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100% Spirit Adventures Academy / Chapter 5: My First day

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Chapter 5: My First day

John grabs his dark jacket and burst right out the door and running down the stairs out the lobby and into one of the courtyards. "I knew I shouldn't have stayed up past midnight just to mess with that stupid design." Passing serval tables and chairs and sees an enormous building with a white color to it and soon John begins to hears something and when he look at where the sound is coming from and sees a woman running toward him at high speeds, right before she crashes John stops immediately as the woman zooms past him and crashes into a bush right in front of him and hears the sound of a bone snapping in two.

The woman was yelling holding onto her leg from the pain. "Hey aren't you going to help me up?!" The woman holding her hand out to John giving a mean look.

"Right, sorry," John reaches his hand to help the girl out of the bush and gives a smiles, when John finally pulls her out soon reveals that the girl had both fox ear a large tails that's gold and silver wrapped in a swirl and was wearing a traditional dress from her homeland. "Are you all right miss-?"

"It's Fukanōna, I'm a student," She begins looking around the courtyard quickly and look to see if anyone is around. "You know it's your fault for not catching me earlier my leg is know broken because of you." She points to her leg with a large bruise on her ankle that was swollen and was risen off the ground.

John looks at Fukanōna with a disappointed look with one eye squinting. "Yeah I don't think so, I knew something was up when you where blazing toward me, you could have stop at any time you wanted too but you where planning to crash Into me and you would clam that I was grabbing you and label me as a pervert when that didn't work you made up a fake injury just so you can to keep me under your thumb or should I say paw, I know full and well that a kitsune is not that fragile and don't think your little fox's trick illusion will work."

Fukanōna is extremely confused in the situation she has found her self in awkward situation panicking in her head. ("He should be under my command the moment he grabbed my hand so why isn't he fallen for me?!")

"Oh and I bet your wondering why I was not effected by your powers was because I had this." John reaches into his shirt and he reveals a religious object hanging across his neck. "My dad gave this to me the moment I was born literarily."

Fukanōna immediately jumps back to git as far away from John as possible. "Why do you have that are you trying to get someone-?!"

John raising his to stop her. "Well would you look at that your leg is in working order, and the reason why I have it is because I'm human and I needed a way to protect my self from the other races know if you will excuse me I need to get to the arena."

"Wait you're a-" Before she could finish her sentence she sees William was walking up to her and starts yelling.

"Fukanōna this is the 3rd time I've seen you trying to clean out another person," He grabs her by the back of her head and makes her bow. "I am so sorry please forgive her."

"It's fine, it's fine if she wanted some money or something she should have asks instead of trying to scam me," John eye where wondering and one locks on a clock that was five minutes away from hitting seven. "Oh shoot I need to get to the arena right know!" John starts running to the arena as fast as he can and vaults over several bench with ease.

Both William and Fukanōna looks at John with a surprised look. "How dose a person of his size move like that?"

John preying that he did not miss the gathering, when he arrive at an the building and walks inside and sees nine different hallways that lead to different arena's. "Which one, which one is it?" John was looking frantically to find the right one his heart beating from both excitement and anxiety and sees gold flower petals on the ground, running down the hallway as fast as he could and when he reached the end he sees thousands of students sitting in one side of the arena and the academy teachers inside the arena on a platform.

John picks the seat closest closest to him and looks around to see the different races from traditional races along with different yokai mixed in the stands. John starts to fell the anxiety thinking that everyone is looking at him, when he sits down between a large student with dark green skin with black tattoos giving a cold stair down looking at the center of the arena.

When John turns his head to the arena he sees a short hooded person in the center of the arena It was dead silent fallowed by a loud explosion as a fire like aura begins erupting the figure was glowing bright red and slowly burns the clothes turn to ash revealing that the hooded figure was Hotribo.

Her skin was changing from flesh to clear molten rock the bone into obsidian growing larger and larger with a second pair of arms burst out of back, the heat radiating from her was able to make the hairs on most people skin turned to dust the flame like aura begins to calm down and the flames disappear and reveals that Hotribo had transformed into a fire elemental.

Most of the other student's where standing in awe, amazed to what they just saw soon everyone familiar voices hear from every direction gold roses petals began gathering in the center of arena and forming a giant gold statue of the head master, then the roses dispersed and the head master appaired in the center of it. "Welcome to Ami academy my students and what a Fieryous display Miss Hotribo." Everyone in the area was dead silent and where not impressed to see headmaster joke. "Wow tough crowd, well then I am the head master of the academy, soon you will be given a box and you will draw a letter envelope, it will have a number and that will be your group. I guess you are wondering why there more students the normal, well that's because we combined with Sera academy that means you will see more gender exclusive races and who knows, you might see a human for the first time and maybe only time."

The crowd begins to whisper as a result of the head master mentioning that a human could be at the academy. "Now we will split you into groups of 8, they will be your rivals from this point on until you pass and get into the academy, you will show them what you are capable of in anyway possible and if your fail are requirements you be sent back home." All the students stand immediately with some having different expression on there face some good some bad and start running to there group. "And remember head to the mentor with the sigh that has your number on your envelope." The head master slowly begins to transforms into gold petals again and scatters every where.

Everyone was moving one way across the stands looking for there group number name, some students and there friends where determine their to reveal there abilities

John was moving along the crowds of students feel like he is being crushed and without looking John bumps into a student wearing an red jacket and out of nowhere someone puts there hands on john shoulder and turns him around and sees two male students and they leans fright in front of Johns face one wearing yellow and the other wearing blue with each one putting one hand on Johns shoulder. "Watch it pip squeak or the three of us will personally strangled you." He sees the male twins that want to beat john into a pulp with looks on there face as if john had just put his hand on a goddess. "I'm Nathan and this is Nicolas and why did you bump into are sister Nevaeh you fool."

The crowd begins to move again very slowly with the two twin brother looking at john walking backward right behind Nevaeh and when John finally got out of the crowed stands and into the open arena onto a concrete paths leading onto dozens of black fighting mats that where circle shape that was 10 feet wide on all sides. but john was more thankful that the crowed got him separated from the triplets due to moving crowed of people. "That could have gotten a lot worse but there just something strange about the headmaster he sounds familiar like I've heard him somewhere." John said the last part out loud without realizing, as his mind begins to worry about his own abilities and what his classmate have during the test.

"Who are you calling strange boy?," The headmaster appears as a floating head with petals circling around, John is taken by surprise from the head master floating head. "If Anyone is strange it is you my boy, you are a human as I recall." Everyone starts looking at John and starts whisper about him and this is all of them are seeing a human for the time.

A person was slowly clapping when john around it was William walking up to him. "Well, well, well if isn't a round ear, I never thought I would ever see your kind again, you humans are so rare that your constantly begin watched by several worlds." William grabs John by his shirt and lifts him up and looks him in the eyes. "I don't git why all the other female races are interested in your kind the only reason they like you is because you can give them fullborn children so don't let that go to your head round ears thinking you can-"

The head master grabs the William by the arm. "lets not git hasty shall we, he's more expensive then all of the clothes that you are wearing combined William or do you go by Hajime Orokana?"

William turns to the head master and begins yelling at him, "How the hell do you know my name old man!" He drops John and opens his hand with fire mixed with electricity in his palm and attacks the head master before his attack could land the head master grabs Williams wrist with his right hand and William not realizing that his hand is now in know in the air when he fired the attack. "How did you?-" In the blink of an eye the head master snaps Williams elbow and spins around Williams and hit him in the back with his left elbow popping his shoulder out of place and fallowing up by stomping on the side of his knee shattering it and lastly grabbing his face and slams him in the ground causing it to shattering creating a small crater.

"First I'm not old and second there is no Point in fighting back William even though you may be one of the strongest potential candidate students in the last 10,000 years but that doesn't means a thing in eyes even if your royalty," All of the students where silently staring at the head master with there eyes and mouths wide open. "Dose Any one else have problems, good now back to you groups and on with the assessments and someone get him to Vicar." The head master turns roses again and blooms away.

Everyone immediately listens to the headmaster from his display of power and start running to there instructors with John being swept along the crowd after few minutes being carried around by the wave upon wave of students, John was desperately looking for his advisor but when John when to looks at his letter a someone puts there hand on his shoulder. "Please not one of the triplets, please not one the triplets."

When he turned around he was startled from the gasmask that had a red tinted visor and was wearing a black heavy winter jacket with fur on the hood when they exhale with stem comes out the person had deep voice behind the mask. "Hey have you seen group 66 I'm looking for Rev and Genesis."

John looks down at his paper and see the same number. "Um, I have no idea where it is I am just as clueless as you."

The hooded figure looks around the enormous crowd looking for for the group and sees another student that had the same number a tall orc with black tattoo on the side of his shoulder. the hooded figure and John fallow the orc and when after a few minutes he stops. They look over his side and sees serval people lined up as if this was the military.

John and the masked person got in place there mentor was some type of humanoid machine with a white skull painted face and wearing a black tuxedo and tie both made of metal with multiple arms wearing a sinister watch. "Aright line up you shits." everyone fall in standing quietly with the instructor speaking out in a commander like tone. "My name is Rev and who will be the one to going firsts?"

A male dwarf warring farmer clothing raises his hand and steps forward and look up at Rev. "I'll go first."

Rev, points to several zombies standing on a flat dirt road that where not moving, ranging from 5 feet for sword skill to several hundred meters away for ranged weapons. "This will assessment will test your combat potential, magic and weapons are allowed if you don't have one there are some on the table, the students walked forward and grabs a large hammer and gets behind a white line that lead onto a dirt field. "Before you begin what's your name short stack that's if you have one."

"Lutram Opalback." With a single swings of his hammer Lutram brings down his wrath upon his target creating a large wave of dirt and earth take out few zombie in quick succession.

"Impressive, now who next," Rev looks around for it next volunteer. "Big one git up here!" A tall male orc steps forward and look at Rev with a intimidating stare.

And soon that Intimidating stare turns into a scared, innocent look and spoken out in a unexpected tone that no one would even expect. "Um um my name is . . . is Um, Oguk I not very good to people because I don't speak that very, very well." He was taping both of his own finger giving a nervous expression.

A woman steps out of nowhere and interrupts Rev she had soft white skin with silky light pink hair with flowers in it, she spoke in a soft caring voice like a loving mother. "Look all you just have to do is hit the target Oguk it not that hard."

With enough corsage Oguk could manage thanks to the women, he gits behind the line that said 200 feet and sprints at the single zombie and stops right in front of the mindless zombie that's standing blankly. "I don't think I can do this I not good with violence's ma'am."

A female student yelled at Oguk "Just fucking hit it already you big oaf!" This freaks Oguk out and he turn and looking for the woman and accidentally hit the zombie sending it flying across the dirt field.

"Good enough, you can come back here know," Rev begins writing on a board that's in the air made of magic writing his scores fallowing with Rev flips it head backward. "You right there, your going next for speaking out!"

A tall muscular woman with red skin and horns and had wearing a animals pelt around her waist and walks past Rev grabbing a large metal club surround with spikes. She was behind the line that said 100 feet and takes a sprinting position with one hand on the ground and the other holding the war club behind her shoulder. "The name is tsuyoi kijo." Where tsuyoi feet left the ground she only left destruction, Leaving holes on the ground and smashes the zombie into pieces.

"Next!" Rev as it head flips back and with a ruthless tone eyes glowing seeing that nobody is stepping forward. "I said next you lazy-!" A dark elf that was shorter then average was right beside both instructors didn't noticed the girl with pure white hair and dark skin wearing clothing that had a navy blue color with her face was coved up, she grabs several throwing knifes and a tanto and git behind the line target that said 400 feet. "And what you name elf!?"

"It Nōnēmu." She bolts across the field running and throwing knifes hitting the zombie in the head, throat and heart and kill the zombie by driving a tanto with of her both hands in the back of the zombie spine.

"Lizard boy your up next!" A familiar face walks past John sees Yuxl, he walks up and grabs three axes and throws it in the air flying like a boomerang hitting it in the back of the head right before the zombie you the second axe causing it to fall down right ax the third axe splits the zombie head in half from over 800 feet. "So your not all talk then." As Rev was writing down there performance and looks at the last two students.

"Alright snow jacket your next." The person John was fallowing steps forward and took off the hood and long white hair with two jet black horns on top head a male voice spoke out. "It Drocnez, do we have to go all out or is that an option?" He walks past genesis and grabs a sword and stands in position behind a line that said 500 meters. Rev responded with "What ever work for you and you may start, now."

Before anyone blinked Drocnez was already facing the opposite direction with the sword barely unsheathed. "What's my time?"

Genesis, looks it watches. "You time is one-" Drocnez closes the rest of the sword in it shaft as the dozens of ghoul was cut in half the moment that Genesis said. "Microsecond, that will put you at this years passing candidates Drocnez."

All eyes where starting at Drocnez completely speechless. "Your next chubby." John Step forward all nervous and was going to grab an long bow but hesitated but instead grabs a rifle and take his position at the 100 feet sign. John slow his breathing and loads a single round into the gun and fires, hitting the zombie ear living a small hole on the top of its ear.

Rev looks at John and dose a sarcastic huffed with steam coming out his nose and teeth, "Well that good enough, know head to the library for the spiritual examination." Almost everyone in group 66 starts running shoving one another jump, sliding over each other to get out of the arena fast as possible. John and Drocnez were walking with rev and the mystery woman behind them and in the corner of Johns eye he looks up and see a clear floating score board in the arena.

<William: 90,000 points>

<Drocnez: 88,800 points>

<Fukanōna: 36,909 points>

<Kladia: 8,100 points>

"Kladia, right she the girl get that saved me," John gets flash backs at the time that she saved him during the academy event but he starts looking for his name. "Where is it, where is it?" John was looking a the projection looking for his name and sees it at the close to the very bottom, second to last.

<John: 10 points>

<Ermes: 9 points>

"Well there my hopes and dreams and attending the academy." When they finally walked out door into a hallway and above the large door was a large sign that said "Library" the students racing to get to the large door other then John and Drocnez, when they enter the it was enormous inside there where scrolls and books everywhere floating around back into there original spot.

A female gnome wearing glasses with sitting down behind the counter with name plate that said Penelope. "It's been a while Rev and Genesis I see you have your group and plane for the spirit trial," Penelope was staring at Rev and Gen the students and she sighs. "Alright one at time and form in a line I know you're eager to find out where your spirits are, just give me a second to find the dang thing." Penelope gets up and adjusts her glasses and starts walking getting shorter and shorter behind the counter like she was walking down stairs. "Alright spirits can manifestation or be an expression of someone or something it can be insecurities, emotions your inner soul anything it might be something good or something terrible about yourself."

Penelope was making noises behind the counter and after a few minutes she starts rises up again with several pieces of paper and several pencils of different sizes. "You oni get up here and all I need you to do is for you to put your magic, blood just something on to the paper." Tsuyoi walks up and bites down on her thumb and puts her hand on the paper living a bloody thumb print on the paper. "Then write your name using these symbols, when your done put it in the center of the Circle right in front of the mirror."

Tsuyoi begins writing her name as fast as she could looking back and forward at the two difference pieces of paper when she was done, she walk up to the paper in the circle when it land on the runes it begins glows a light red color and the red glow travels across up to the mirror.

The library shakes lightly as the hundred foot tall mirror shows a large muscular creature with crimson red skin with 6 arms with three demonic faces with tusks with each faces having three eyes on its forehead with a large flaming ring on it back with Penelope saying. "Interesting, an Asura they live for war consumed by the emotions of wrath, pride and jealousy."

Tsuyoi eyes where wide open and with a smile on her face. "I'm going blaze right through the exam."

Rev looks behind and asks. "So who wants to next?" And sees everyone with one hand up and mouths wide open.

MG_slayer MG_slayer

Have some idea about my story? Comment it and let me know I want some more spirits to make are character powers more interesting.

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