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71.42% Stories for not sleep / Chapter 15: Happy appy part 8.

Happy appy part 8. - Stories for not sleep - Chapter 15 by DaoisttRpHHo full book limited free

Chapter 15: Happy appy part 8.

Season 1

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Happy Birthday the Rhubears / Camp Aaah (possibly vice versa?)

I know I don't have to do a post on September 11, but I really had to get this message out. Last night, a certain someone broke into my computer today. Luckily, all Forenzik did was add three pictures, a notepad file and a very distorted sound clip. The picture file and the notepad were made today, during 2:20-02:30 AM, while the sound clip was created on July 14 this year. All images were made with paint, had the file name 'image1' to 'image3', and all were poorly drawn. Considering that Forenzik wears a gas mask and has long, skinny fingers not suitable for using the mouse, I knew they would make it not of good quality.

The first image was happy smiling Appy on a dark red background, with a knife in one hand, and the words saying "THAT IS natural children". I learned that this was actually a gif and not a png. He looked at me, and for a frame, happy he had blood on his teeth and knife.

The second image is the only one that doesn't show something. In fact, it's a part of the song "They're coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!" I seriously want to know what the connection is between Napoleon XIV and Happy Appy / Forenzik. Is it that they are both disturbing to listen to? Or is there something else I don't understand?

The last image is more remarkable than the rest. It was Forenzik standing behind a black background that has "I will find you" in red. The reason the picture is the most remarkable is that it shows Forenzik's long pale neck, dressed in gray, and his unusual gas mask. It is actually higher quality than the other photo I took of him, even though the image is rather bland. However, it doesn't show his filters, which is odd. The notebook file contained another string of gibberish.


Why do I keep seeing these gibberish strings, are they a secret code of some sort that Forenzik wants the crack?

Oh yeah, about the sound clip. It starts with a lot of ambience that sounds like it would belong in a factory. There was metal banging, steam blowing, all that stuff. It might be possible that it's just some of the distortion. In the background, I heard a person walking around, kicking an empty can. After this, I heard a voice that sounded like someone starts saying "Stop!", before it goes to static for the rest of the clip. My best guess of what this sound clip could be is Forenzik killing someone. But looking at the date file creation date, which was July 12, this sound file could be related to Trestan Yae? I kind of doubt it, to be honest.

Today has been one of the worst days I've ever had. But at the same time, it was also one of the best.

It all started when I was returning home after getting groceries late-night on September 11, when I noticed Forenzik crossing the road to my house. Knowing he was going to try to burn down my house or steal something, I sped up and had the car ram him with full force. I heard a couple of bones break, and I knew he had to be hurt or possibly killed. So, I grabbed a flashlight and got out of my car, and to my surprise, I couldn't find Forenzik, although he made a blood trail that pointed to where he went, so I followed the blood.

The trail led me to a nearby forest a couple of miles outside of town. I had doubts about it. Forenzik had fled into the woods, and would likely be ready to attack me if I went too deep into it. I put those thoughts aside since I knew I had to kill Forenzik one way or another, so I got my knife from the car and went into the woods. The blood stopped on a dirt road, and a few yards away it was a sign. The letters were faded, but a light shone on the sign, and they read "John Wilkinson Summer Camp".

The John Wilkinson Summer Camp opened p in 1996 The owner of the summer camp was, unsurprisingly, John Wilkinson, a 35-year-old man who had a mild case of schizophrenia. For years, it was a very popular summer camp. Kids kept coming to it, with some coming all the way from Maine and the UK. Unfortunately, in 2004, John Wilkinson's worsening schizophrenia reached a peak, and around two o'clock at night, John got an axe, went into the log cabins, and killed six children before disappearing into the woods. The summer camp closed, and the case remains cold for today.

I went down the dirt road to the summer camp, which was located in a grassy field. Over the years, the summer camp deteriorated, leaving various fungus and moss grows on the decaying wood of the old cabins. I went into a first one (just for reference, the cabin series are A (16-18 years old), B (13-15 years old), C (10 to 12 years old), and D (7-9 years old)). It looked like a regular cabin, minus the fact that blood was on the walls, the beds were unmade, some of the wood was rotting, and there was an axe stuck in the wall. Obviously, since an axe is a better weapon than a knife, I took it. I went to B, and he canceled the door down. It was the same as A, minus the axe.

C was the same. Finally, fired through D's door. As I entered, I noticed the sound of a generator running. Knowing that this room was different from the rest, I turned the lights on. I wish I hadn't, because as soon as the old light flickered, I was horrified by what I had seen. On the walls at the back of the booth were the mutilated bodies of Kevin Christianson, Trestan Yae, and Miranda, held up by meat hooks. I was completely paralyzed with fear for a minute. My breathing became faster, my heartbeat quickened, and I began to sweat. Behind me, I heard a voice slipping in all-too-familiar with what sounded like an East Coast accent.

"Do you like my trophies?"

I jumped at the sudden voice and abruptly turned around. It was none other than Forenzik, with a dull rusty butcher knife. He was wearing a black butcher's tunic, heavy winter clothing, and, of course, his "trademark" gas mask.

"Come on, Gerasim. Go on and have a closer look at the mash trophies. You know you want to, from the sick, morbid, but somehow natural curiosity."

When he said that, I was horrified and intrigued. Even though I had a paralyzing fear, I slowly approached Kevin Christianson's body. His body had three split marks on his chest, half the skin on his face was gone, and several nails crashed into his body in a manner so graphic I can't mention it. His jaw was positioned to look like he was laughing at something. I had to stop Forenzik from killing more people in this horrible way. There was a half-broken mirror next to Kevin's body. I picked it up with my shaking hand, and saw Forenzik sitting a chair, preparing to sharpen the rusty knife with a large grindstone.

"Aha!" Forenzik said cheerfully, "You've found me at last. Congratulations, Gerasim! You already deserve a prize. Do I already want to know what it is, hmmm?"

"What the hell did you do with them?" I shouted at him. Even though it wasn't what Forenzik was expecting, it seemed like the only thing I could tell him.

"Well, since he already asked, I, Forenzik F. Forenzik, I'm going to tell you what he did," Forenzik said as he stood up to stretch his arms. "But first, I'm going to tell you the reward. It's a knife to the throat! " He burst out laughing, which resulted in a somewhat feminine giggle for a psychopathic laugh. After catching his breath, he said, "To put a long story, dye had people who had annoyed me, to some extent. First of all, Kevin Christianson deserved his natural fate, because he kept calling me slow and retarded. I, personally, was offended by that! So, while they were still watching those ten episodes, I managed to find and kill him. I watched already entering the house with the photo of Happy Appy in the bushes. "After that, he sat down again, and kept sharpening the knife.

I could barely say "What about Trestan and Miranda?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Ugh, don't mention Trestan Yae. He was a silly kid who was the voice of Happy Appy. I don't know why they got a teenager to voice happy Appy, even though they should have! It feels natural, don't you think? Also, he was much ruder than Christianson, but not as bad as Miranda. So, he already talked about Trestan's death? Was it Jim Forester? Hm, wasn't it?

I was very surprised, but I slowly nodded my head in agreement. Forenzik put the now-sharpened knife aside, and began to sharpen another dull knife. Suddenly, he spoke in a rather deadpan voice "Ah, I know he would already tell you about his death. I mean, you do report the deaths of Appy's employees happy, don't you? " I slowly nodded my head again. He sighed and said, "Well, I think that's fine with me. Tell the world that the once employees to the famous Nickelodeon show are dying! " Forenzik hunched over again, and sighed again.

He perked up and said with concern "Oh, I got distracted! Finally, there's Miranda. Well, you see, Happy Appy didn't kill her with his truck in Mean Miranda. She was killed for a while since I was very rude and kept insulting her, inciting ME to hit her every time she made fun of me, and, frankly, she was worth it in the end! "The change in tone suddenly made me jump a bit. It didn't help that he burst out laughing like an absolute maniac.

"Ah, I got distracted again. After the episode, Happy Appy and killed him, like a beautiful, natural team. Now that I've told you their fates, go ahead, be closer to the bodies. Closer! CLOSER!"The tone of Forenzik's voice on the last 'closer' made me jump a little. Hearing him, a very deadpan serial killer, yell at me kind of was shocking. The problem was that I was still paralyzed, so I couldn't move that big. "Come on, Gerasim. Stop fucking around! You don't want to end up like they did, do you? Just go and approach the bodies! NOW, dammit! "

And again I lunged. This time, Forenzik jumped out of the chair, and started for the force pushing me towards Trestan's body. I heard him begin to growl furiously. Trestan was as disfigured as Kevin was. He had the same splitting marks, but in the abdomen area. His facial skin was also gone, but he was more sloppy from Kevin's mutilation. He was laughing too, but it was more forced, as Forenzik dug his hands into his jaw and opened it. I had one more thing to say to Forenzik before I had planned to kill him.

"Um, about that sound file you left on my computer. The one that sounded like it was in a factory, what was that?"

"Oh, it was killing me Trestan. Don't ask why, but I love recording people's death cries as I kill them. It's so natural, to me, if you will. "He mumbled something I could barely hear, but it was basically along the lines of "Damn, I have to stop saying natural." He responded with "Now that you've seen Kevin and Trestan's bodies, how about already seeing Miranda? She's the best in my opinion, as she deserved her fate THE MOST!"

And again, I jumped in. I moved into his body, just so I wouldn't be screamed at by Forenzik again and possibly piss him off so much that he would kill me. Unlike the others, Miranda was barely recognizable. Pieces of her flesh and organs had bite marks on them, and her limbs were dismembered. Once again, she was laughing, but this time, I couldn't tell at first. I still had the mirror broken, and I realized Forenzik was slowly holding up the second knife she was sharpening in her left hand, stabbing me. Forenzik said, "Well, now that you have all of ya's questions answered, it's time for you to go."

"NO!" I shouted, before pulling out the axe and swinging it at his left arm. He burst out laughing in half agony, half enjoyment as I chopped off. After chopping off his arm, I ran out of the house, leaving the axe with him. Outside, I came across a can of gasoline. I dumped the gasoline all over the house. When I finished, Forenzik woke up. Realizing what he was doing, he grabbed the axe he had and a bag full of weapons, and ran off into the woods. I got a hit and burned the cabin down. For a moment, I felt very satisfying to destroy Forenzik's hideout the same way I destroyed my old house!

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