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Chapter 2: Chapter 1

"Good Morning!" I warmly greeted my plants. I water them so they could grow somehow.

"Seki!" I heard my mom calling my name inside the house.

"There, you should grow already alright?" I reminded them before I went inside the house and go to mommy.

"Come here, eat you breakfast already." Mama was busy preparing something on the kitchen, probably food.

"Where's papa?" I asked when it's only me and mama who's around.

"I'm here!" I saw him going down from the stairs fixing his tie.

"How about Basti?" mommy asked daddy.

"Basti!" daddy called near the stairs.

"Yeah, here I am." there's Basti walkibg down the stairs fixing his messy hair.

"Could you please atleast be faster? You'll both be late." mom scolded the two. Good thing my class is in the afternoon.

"It's still early hon," daddy said it calmly and even read a newspaper.

"Early? Look at the clock please, mister." Mommy rolled her eyes at daddy.

We ate breakfast together. Me and Basti were just quiet while our oarents were talking about something. Basti's a fifteen year old boy. Going to third year in high school. While I'm turning sixteen this last month of the year. In my first year in Senior high.

After eating breakfast papa and Basti left. While I went to my room to prepare for school. Papa's a business man. He's working in an company a friend of him owns. Mama runs a business just near. She doesn't like being stucked in the traffic in going home she excused.

"Here, your food," she packed me food for lunch or any break time.

"Thanks," I smiled to her.

"You haven't left anything?" she reminded me. I remembered my things in my bag, from the notebooks and other stuffs. And complete.

"I haven't, it's all in here." I shooked my head. She walked out first before me. I was following her to the car. They owned two cars for each other. The other one was for daddy, usually daddy accompanies him to school, while the other was for mommy, she's the one who accompanies me to school.

The ride went smooth to the academy I was entering. There are many students who was entering already.

"Take care later okay? Be good," she reminded me again before waving and drove away.

I silently went inside the academy. Students where everywhere to be found. Typical life of a senior high.

"Seki!" I heard someone called out my name. Richie my friend.

"Hey," I greeted. She was smiling widely.

"Seeeekiiiiii!" she screamed. She was full of excitement.

"Yeah, yeah what is it?" I asked laughing.

"You know Donny?" her crush "My crush! I saw hiiiim! I saw him really!" she said excitedly.

"Yeah, you saw him, and then?" I asked, wonderinh.

"I hate you," she crossed her arms then looked other way.

"Hey," I chuckled then grabbed her. But, she was sulky.

"I am really really thrilled the you'll not support me?" she rolled her eyes to me.

"Come on, tell me," I wrapped may arms unto her then I clinged to her.

"Sure I'll start with—" she was talking continuously while we were walking. I was feeling dizzy that I couldn't put my attention to what she was saying.

I held my head at shook it. My head hurts. It hurts, really really hurts. I tapped it repeatedly when I heard Richie calling out my senses.

"seki? Are you alright? You look pale," she started to get worried.

"Yeah, I just fel—"


I just woken up and see all white around me. I tries to open my eyes more and looked around. I was lying in a bed. I was left alone in a room. Amazing. The room was all clean.

"Why am I here?" I asked myself as I held my head, trying to remember what happened last. "Oh my, I can't remember anything. My head hurts." I laid down the bed. It wasn't that soft.

"There's still no result okay? My daughter is not sick." I turned my gaze to door when I heard my mom's voice outside.

"It's just a what if okay?" it's papa.

"I don't care of your what ifs. My daughter's healthy. She can't be sick." it was mama. Am I... Am I at the hospital? Why?

"Please, lower you voice, she might hear you inside," I heard Basti's voice scolding the two.

I immediately ran to the bed and lied down properly. I'll pretend I was still sleeping. I heard the door opened so I did well on pretending. Why am I here, though? Is it true? Am I sick? Why? Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"She's still sleeping," I heard papa's voice.

"Yeah, but she might be awaken by your voice so shut up." mama answered him that made him shut.

Minutes have passed and I still pretended sleeping. Then, when I couldn't take it anymore I opened my eyes slowly. Just like what I've earlier, I repeated it.

"She's awake." Basti was the one who informed the people inside the room.

"Oh," Mommy went near me with a wide smile plastered on her face.

"Hey, you're awake" daddy smiled widely at me too.

"Yeah, I am," I smiled.

"How's sleep?" Basti asked. He was at the end of the bed.

"I'm fine bro, I was always fine," I answered smilingly.

"You almost answered my question huh," he looked away and smiled. Kind of teasing me.

"Atleast I answered." I rolled my eyes on him but ended up laughing.

"Are you fine?" mama was smiling but still, I could see on her that she's so worried.

"I always was ma," I answered to make her feel relieved.

"Here," she gave me fruit "You eat."

I slowly sat down the bed properly and peeled the fruit. Then, I tasted the fruit. Delicious, sweet and juicy.

"How was it?" Basti was beside me, eating some too.

"Yummy," I answered chewing the fruit and spitting out the seed.

"Won't you ask me where did we bought it?" he suddenly asked that made me stop eating.

"Don't tell me—"

"I was kidding!" he cut me off. I threw him the seeds I spit out "Hey! Iw," he complained. I just laughed at him.


Everyone one looked at the direction of the door when the doctor came. I started to became worried also. I am afraid because... I might be sick.

"Could we talk outside?" The doctor asked while looking at me. I got more nervous.

"Hey," I looked at Basti when he tapped me "Let's just eat. Don't mind them." he started peeling fruit then eat them. While I was here doing it slowly, thinking about the result.

"No!" I was caught off guard when I heard mama shout. Am I? Am I sick?

"I said don't mind them," Basti scolded me but I was curious so I asked him what if.

"Basti, what if ate is sick?" he stopped chewing then looked at me.

"Please stop it? That's no fun," he started chewing again, then peel, then eat.

I couldn't focus that much anymore. I felt like I was floating in the air right now. Am I sick? Am I? What if I am? How about my dreams? Won't there br any chance thay I could fulfill it? Ugh!

"I said don't mind them eh!" I was shocked when Basti shouted. I only realized that the fruit I was peeling was doomed. I can't eat this anymore.

"Oh, I'm sorry," I said to the fruit.

"You wasted it," Basti looked pissed but still, he gave me another.

"My daughter is healthy how can you say the she is sick?!" Another fruit fell off my hands. I... I'm sick?


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