes on his feet.

Thanks to her well-trained balanced body, he didn't need to wear glamorous outfits. His handsome face, white hair, and simple black combo, coupled with his proportionate, balanced body, stood out from the crowd and looked better than most models and celebrities.

He was supposed to meet Rei and Fuyumi today to fulfill his promise. That's why he was dressed like that.

[Blake: I'm out, you can hang out at home if you want. I'll be back by midnight at the latest.]

[Nejire: Ok, be careful. Tell them to thank you for helping you.] Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

[Blake: I'll do it. I love you.]

[Nejire: Me too.]

Blake put his phone in his pocket and left the house.

It took him a few minutes to get to the hospital with his speeding power. He made sure to buy flowers for the pair as they made their way along the way.

[On the other side.]

Rei and Fuyumi were preparing as Blake headed to the hospital. Rei couldn't go out because of her mental state. However, she was able to get permission, claiming that two adults would look after her.

The two women who took the leave were getting ready while they waited for Blake to arrive.

Rei was wearing a simple one-piece blue dress. She had light makeup on her face. Although she had slight wrinkles on her face brought on by old age, her natural beauty was revealed with the help of make-up and clothing.

Fuyumi, unlike her mother, wore a somewhat fancy dress. The outfit was a sleeveless gown with back cleavage. With light make-up on her face, she became a mouth-watering beauty when she teamed it with white, red-sprinkled hair.

"H-How? Should I wear some more makeup?'' Fuyumi told her mother in a tense tone. She came to get to the makeup set in her mother's hand.

"You look pretty good. There's nothing wrong with less makeup, but only people who don't trust their beauty do the extra makeup. '' Rei smuggled the makeup set away from her daughter and left it on her bed.

Fuyumi stopped when he heard her mother's words. Her mother was more experienced than she was, and if what she said was true, she would come across Blake as a woman who didn't trust her beauty. She didn't have to think much to realize it was bad.

"Ok." After accepting, she turned to the mirror to fix her hair.

She straightened her hair with her hands, checked her makeup for the last time. She made sure she checked the wrinkles on her dress.

"Hm?" She was going to get an overview of her body, and something caught her eye. A handsome man with white hair looked at Fuyumi with his shoulder against the wall, with a jacket in one hand and flowers in the other.

"Blake! You should have told me you were coming." Fuyumi ran in front of him as she spotted Blake. Before she spoke, she pulled her hair to the side with her finger.

"I just arrived; I was just about to call out to you." Blake's been here all along, but he wasn't going to tell her.

Blake handed Fuyumi the flowers he brought. That caused a slight surprise in the girl.

"Thank you." She smiled sweetly.

Blake walked past the girl and turned to Rei, who watched the pair in the back with a smile on her face. He handed her the other flower.

"Oh, thank you." Rei took the flowers to her nose and ingrained their beautiful scent. She loved flowers and growing flowers, and during her relationship with Enji, she didn't get a chance to do it. She especially liked the flowers Blake gave her because it was the first, she'd bought in a long time.

Blake showed the two girls his arm. Rei and Fuyumi smiled at Blake before they got into his arm.

"Where are we going?" Fuyumi asked with flowers in one hand and Blake's arm fully wrapped in the other. Even if Blake realized she did it, she didn't want to miss the opportunity.

"The night is long and beautiful. After a quiet walk, we go to the restaurant for a meal. Then we'll spend some time and finish the day, how?'' Blake was going on a date for the first time. He didn't know exactly what to do and didn't know where to take a woman, so she arranged a simple appointment.

"It's good." They nodded; this kind of date was for them.

Blake and the girls walked the road together for a while, which was a few people. Along the way, they talked about mundane matters. When Rei and Fuyumi asked about Blake's school life, Blake asked them about Endeavor and their daily lives.

The reason he asked about Endeavor was that it was possible that Fuyumi and Rei were still being harassed by him. If so, he would have to take care of Endeavor when the time came.

Fortunately for Endeavor, while he didn't talk much to Fuyumi, he didn't interact much except to visit Rei occasionally and be rejected by her.

It took the trio an hour to arrive at the restaurant.

Blake set up a table for the girls that was neither noisy nor quiet. The table for three was near the area where they could listen to the musicians. There was also glass a few feet away where they could see the open sky. Blake was lucky to find such a beautiful place.

When the trio went to the table, Blake ordered water and snacks for the girls. He wanted to order food for them, but he couldn't because he didn't know what to eat or what their preferences were.

"Today, all expenses are on me. You can order anything you want." He told the girls.

Rei and Fuyumi called the waiter to place their order in Blake's words.

Blake and the two girls had a good time chatting over their meals. Fuyumi was the one who spoke specifically in the whole speech. She spoke enthusiastically in her face as if she wanted to tell Blake all the information she knew.

Blake didn't want to stop her. The expression she has now was too cute and beautiful for that, Blake didn't want to end the moment but he had to.

"Fuyumi come here." Blake called the girl. Fuyumi went to him obediently. After a long time, Blake saw the imaginary dog's ears and tail.

Blake leaned into her ear and whispered a few words. Rei couldn't hear what they were saying, but she was able to get an idea of Fuyumi touching her face a few times and blushing with shame.

"I'll be right back." Before leaving the pair's side, Fuyumi rushed to the toilet, taking the makeup set she had taken with her after she forced her mother to do so and which is now in her bag.

"What happened?" Rei asked. She could guess why her daughter was gone, but she wondered why Blake was doing it, even though she couldn't see a problem.

"I sent him away for a while so he wouldn't hear the conversation between us." Just by looking at her, he could see that Fuyumi wasn't ready for today at least.

"It's ok. What do you want to talk to me about?' She asked as she took a sip of her drink.

Blake didn't answer Rei. She pulled her phone out of her pocket and dialed a few numbers.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

"Hello, why did you call me, Blake?" On the other side of the phone, there was an innocent, beautiful voice familiar to Rei.

"I'm with the person who's helping me right now, do you have anything to say to her?" Blake asked her on the phone.

"Oh, thank you for helping Blake. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have met my boyfriend so easily. Thank you."'

"Boyfriend?" Rei frowned suspiciously. She turned her sharp gaze to Blake.

"See you, honey. If you want to eat, there's dessert in the fridge." Blake ignored Rei's gaze and spoke to Nejire.

"Ok, don't be mad if I finish them all." Nejire instantly hung up so Blake couldn't answer. Blake smiled at her childish actions.

Blake put his phone in his pocket. He raised his head to make eye contact with Rei. It was a frowning Rei who greeted him, stared at him in anger.

"Blake-kun, we made a deal. I helped you on the condition that I didn't give my daughter false hope. What does that mean?'' She thought the rules of the deal were final. She repeatedly warned Blake not to raise his daughter's hopes in vain, over and over again.

"Yes, I know. But I'm serious about Fuyumi. If she agrees, I intend to make her my girlfriend too." Blake finally told her what his intentions were.

He's had an idea he's been thinking about since he came into this world.


This idea, which is every man's dream, was something that Blake normally had in mind. Making more than one woman his wife and living with them for the rest of his life was something he thought and wanted. That's why he didn't reject Fuyumi.

In his previous world, he could not have thought of it, it was impossible because of his social mindset and the law. The laws were the same in this world, Blake saw for a while that this world was against polygamy.

But that sounds ridiculous to Blake. All Might could be considered a weapon of mass destruction because of the powers it held. He didn't know his full power and couldn't see it in anime, but even when he was wounded, considering a man who could fight Nomu and the others, who was very dangerous, it didn't seem ridiculous that he punched an atomic bomb with all his might.

In a world of these and other forces, few rules could bind them. If he wasn't a hero and his mindset wasn't so limited, Blake thought All Might could be a ruler or emperor and rule the whole world.

And Blake had the power to get through it.

Instinctively, he felt he could beat All Might. It could be an insurmountable mountain for him right now, but that wouldn't be the case in the future.

In such a situation, in a world of various beauties, why didn't he take the woman he wanted as his wife, the woman who was compatible with him?

No matter what anyone said or how they saw him, Blake, who always tried to think things from different angles, wanted to act on his desires, not his brain, for once, and his desire was a harem.

Blake didn't know it, but his personality was slowly changing. In his previous life, that young boy, who believed he could live with the one woman he loved, was now chasing the harem. Maybe it was one of the effects of power.

"I'm sorry, but I can't support that. I don't want my daughter dragged into a situation like this." She wanted her daughter to live a life with the man she loved. It's not a relationship of intrigue. Rei read about the relationship between the harems of several kings in the history books she read during her student days, and the harems she read had nothing but intrigue and blood.

"I'll make sure I treat all my wives equally, don't worry. I will not discriminate against any of them." Blake, who was thinking about Fuyumi, didn't want to let it go.

"So, give me a chance." Blake spoke passionately. He bent the subject slightly, implying something different.

Rei opened her mouth to talk, but she stopped when she heard Blake's way of looking at her and his words. She stared at Blake quietly for a while.

"Or else..." When she saw Blake looking at her with desire and desire, she realized something impossible.

"Yes. Rei, I want you. Pardon-'' Blake made the wrong choice of words. He tried to change his words to "I want to see you by my side.''

But it was too late. His words triggered something inside Rei.

"I want you." Those words were said by her husband, Enji when he came to force her into marriage. It was sung in completely different tones, but its purpose was the same for her.

Blake's face slowly blurred. She was replaced by the hard and angry face of her husband Enji. He wasn't angry, but his frowns always made him look like an angry, explosive bomb.

"I want you." Those were the words that started her life that would turn into hell.

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