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100% Stay In / Chapter 2: The Start?

The Start? - Stay In - Chapter 2 by david_villapando full book limited free

Chapter 2: The Start?

The next day came, just as she woke up, she could feel the sunshine on her face coming through the window, slowly reminding her of another great day. She grabbed her phone to see what time it is. It was 8:00am and she was shocked by the amount of messages her Mother left, but when she saw it, she realized that her mother was just being too Conscious about the wedding rehearsal tonight. She got up from her Bed and Proceeded to take a shower. She got down and cooked herself some breakfast, after it was done she sat down at the Dining Table. While she was there, she thought about the things that are happening right now. Her getting married and Achieving almost all of her dreams. She wondered to herself if the Universe or God is spoiling her, or maybe she's just really lucky. After eating she then made all the other preparations she needs and went on her way to work.

She's only working half a day, thanks to her boss being persuaded to give her a half day for her rehearsal. She's also trying to get a week off, so Joseph and she can Bond after the wedding. As she was driving she felt strange, she could see the sky that is bright blue turn dark and grey in almost an Instant. She was so bothered by it, that she stopped the car and went outside, looking at the distance in almost every direction, only seeing nothing but a dark grey sky.

She arrived at her Job and was greeted by her coworker's greetings and congratulatory remarks. She was delighted and happy that her coworkers are happy for her. She worked all day and even Voluntarily stayed longer just because she felt happy. It was still 4 hours before their rehearsal when she arrived home. She turned on the T.V. to entertain herself for a while, she checked the news just to make sure that there wasn't anything strange, and to her surprise there wasn't.

She was busy with the Program that she was watching that her Phone startled her when it started to ring. She looked at who it is and was happy to see that it was her fiancee.

"Hey how are you?" she asked.

"I'm fine, but there's ummm...bad news", Joseph replied.

She leaned forward from the couch she was comfortably sitting on, Hoping the worst and asked, "What do you mean bad news?"

"The church moved our wedding, instead of being Thursday, they moved it at Sunday"

"Sunday? Why-what happened?!"

"The preacher was called to California, they said it was Urgent and that he'd be back at Sunday"

"What about the other Priests at Church?"

"Well that's what I asked, and unfortunately, they're all Busy so there's really no one available. I'm sorry babe"

"No no, it's okay, no biggie, atleast its still on"

"I promise you, Sunday at 9am, it will happen"

"I'm counting on that. Well what about our rehearsal? Is it still on Tonight?"

"Yeah it is, but we are going to have to do it without our Preacher"

"Well, at least it's still on, see you later okay?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"I'll see you later too, I love you babe"

" I love you too Babe"

She hanged up her Phone, feeling a little Upset with what she heard, but she knows herself that being upset wont do anything, but make everything worse. She lied in her sofa and checked her Phone. She saw that it was still 3 and half hours before the rehearsal. She felt a Little sleepy and contemplated on whether she'll sleep or not. She decided not to, fearing she'll oversleep and miss the rehearsal.

She continued to scroll through her Phone and as she was scrolling the newsfeed of her social media she stumbled upon Videos shared and posted by some of her friends. She checked on one of them and it was a video of a man Filming the sky. At first she couldn't see anything and as the video went on and with the guy's narration , she saw that there was something flying, circling above the sky. The strangest thing about it is that it wasn't a Plane or anything, but it looked like a Giant Bird flying. She was skeptical, seeing it as anyone would. She looked at the Comments and to her surprise she saw that a lot people saw the same thing, some even claiming they saw something bigger. She looked at the other videos as well, all showing the same creatures at different Locatons. She searched it online and realized that this Phenomenon has been happening for the Past 2 Months, with several sightings across California, Washington, Arizona and Colorado.

She then searched about the weather, thinking if the weather change that she saw earlier meant anything. And she did saw others claiming that whenever these "creatures" appear in the sky, the temperature seems to drop, followed by the sky turning dark. She thought of it for a while and wondered if all this is just a hoax or a Coincidence. But she shrugged it off and She then put down her Phone, and continued to Lie down. Finally her sleepiness took over and she unconsciously fell asleep.

As she was sleeping she dreamed of being in a Dark Place, no light, no anything just herself but she could hear water dripping down from above. Almost as if she's in a cave. She tried to wonder around it, trying to see where she is and how she can get out and as she was doing that she heard something slipped, she paused for a while trying to see and hear what that was, but it was followed by silence with only the dripping water making any sound. She traversed through it more, still trying to find a way out of there. As she was figuring it out, she heard the same sound again, only this time after she heard it, there was complete silence. She stopped where she is, scared of what that was and what is happening. After waiting for a while she thought to herself that she's safe and whatever that is, isn't there anymore. But soon as she made another step forward, she heard it again only this time Louder and nearer, and by that it was apparent to her that it was following her and with all the strength she got, she made a run for it, and soon as she did whatever was following her ran after her as well. As she made a run for it, she could hear the slipping sound following her only getting nearer and nearer. And just when she could fell the thing about to catch up to her she heard a Gunshot and woke up.

As she woke up, she was breathing heavily and still trying to grasp what just happened and only then she realized that it was just a dream, as she looked at the T.V. she saw that the Gunshot sound that she heard came from a Commercial that is currently playing. She tried to relax for a while, slouching and turning her head above the ceiling. As soon as she felt easy enough, she grabbed her phone and looked at the time, and was shocked that it was already 7:15, she got up from the Sofa and went to her Bathroom.

She was hurrying up and fixing herself as fast as possible. After she was contended with her look she began to grab her things and as she was doing it, her Phone rang. She answered it and it was Joseph, he's asking her where she is and she told him that she felt asleep but is on her way. Joseph told her not to worry, because he's stuck in traffic and that he might be late for a while. Catherine asked him if their families are on their way and Joseph told him that as far as he knows, they are on their way. Catherine sighed for a while, and relieved that she wasn't that late. She then told Joseph to try and catch up to the rehearsal and Joseph Promised her that he will. They then both said Goodbye and Hang up the Phone. Catherine was about to head out, when she remembered that she forgot to turn off the T.V., she searched for the remote and found it laying on her couch. As she was about to turn the T.V. off, out of Nowhere an Air raid siren started Blaring around, blocking every other sound she could hear. She peeked outside her window and seeing almost everyone of her neighbors outside, not long after it stopped but t was followed by an EAS warning on the T.V. and her Phone Stating the Following:

" The following Message is Transmitted at the Request of the United States Government. THIS IS NOT A TEST. A Large amount of Unidentified Flying Biological Objects or UFBOs are Currently on the Loose on the Continental United States. Citizens are Advised to remain indoors and to Avoid any Contact with the Outside. If you are currently Outside SEEK SHELTER IMMEDIATELY. If you are far away from Loved ones, do not Attempt to see them and REMAIN INDOORS. Phone Lines will still be up and running for Contact and Emergency Services and certain Cable Networks will be allowed to broadcast to relay further Instructions. The National Guard will be deployed after these messages and further messages will be relayed soon. In the meantime stay indoors and do not attempt to go outside"

Catherine is frozen solid, she's at disbelief at what she just heard. She stood frozen for a while as the T.V. goes Black. She immediately contacted his father's Phone and thankfully they replied

"Jesus, I thought you wouldn't reply, where are you?", Catherine asked in a Panicky concerned voice.

"We're on the way Home, we just arrived at Church but the Cops went in and told everyone to either stay there or to go home if our houses are near, me and your Mother are On the way Home now, how about you?" Catherine's father asked.

"I-i'm okay, I was just about to leave when it was announced"

"That's good to hear dear, how about your Fiancee? Where is he?"

"Umm... he called me and told me that he was on the way to Church"

"Okay, I'm gonna need you to call him and tell him that he needs to get out of the road Immediately, find the nearest shelter and to call you after"

"Okay, okay I will, You and Mom stay safe okay?"

"We will, stay inside, stay Inside and don't come out"

She hanged up her phone and proceeded to call Joseph, only for him not to respond. She tried again and again but he wasn't responding to her calls. She stopped and tried to calm herself. Assuring herself that he is fine and is Probably somewhere safe already. She started circling around her house unconsciously, thinking about many things such as what will she do, what will Happen in the next few days. She sat down at her sofa and calmed herself down. She then went to every door and window of her house making sure that it was Locked and that she was safe. She peaked outside, seeing if anyone is outside. But it was almost like a Ghost Town and some houses even shut their lights off, she proceeded to do the same and went up to her room locking the door.

She felt safe and relaxed after securing her own home. She lied down her bed and tried to sleep instead. But the mind can be unforgiving, just when she was relaxed, She remembered her wedding, and that's when she realized that its not going to happen anytime soon. Partnered with her fiancee's uncertain whereabouts, she feared that it might not happen at all and all she dreamed about will be turned into dust.

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