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1.98% Starting With 3 S-Class Talents / Chapter 2: Shocking Everyone

Shocking Everyone - Starting With 3 S-Class Talents - Chapter 2 by Heavy Punch Winner full book limited free

Chapter 2: Shocking Everyone

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Three S-class Superpowers!"

Vincent's body swayed; his heart in ecstasy.

S-Class superpowers were considered the most powerful superpowers in the entire country.

To put it bluntly, as long as he was still alive, it was only a matter of time before he became the most powerful superpowered person.

Vincent, on the other hand, had three S-Class superpowers.

As he had always been independent since he was young, he was able to contain his excitement.

"System, what kind of ability do you have?"

"As long as the host kills a monster, he will be able to obtain an enhancement pill that can be used to increase his psionic power. There is also a chance that he will receive a special reward."

Psionic power was an energy that was cultivated by the Espers. Whether it was using a psionic ability or a psionic weapon, it required the support of psionic power.

When Vincent heard the system's reply, his eyes lit up.

Increasing psionic power would allow for a significant amount of cultivation time to be saved.

There also exists an Extreme Speed Training power. The power was a support type that was commonly cultivated.

It was assumed that the cultivation speed would be as fast as a rocket.

There was also a chance to receive a special reward. Although he did not know what it was, to be considered special by the system, it was definitely not a bad thing.

Vincent approached the awakening device. He was about to lay down when something crossed his mind. 

Although S-Class superpowers were rare, there were a few that would appear every year in the country. Even if the superpower was a little monstrous and overwhelming at times, it was accepted.

However, if others were to know about his three S-Class superpowers, he would be killed.

After a deep thought, Vincent stopped moving.

Houston and George were not surprised to see Vincent coming to a halt as they assumed that he was nervous.

"System, can you help me hide my two superpowers?" Vincent asked in his heart.

"Of course. Host, please choose the ability that you want hidden."

Vincent was overjoyed. "Please help me hide Extreme Speed Training and Monster Affinity."

He thought over it carefully before choosing to hide the two special superpowers.

Regardless of whether it was the Extreme Speed Training or the Monster Affinity, both required the help of external objects to be able to fight. This was too expensive for Vincent who was penniless. 

On the other hand, for the Hellfire superpower, he only needed his own combat strength. There were no mandatory requirements for external objects. The superpower itself was very strong.

"Vincent, you may begin when you are ready."

George looked at Vincent with anticipation in his eyes.

Vincent nodded and laid down.

The instrument was activated. Vincent felt as if he was being drilled by a warm power drill all over his body.

The power circulated in his body, numbing him, and finally gathered in his head.


The instrument suddenly ignited a black flame, spreading across the ground, and burned vigorously.

  At first, Houston did not pay much attention to it. He waved his hand and a wall shimmering with golden light rose from the ground and blocked the black flame.

Houston's special superpower was known as the 'Defensive Wall'. 

He could create an extremely thick wall that was strong enough to defend against a nuclear bomb.

However, the black flame ignited the wall and melted the outer layer.

"What a powerful flame!"

Houston's face was full of shock. He had never thought that a newly awakened superpower could actually break his defense.

Although it was only the outermost layer, it was enough to prove its power.

"This must be at least an A-Class superpower!"

George's face was filled with excitement.

At that moment, Vincent felt a raging fire burning in his body.

The fire had a terrifying destructive power. Even Vincent was a little frightened by it. 

"Vincent, S-class superpower, elemental type, 'HellFire'."


Just as the awakening machine reported Vincent's superpower, it exploded with a loud bang. Before it could even land on the ground, it turned into ashes.

Everyone looked at Vincent in shock. A circle of black flames formed around him. His pupils turned into the shape of a flame. It was extremely intense.

Everyone, including Houston, stared at Vincent, who appeared like a demon god.

"Oh my god! He's actually an S-Class!"

"There's actually an S-Class superpower user in our City of Ellis!"

"Vincent is so domineering! He's handsome and talented! I really want to marry him!"

Everyone discussed animatedly. They were filled with envy and jealousy.

However, no matter how they felt about it, they could not change the circumstances. 

Superpowers determined one's future status!

Vincent was destined to be someone that they could only look up to. They would never be able to catch up with him for the rest of their lives. 

The most excited person was none other than George. Being able to teach an S-Class was enough to prove his teaching ability. He had begun to fantasize about his bright future.

"Vincent! You..."

Houston did not know what to say. Vincent gave him a huge shock.

"It seems like even when the principal looks at you, he will have to smile at you!"

Vincent looked indifferent. His smile was neither servile nor overbearing. 

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For an intermediate school to awake an S-Class superpower was extremely beneficial to the school.

In fact, it was certain that the country would give Ellis Intermediate School a lot more education fund in the upcoming year. 

More importantly, it demonstrated Ellis Intermediate School's teaching ability. As such, they should be able to obtain better-quality students during next year's enrollment.

Vincent had helped Ellis Intermediate School to become one of high quality. 

"Congratulations, Vincent!"

George's face was flushed with excitement.

He was only D-Class, but his student was S-Class. For a teacher, that was an extremely glorious achievement.

"S! S! Class!"

Swire looked at Vincent and gulped. Although he had great confidence in Vincent, S-Class was enough to scare him.

He initially thought to himself that it would have been good enough for Vincent to even awaken a B-Class superpower.

"Hey! Swire, my friend! It's your turn, come on!"

Vincent did not pay attention to the gazes of others. He walked to Swire's side and patted his shoulder.

Swire came back to his senses and looked at Vincent who was smiling. He shrugged nonchalantly.

"Anyway, with you around, it doesn't matter if it's good or bad."

Although he said that, Vincent could see the seriousness and determination in his eyes.

As a friend, Swire was really happy for Vincent, but he still did not want to be inferior to Vincent.

Vincent watched as Swire walked onto the stage. Someone had already placed a new awakening machine.

Vincent took advantage of the moment and opened the system interface.

A virtual character interface appeared in front of Vincent. Only Vincent could see the character. 

On the left side, stood a small person. It was Vincent. On the right side was a series of data.

Name: Vincent Amore

Abilities: Hellfire (S-Class elemental type), Extreme Speed Training (S-Class support type), Monster Affinity (S-Class special type)

Psionic power: 21

Realm: Probationary superpower user

Equipment: None

Combat Skills: None

An awakened superpower causes one to become a probationary superpower user. In order to become a beginner superpower user, one had to reach Level 100. 

Looking at the mission panel, Vincent smiled happily. 

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