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100% StarLand / Chapter 6: Training Part 1

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Chapter 6: Training Part 1

=Royal Estate - Training Ground=

"Now young master what I'm about to teach you is a body tempering technique called Reforging Star"

Arthur showed the process of initiating the technique. At first his body glowed then mystic energy started to gather, making his body absorb all of the energy. Then, a ball with the pattern of a star system appeared in the middle of his body.

"This is the first stage. If you master this, then you can enter the second stage without realizing it" Arthur instructed.

"Sir Arthur, I don't know if you're informed but i am a source of mystic energy if you don't believe me use your mystic sense" Aganon replied.

Arthur tried to use his mystic sense then he became stunned at what he saw... Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Hmm...If you're already a source of mystic energy then it speeds up the process try to do the first step and then make it flow throughout your body you should be able to modify your body to however you like" Arthur instructed.

"Ok let me try" Aganon replied.

Aganon sat down on the ground and tried to manipulate his own mystic energy after some time he felt a rush of power which almost overpowered him, but then a little dragon tried to help him which stabilized the energy he is manipulating.

"Thanks, Snow!" Aganon told Snow telepathically.

Aganon then applied the mystic energy into his body after a few minutes he felt the pain that he has never felt before...

"Arrgggghhhh!!!" Aganon shouted.

"Concentrate if you lose focus you will die" Arthur advised him.



Aganon's body started to sweat black liquid that's odorous; then he suddenly felt his bones breaking...

"Arrgggghhhh!!! My Bone it's breaking!" Aganon shouted.

"What! you have already advanced so much why are you reforming your bones?" Arthur asked.

"It's not me... it's like it automatically did that on its own" Aganon replied.



"Ok concentrate and form your bones how you like it be it as hard as steel or as flexible as a snake" Arthur advised.

After hearing that Aganon tried to visualize and form his body to his exact liking and after 1 day of body tempering Aganon's body formed muscles and his height grew.

"Congratulations your highness it feels like you've become a new man" Arthur commented.

"Now please take a bath and I'll deal with your body's waste" Arthur added.

After hearing that Aganon sniffed himself and even he was disgusted at the smell...

"Wow is that the bad stuff on my body?" Aganon asked.

"Well Yes but also No some of it are the side effects of medicines you've taken all your life in layman's term it is the combination of poisonous materials from medicines and fats" Arthur replied.

"So medicine is made from poisonous materials?" Aganon asked.

"Yes, but they are refined to medicine" Arthur replied.

"Edward will teach everything about it so go take a shower your majesty" Arthur added.

Aganon took a towel handed to him by one of the maids and went to the bath again.

" looks like my muscles have developed in that process and my bones became as strong as steel" Aganon said to himself.

Aganon thought of the painful experience but it was worth it, in the end, he became much stronger than he currently was before.

"After the martial training i think its Mr Edward's turn to teach me" Aganon said to himself.

Aganon quickly washed himself so he could immediately see Edward.

Footsteps echoing across the hall...

A young man running in the hall like he's in a rush then suddenly noticed Valyrn waiting outside the study room.

"Ah young master there is a holo message from your father here is your personal holo communicator this has contacts to everyone you need" Valyrn explained.

"Thank you Mr Valyrn I'll watch it later" Aganon replied.

"I should go in now Mr Edward is waiting for me" Aganon added.

"Very well then i shall return to my duties" Valyrn replied.

Aganon opened the door and there he saw Edward assigning a task to his assistants.

" very late student has arrived finally now everyone you have your task for the day" Edward announced.

"Hahaha...i got lost in the halls I'm sorry Mr Edwards" Aganon replied.

"Well then shall we start your majesty?" Edward asked.

"What are you teaching me today?" Aganon asked.

"Today you'll learn about the history of our empire" Edward replied.

Edward took a hardbound book with gold metal coverings on the table and opened it.

"Now then tell me what you know about the empire" Edward asked.

"Well i know that it is a martial society that span through 3 star systems" Aganon replied.

"That answer is right and also wrong" Edward replied.

"The Forderian Culture is a martial society but it is also has a monarchy that governs all no matter what" Edward explained.

"If we have a monarchy we also have nobilities in our ranks the nobles now are descendants of great warriors who earned nobility through sheer martial prowess" Edward added.

"Do those noble houses still have great talents or warriors?" Aganon asked.

"Why yes most of them still have great warriors in each generation you should keep that in mind if you need to recruit people" Edward replied.

"Now your majesty do you know the founders of this empire?" Edward asked.

"No all i know is it has to do with my grandmother" Aganon replied.

"You are right your grandmother the empress is from a species called Evox they are a humanoid species that have either green or blue skin, large black eyes they are also amphibious and can live longer than other species" Edward asked.

"Wait if she is an Evox am i a half evox?" Aganon asked.

"Well more or less people who come from two different species can be either from the mother's species or the father's in your case you have a mix trait the same with your father and uncle, a human with a longer lifespan" Edward replied.

"Wait so that means i can live longer? How long?" Aganon asked.

"Well the oldest evox has lived for 1459 years so 500 to 1000 more or less" Edward answered.

"What! that's a little too long isn't it?" Aganon asked.

"You can't pick your parents your majesty" Edward replied.

"Now back to the topic the founding of the empire started before ships were invented this age was called the mythos era nobody knows the vastness of space yet the evox were separated into tribes before Fordes the great united all clans into one banner the clans, the tribes pledge their allegiance to Fordes and became the Warriors of Fordes one by one the region of the planet became under his control until a space-faring civilization called the Fentocai discovered the planet and communicated with them" Edward explained.

"Fentocai?" Aganon asked.

"The Fentocai are an ancient mystical race that suddenly disappeared no one knows where they went or what happened to them their most unique feature would be the shape of their heads they look like a hammerhead shark" Edward explained.

Edward tried his best to draw an illustration in a holo board while Aganon was wondering what the doodle was.

Edward continued the discussion on the empire for half of the day.



The door opens...

"Excuse me Mr Edward and Young Master but your personal has arrived" Valyrn announced.

"Personal Knight?" Aganon asked.

"Ah every high ranking noble gets a personal knight who is with them until they chose to dismiss them" Edward explained.

"You should meet him" Edward added.

Aganon exited the study room with Valyrn and left Edward to clean up the mess in the study room.

Pajaman_Senpai Pajaman_Senpai

Sorry for uploading late i'm having internet problems because of the weather...also if there are wrong grammars or misspelt word I'm sorry its Grammarly auto correcting i will fix it all later...if you have any suggestion please comment it.

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