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72.22% Stories for not sleep / Chapter 13: Happy appy part 6.

Happy appy part 6. - Stories for not sleep - Chapter 13 by DaoisttRpHHo full book limited free

Chapter 13: Happy appy part 6.

Although I was disappointed, I was still elated to see an episode of Happy Appy air. At that point, I had an important question; why did the episode air? Did a new employee mistakenly air the episode without knowing the history of Happy Appy? Or did someone deliberately air them? If someone did deliberately air them, why? Was it the day at Nick Jr Retro, and they allowed a Happy Appy demo for once? Or did someone know about my blog research, and to help, they aired an episode?

Hey, I have two things to tell you. First, I'm going to try to do at least one post every day, all the way up to when I stopped researching Happy Appy. Second, I'm keeping a log of the episodes. Here are my guesses for the episode list. Anything with parentheses, describe the episode best.

Happy Hurt Holiday Happy Monkey Bar Happy Disgrace Happy Goes to School (The one with the math song) Nate Needs Help! Never Run with Knives Happy Corrects Kids ??? (Happy Corrects Happy Kids, Part 2?) Happy Corrects Kids, Part 3 Happy Towers Doctor (The one with the green fluid needle, the crashed plane, and the skin of the happy peeling) ??? Trick of the Happy The Happy Appy Movie, Parts 1 and 2 I know there are only 15 episodes mentioned here, but I haven't discovered the other 9 yet when I published this post.

I was on YouTube when I came across a Happy Appy video. It was named "The Happy Dance" and it was a promo that aired on Noggin. In it, he was shown happy, moving like he was break dancing. The music was slightly distorted, but there was someone making and failing to beat box noises. Accompanying it were some lyrics about how to do the happy dance.

Do the Happy Dance! Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Jump to the left, jump to the left, jump to the left, jump to the left, jump to the left!

Now jump to the right,

jump right, jump right, jump right, jump right!

Now go down, and scoot to your left,

Scoot to your left, scoot to your left, scoot to your left!

Now slide to your right,

Scoot to your right, slide to your right, slide to your right!

Do the Happy Dance!

After that, someone said "Watch Happy Appy every Monday at 8 am!" and it was over. I know it's not a new episode, but it's a cute thing I saw.

As I was looking through some posts today, I noticed a draft in the folder. Normally, I wouldn't have drafts in there unless I had to finish a post the other day, so this stuck out so strange to me. I opened it, and found out that he had somehow gotten Forenzik on my blog! I guess he uses a key logger, but anything is possible. Here are the contents.

Hello, my good friends, are you feeling well today? Good, because Gerasim is not here today. Instead, you will receive a message from his "favorite" friend, Forenzik F. Forenzik!

So life's pretty good from where I stand. I've killed a lot of people now. This year alone, I've killed Kevin Christianson and Trestan Yae! Unbelievable, isn't it? Well, just wait! Once I'm done with Jim Forester, I'll kill Gerasim, and it's not going to be pretty! What will I choose to kill him? Will it be the good old knife in the head? Or maybe I'll pick a slow and painful torture? I may not mentally scar him, but it's in the question! Oh, the possibilities are endless!

But now there's a big question I'll answer you. What am I going to do with Gerasim's body? Will I

And it ends there. Why did he leave in mid-sentence? Did the Internet break him down? Was he noticing that I was starting to wake up? Or maybe he got booted from somehow? I really don't know. All I know is that Forenzik tried to post on my blog, and I'm not happy. However, there was a sound clip left in the blog post. It was a three minute sound clip of static, with some voices talking here and there. I'll try to decipher it later.

Today, the same person who uploaded the Kevin Christianson interview on YouTube adds a new interview. This time, it was Jim Forester being interviewed. He worked on some of the Happy Appy scripts, including "Nate Needs Help!"

Interviewer: So, you were one of the Happy Appy screenwriters? JF: Unfortunately, yes. Interviewer: Do you know what happened to happy Appy? JF: Well, we actually managed to get a third of the first season out very well, with no complaints at all. We were all ready to start the other thirds when they were cancelled. Interviewer: Why was the show canceled? JF: An accident happened. Interviewer: Wait, wait, an accident happened? What kind of accident could cause the show to be cancelled? JF: During a break we took to get the employees some time off, we did a prank episode for fun. The episode in question had two smoking towers, which were on fire. You know, looking back on it now, it reminds me too much of 9.11. The episode aired, because somebody managed to sneak a tape and broadcast it on Noggin. And, poof, the show was canceled - good riddance! Interviewer: Do you know who is broadcast? JF: Uh, no. The only person that I think would be broadcast is.... Argh, I forgot! It's been ten years now, you know? Interviewer: I understand, Jim. Anyway, there's one last question, who was the director of the series? JF: I don't know who the director is as well! But I can tell you one thing, who is most likely dead.

Today, I came across the torrent of another episode of Happy Appy, called Van Breaks Mean Miranda / she's happy.

The average Miranda plot was of kids no older or younger than 6-8 being bullied by a teenage girl named Miranda. Happy gives the bandages and advice to help the kids. He continued to get progressively angrier as the episode continues, from being a little irritated to being very pissed off. At the end, Happy Appy coldly says "Bully one more kid and you'll get a surprise, Miranda!" She, almost mockingly, kicks a boy in the leg, and Happy Appy gets in her van and drives him to her. Just before the van runs over Miranda, the episode cuts to the credits, with promos looking for Franklin and Blue's clues.

Happy Van Breaks begins with the intro, and immediately moves into the episode. Happy is putting a bandage on a boy's wound when he notices that the engine of his van is billowing smoke. He runs to him and realizes that part of the van's engine is broken. Feliz steals a mechanic's toolbox and sets to work on the engine. As Happy Appy works on the engine, a boy kicks a soccer ball, and accidentally bounces Happy's head. Angry, he gets a key, runs off the screen, and is better than the kid to death with it.

He goes back and repairs the engine, replaces the coolant, and changes the oil. While helping more kids around the park, the mechanic, in response to his toolbox being stolen, breaks Happy's engine. Happy gets angry, and chases the mechanic in a POV shot. Finally, Happy grabs the mechanic and stabs him in the back of the head with a screwdriver several times before the episode cuts away. Interestingly, the chase scene didn't have happy's hands in it, but someone's arms painted red.

So, here's the new list.

Happy Hurt's Holiday Happy Hurt Happy Monkey Bar Disgrace Happy Goes to School Nate Needs Help! Never Run with Knives Happy Fixes Kids Happy Fixes Kids Happy Fixes Kids, Part 2 Happy Fixes Kids, Part 3 The Towers Happy the Doctor ??? Happy Happy Trick Happy Miranda Van Breaks Stocking Happy Trick Happy Appy Movie, Parts 1 and 2

Remember when I got the tapes from the now demolished studios? Well, I bought a small projector so I could play the tapes to find out more about them. And, just like what I saw when I closely examined the tapes, there were more changes than I thought they had. Here's a list of what I could find on them.

Happy Vacation has stock beach music playing in the background of the beach scenes, while my former copy did not. I guess my old copies were the working copy? Also, happy sounds a little different. Hurt happy has the apple in the healing scene replaced with a tomato. I guess this proves my theory that the apple thing was a mistake made by the producers. Happy goes to school has an entire deleted scene with a song in it! Taking place between the math and science scenes, it involves Happy going into a Social Studies class and searching for a boy who struggles with his homework on the American Revolution. Happy tells the kid to watch what the teacher is going to put on, which is the School of Rock's segment on the American Revolution. The Booboo scene in Nate Needs Help is much shorter, and overall, less weird. And guess what I saw today? It was Forenzik, as usual. Unlike most of the time, I got a good look at part of his face. Well, to put it shortly, it could be a human being. Could be.

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