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100% Steamy, Unexpected Love / Chapter 4: The Red Room

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Chapter 4: The Red Room

The party at The Red Room started at 9:00 PM but as always Min Yi still wasn't there but everyone expected it. The place was full and it looked like they were having fun. It was a three store building which was divided depending on your family background, and the more you go up the more expensive it gets. People from really prestigious families were in the place, as well as celebrities. Some might get lucky and receive an invitation to go in, even if they're not from a really wealthy family.

Min Yi and Hua Lin arrived at 11:00 PM in a Mercedes Benz and just as they came in, all the eyes were locked on them. Hua Lin felt the pressure, she tried to decline at first but there's no way she can reject Min Yi's puppy eyes. However, it did not erase the fact that she felt uncomfortable. Seeing drugs and alcohol being consumed like it was nothing, it was really strange to her.

As if sensing Hua Lin's mood. Min Yi held her hand and whispered to her ear.

"You look beautiful, Lin Lin. Let's have fun tonight." She gave her the brightest smile and walked forward with confidence, rocking her black dress and the beautiful silver stilettos.

Everyone started to talk to Min Yi since she's the host of the party but Min Yi never let go of Hua Lin's hand.

They went to the bar counter to get a drink. The counter was full but they moved so she could sit and make her order. Hua Lin felt like she was hanging out with the president, but then she remembered that they called her Queen before so it made sense.

"Joe! Good night!" Said Min Yi to the bartender with a warm smile on her face.

"Baby girl! Good to see you again. What do you want to drink tonight?" He asked while he pulled up some liquor bottles — some of them were Min Yi's favorites.

"The usual."

"Then a Cosmopolitan it is." He said while he started to prepare the drink for her.

Min Yi sat next to Hua Lin while looking around and took her phone out since she needed to know if her friends already arrived.

"Lin Lin, do you want something to drink?" Min Yi asked.

"You know I don't drink that much," Hua Lin was looking at the menu. "— but I think a Piña Colada would be fine."

"Your wish is my command, Princess." Said Joe while smiling at her.

They got their drinks and headed to the third floor where Min Yi's friends were. It was a luxurious terrace with a beautiful view of the city and to the inside of the place. There was a minibar and a bathroom on the back. There were three guys sitting on a huge red couch which was surrounding a black table full of drinks.

"Queen!" Said a tall blond handsome man, wearing a black shirt and jeans. He was dressing really simple and he still looked really good —like a model. But it was obvious that the simple outfit cost more than Hua Lin's monthly check. She thought.

"Hey, Lucas!" Min Yi kissed him on the left cheek.

"I think you're the only one who holds a party and arrives two hours late." A black-haired man, with brown skin and green eyes, said to Min Yi. He was handsome too.

Hua Lin who was looking at each of them couldn't help but think that they all looked like models. They looked way too good.

"You say the same thing every time Aron, shut up." Min Yi said to the black-haired man and he rolled his eyes. It looked like they were quite close.

There was another guy sitting on the couch while using his phone. He quickly went outside to make a call. They were unable to take a good look at him.

"Who's that?" Min Yi asked.

"He's just a friend from college," Lucas responded right away. "But queen, who's the beautiful girl next to you?"

Lucas kept looking a Hua Lin like he was really interested in her. He stared at her up and down as if trying to devour her.

"Hey. Don't look at my Lin Lin like that!" Min Yi hugged her as if trying to protect her. "She's my best friend, her name is Hua Lin."

"Hello. It's a pleasure to meet you." Hua Lin who didn't know how to act gave them an awkward greeting —Lucas and Aron chuckled.

'She's cute.' They thought and smiled/winked at her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Ew. Aron did you just smile?" Min Yi made a disgusted expression, it looked like she was going to puke.

"Stop speaking nonsense." Said Aron in a really annoyed tone.

They all gathered at the table and talked about banal stuff, mostly about going out and partying. Hua Lin didn't feel as uncomfortable because they were really friendly. She was also glad that Min Yi met them since they seem to be good friends.


While others seemed to be having a good time, outside of the terrace there was a man talking over the phone.

"Jesus, Luke. Just come to The Red Room to have a nice time." Said the dark-haired man in a kind of childish way.

"I told you already that I can't. I have work to do."

"What are you talking about? It almost 12:00 AM on a Friday!"

"I'm not going to repeat myself, Matt." He said coldly. "Besides, what am I going to do there with a bunch of kids... Stop being so annoying."

"Kids? Bro, you're twenty-nine years old, not forty-nine! Are you having a middle-age crisis or someth-"

Bip bip.


'He hung up on me again. This boring ass brother.'

Matthew gave up after calling him back five times in a row without any response. Since he was being ignored, he went back to the room and almost tripped when he saw a girl sitting right in front of him. She was wearing a dark blue dress that was harmonizing with her milky skin tone, light brown hair to the side, pink lips, and those beautiful almond-shaped eyes. He was smitten by her, she was really pretty.

He sat next to Lucas while picking up his drink from the table and glancing at Hua Lin a few times.

"Hey, who's the girl?" He whispered.

"That's Min Yi's friend, her name is Hua Lin. Why?"

"Nothing, I was just curious." He said while still looking at her. Hua Lin who noticed the stares looked back at him and he smiled. A really beautiful —but quite flirtatious smile. She felt embarrassed and avoided his eyes. Matthew liked her reaction and his smile widened.

'This might be fun.' He thought while taking a sip of his drink.

Min Yi who wasn't there at the moment would've loved to see the scene since she always felt like Hua Lin needed to have a little fun. She went to the bathroom to check her appearance. As she was brushing her hair with her fingers her phone rang —it was her father. After the phone rang a few times she decided to pick up the call, her mood was spoiled after she heard his voice.

"Min Yi." Said the man in an imposing tone.

"... Yes?" She asked hesitantly.

"You'll be meeting a client tomorrow at 9:00 PM at Diamond Hotel and Casino." He continued."Dress pretty and do not embarrass me. I'll send you more details in a text." He then hung up.

Min Yi was really upset. Ever since she gained her followers after her videos went viral on social media, her father forced her to go to the entertainment industry as an actress and model, but she always wanted to be a dancer. She uploaded some videos while hanging out with friends just for fun, it was an acting challenge that was kind of popular so she gave it a try. For some reason, the videos became really popular and she started gaining a lot of attention.

She was contacted by an Entertainment Company, but since she was a minor she needed a parent as an intermediary and a few contracts were signed. She got to play some roles and filmed a few commercials as well and they were a hit. All this happened in three years. Things were good but she was too busy and felt like she was neglecting her dancing classes —which she loved so much. She tried to decline a few offers after that in order to continue her life as usual, but her father had other plans for her. Due to her growing popularity, it looked like some of the men doing business with him became interested in her and started to ask for meetings. Her father agreed in order to sign contracts with those companies.

Min Yi went to a few of them and was able to get out of the situation somehow. She felt like an object that was being used and tossed around —like a lifeless doll who moved by her father's request and she felt disgusted. But she was unable to get out of the situation. Every time she tried to decline, her father would bring her mother medical bills and the contracts, and she felt helpless. They were divorced now and he basically left her on the streets. Her mother was outcasted by her family, they considered her a disgrace since she was unable to maintain her marriage.

"Only two more years." She said while looking at her reflection in the mirror. "After that, I will be able to do what I want and support mom."

She was tired of everything. She fixed her face and change her expression, putting a beautiful and charming smile as she always did and went out of the bathroom to where Hua Lin and her friends were.

She went back to the room and it looked like Hua Lin was having a lot of fun since she was laughing with the boys. She joined them and they starting jamming at the songs and drinking some more. There was a guy she didn't know so Lucas introduced him to her, he was a little pretentious and she noticed that he kept looking at Hua Lin.

"Damn, I went to the bathroom for five minutes and you already have a boyfriend." Min Yi said in a whisper while smiling. Hua lin who was not expecting the comment almost chocked on her drink.

"W-what?!" She stuttered.

"Hahaha. My Lin Lin is so cute." Min Yi held her face between her hands and kissed her on the cheek.

"Stop it, Min Yi." She said as she tried to get away from her.

The night went like that, it was really great and Min Yi almost forgot about the conversion she had before. She wanted to distract herself a little bit more so they went down to the first floor to dance more freely. Blinding Lights by The Weeknd was playing on the background, she grabbed Hua Lin's hand and guided her to the dance floor and started to dance. Hua Lin was shy at first but she started to dance following Min Yi's steps. Min Yi was dancing like she already had a choreography planned for that moment in specific, that's how perfect she looked. Everyone was looking at them and then they joined. Min Yi felt like she was free when she danced. She knew that it was only a temporary fix to her problems, but she wanted to enjoy herself at least for a few hours. These parties were her escape from reality.

As she danced with a smile on her face, she wished for the morning to never come.

Flandeleche Flandeleche

I'm still trying to set a schedule to post the chapters but for now, it's going to be three times a week.

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