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76.19% Starting as a level 1 demon / Chapter 16: Chapter XVI: The Aftermath

Chapter XVI: The Aftermath - Starting as a level 1 demon - Chapter 16 by Zirum full book limited free

Chapter 16: Chapter XVI: The Aftermath

It was a long while but Kazue had started this war over 340 years ago. The humans had almost all died. The other few survivors lived off of support from midburry. After the 340 years he finished learning everything. He already knew gods had to be killed. His kind was next after this whole thing. So he ascended to a elder god even without the quest active. He had mastered every god skill. He couldn't be rivaled in power. His people were killed sometimes. To count he had lost four from the one hundred he had. He was almost done.

"Ken. How many are left besides midburry?" Kazue asked. "One Human." Ken said. The demons were strong. If Kazue currently felt like it, he could repopulate the whole world by snapping his fingers. He was at his peak strength. He waited out where he was standing to see the last human leave their home. Kazue would do the last shot on his own. He walked down and knocked on the door. The woman inside the house knew what would await her and accepted fate. She opened the door to see Kazue. Kazue looked and saw a blonde haired woman who was a natural beauty in front of him.

Kazue was void of emotion so he felt nothing. "I'm sure you know what's happening" Kazue said. The woman smiled and said "Okay. I'm ready for it then." The woman had a smile as she walked outside. Ezra' words echoed once more. "If You Find One Good Human, Leave Them Alive." Kazue heard. "We can only hope." Kazue said with a smirk. He then asked a question to the person in front of him. "Do you think you deserve to live?" Kazue said. The woman replied with "Not Really. We take too much to satisfy our need to live." The woman replied. Kazue knew this was the truth. His declaration of war got him Billions of Abilities. This was the actual truth coming from her.

"What is your name?" Kazue asked. "My name is Caroline" She stated. Kazue gave a signal to say not to attack this human. "Go to midburry. I'm not exactly sure you're someone to trust but go to midburry for now." Kazue ordered. Caroline was shocked she got to live. Her heart was pounding and she got her things and asked Kazue to tell her where it was as Kazue touched her shoulder and got sent to midburry. Kazue went back up and gathered all of his group. "Voided. We have won! We can return to our homes without fear of death from humans." Kazue yelled. Everyone cheered as they ended this long war. They all went home as heroes. Kazue looked at Ken and thought he should pass the torch. He was a hades now. No longer a Primal Demon God. *!* Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

[Evolve "Kena" Into Primal Demon God?]

[Yes or No?]


Ken evolved agonizingly compared to Kazue. This took four hours until he stopped and was fully evolved. "I figured to pass on the torch." Kazue said to tell Ken what happened. Ken was in shock. He was happy. He shook Kazue's hand aggressively and thanked him a lot. After, he left. Kazue returned to midburry and had done his job. Now he could rest. He walked to his cabin but saw a silhouette inside. He was ready to kill. He opened to see it was Caroline. Caroline knew Kazue lived here and checked to find something about him. "Why are you in my home?" Kazue said thinking he made a mistake.

"You've beaten Last Prayer. When you did the world became "public". Every person who dies come here have to defeat the new boss when they enter this world. That would be Kazue Ito. The Maximum Level Hades Himself." Caroline explained. "How do you know this." Kazue said as he summoned his Godslayers and enhanced them with his power while using both mimic and godsnapper. "When I started I got the choice to be strong or immortal. I picked immortality. When I came into the world I was in midburry as I saw men leave a castle saying the king of demons was inside. Then got something called a mass quest." *!*

[Defeat Kazue Ito]

[Reward: One wish in this world or another]

Kazue was annoyed. He couldn't die, nothing could kill him. Not even himself. Kazue tapped her shoulder and took her out of his house with teleportation. He decided since his job was over, he has no purpose. He could watch the world but that was boring. He didn't want the role of the villain. All he could do was wait for something to happen.

"I can't do anything interesting." Kazue thought. Then he heard a knock at his door. He opened it having a feeling of who it was. It was Caroline with a knife this time. He got stabbed but the knife turned into dust after. Kazue tapped her shoulder again to teleport her. She came back and this happened for the entirety of the day. Eventually she was tired of running around 10 kilometers from midburry to here. These attempts were quite funny to Kazue. He then thought maybe humans aren't too bad.

She eventually was at his door and passed out due to getting here so many times. Kazue dragged her in and waited for her to wake up so he could get her out of his home. He waited and watched some TV and had some water. It was morning and she woke up. She looked around and was going to look for something about Kazue. Just for Kazue to be right behind her. He tapped her shoulder again and waited for her to come to him to give her a looking glass. The reason why he didn't say so then was because he wanted to see another attempt for entertainment.

She finally came and did the knife attempt. It did fail as it usually did. Caroline was expecting a tap on the shoulder but got a piece of glass. Caroline appraised it and knew what it did. Caroline looked at Kazue and handed it back. Kazue was confused. Did she not want to leave? Did she want to kill him that bad? Her answer was "I don't want to go back yet! I'm trying to get strong enough to kill every human!" Caroline said.

Kazue looked with a smile and replied with "I just did that yesterday. I'm not doing it again". Kazue wasn't giving godhood to someone he barely knew. His time with her told him two things. One, she is persistent

Two, she was mental

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